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Neo-Nazis Take Over North Dakota Town in the U.S. – Native Americans and Activists Protest


A group of Neo-Nazis have set their sights on a North Dakota Town in the U.S. Native Americans and other activists have formed a protest to speak out against this organized act of terrorizing non-white communities, and Indigenous peoples of the Dakotas in particular.

Native American activists and UnityND have released a statement “Caravan leaves at 1:30 pm central to Leith, ND.” The rally at 3 pm Sunday, September 22nd is “to prevent white supremacists from terrorizing” North Dakota. The statement issues by the group says the rally is “because our children deserve a life without bigots.”

The Neo-Nazis targeted the community of Leith because it is a mostly “white” county. But the hate group has plans to disintegrate the Leith “into an all-white enclave.”

Neo-Nazi Jeff Schoep said that this is not just about moving somewhere, but taking over all local offices to form an overtly white supremacist government. “We have every intention of legally assuming control of the local government.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center, said that the group in question, the U.S. National Socialist Movement, is the biggest Neo-Nazi group in the United States.

The leader of the hate-group, Craig Cobb said in an interview with WXMB-TV in Bismarck, “It’s fine for all these other minorities, but not us.” He said the town was a type of “little Europe,” not noting that there are many non-Caucasians in Europe and have been since Antiquity. He also did not explain why they did not simply migrate to Europe instead of colonized Native American land.

Protestors explained that they would be in Leith to raise their voices, “We are planning a true grassroots peaceful protest to demonstrate that we are united in a stance against hatred, violence and prejudice,” UnityND said, “Join us as we take to main street rural America to fight against racism.”

Tax and property records show that this is a bigger move than one group. Other leading white supremacists have invested in the town. Such heavyweights of hate include Tom Metzger, the leader of the White Aryan Resistance, and Alex Linder, from the Vanguard News Network, online Nazi forums.

(Article by Ari Simeon)

74 Comments on "Neo-Nazis Take Over North Dakota Town in the U.S. – Native Americans and Activists Protest"

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  1. vodval mavaski says:

    Imagine their faces when they run a DNA test and they discover they’re only 50% white(which is the case for most white race)

    • Marconi says:

      If they accepted DNA this would not be a problem

    • Alan says:

      Lots of brown hair in that picture.

    • FiFa Crazy says:

      haha…they probably call them selves the N word.

      • Rita says:

        I find it interesting that most of those in these types of groups are have covered their “white” skin in tattoos.

        • Sharon Navarrette says:

          I thought the same thing Rita. Isn’t our ancestors tattoos one of the things that scared them. Stupid fool using some of the tribes cultures. They have no culture, no spirit so they want to hate everyone. They are sad humans.

          • KittyE says:

            Actually, there are examples of early tattooing in Europe. I’m not saying that there wasn’t a gap in tattooing (because of Christianity basically), however I think pretty much every human culture has tattooed at some point.

            For all their ‘I’m a European’ rubbish though, as someone that was born and bred in Europe, that grew up in an area that was pretty remote and that retained a lot of old practices, these people aren’t us. They have no idea about what they claim. It’s all a fantasy based on what they want to make themselves feel better about their lives not going as well as they wanted. It gives them a nice scapegoat too. Just imagine, you don’t have to take personal responsibility for your own crap, just blame _(insert name of group here)_ for you not being recognised as the special little snowflake you are. Good luck to the protesters on this one.

          • Tattoo Guy says:

            You do realize that tattooing goes back thousands of years and encompassed virtually every culture on the planet as one time of another. No one group gets to claim marking their bodies as “theirs”.

          • Robert Knight says:

            I am offended by that statement Sharon, how can you call these kinds of people human? :-)

    • Francisco Balagtas says:

      IMAGINE their faces when they find out through DNA that their parents are ACTUALLY SIBLINGS!!!!! 100% products of in-breeding, these morons!

    • FracturedChaos says:

      Actually, there is nothing in our DNA to indicate race. Race is actually a social construct created by white men to separate them from the Natives, in an attempt to dehumanize them, and the African slaves, and the Latino Migrant Workers, and the Chinese railroad builders…. and on, and on, ad nauseum.

    • Star says:

      Ironically the Nazis would likely be appalled. Lovers of strict order, and crisp, precise presentation, what would they say if they saw this mismatched motley bunch with their sloppy stance and salute? Nothing complimentary Im sure. My guess is this isn’t the group we need to worry about. The ones you need to take seriously are the ones that would never bother with pictures like this and work silently and efficiently embedding their hatred in the young naive faces you see here.

  2. It would be a grave mistake if they were not met with the kind of enormous and overpowering resistance that is possible and our responsibility as a nation.

    • Larry says:

      Why would it be “grave”? If they get themselves elected (and how will you stop them?), they’ll still have to comply with U.S. law, collect U.S. taxes for us, etc, etc.. They would soon tire of being blocked repeatedly by the courts from doing any of the things they would like to do. What would be a grave mistake is taking them seriously enough to make a big stink and give them a whole lot of publicity. That’s all they want.

      • John says:

        “Ignore them and they’ll go away.”

        Unfortunately, probably the most common opinion amongst the American public. (You’re not original.) All I can say is… Didn’t work so well for the Germans.

        • Vanessa says:

          Only because it actually works. If this had stayed news only in that small section of the world and none of us ever heard of it, it would be over and done.Now they have an audience of sympathizers all over the web who will donate money, team up with them and help them find another place. Don’t make refusing to give them publicity (there is no such thing as bad) into being deaf and dumb regarding their existence.

      • Tekken says:

        No, it seems like what they want to do is disenfranchise and/or forcibly eject People of Color. This is not one of those issues where you can plug your ears & ignore it to make it disappear.

        And, FYI, there’s many ways they can make life miserable for PoC that are well within the bounds of U.S. law.

    • James says:

      Then feel the same with the New Black Panther Party.

  3. Justina Sockey says:

    What a bunch of idiots. LOL

  4. NotYourAverageNut says:

    Hitler believed himself better than God by deciding that only certain people were worthy of living and wound up sparking a war. A war which he lost quite spectacularly. Now a bunch of idiots, riding on his coattails want to continue his beliefs, giving some form of contrived and misguided credence to their inadequacies turned bigotry. The average American person may or may not find this alarming, however I know for a fact that the Native American community won’t let such a thing stand. Personally, I say we ship all the bigots, extremists, and terrorists to mars and let em duke it out on who gets the honor of attempting to colonize. Mind, I am fully cognizant of the fact that a trip to mars is a one way suicide trip… I think it would be money well spent even if it has to be tax payer dollars that are used.

    • RavynSkye says:

      He lost it quite spectacularly but only after killing 6 million Jews, and assorted other minorities, including gays, gypsies, etc., Including a large portion of my Jewish family. It’s a mistake to think because their ideas are stupid, they aren’t worthy of being taken as a serious threat. All they need is a corrupt police force, prosecutor, and a few judges to make life hell for minorities in one small town.

      • Lorele F. says:

        I wouldn’t call an additional 4 million plus “assorted other minorities.” The Nazis murdered more than 10 million people, and imprisoned and tortured countless more, including members of the Catholic church once Hitler turned on his treaty with the Vatican. You are correct in stating they are a danger though. This is a menace we can’t ignore.

    • Mike C says:

      Send them to Nigeria! Or maybe Somalia! Let then get a taste of what they’re preaching. Another good place to send them is Germany. Just displaying a Swastika is a federal crime!

  5. Greg says:

    So why aren’t these people being imprisoned as terrorists?

    • Marconi says:

      The third one from the left is kinda hot.

    • FiFa Crazy says:

      Because they share common believes with republicans and Tea Party groups……

    • Lorele F. says:

      I would assume because they haven’t committed any crimes. It’s only when they commit the crime in the name of political ideals do they become terrorists. They should be stopped, but we still have that pesky little “innocent until proven guilty” part of our legal code which most certainly applies to Caucasians.

    • ziek says:

      Why aren’t they being imprisoned? Because many people have fought very hard for our freedom of speech as well as our freedom of assembly. I do not, in any way, agree with their political views, hatred, intolerance or plan of action. But i believe they have just as much a right to express it as anyone else as long as there is no threat of illegal action. What is far more important in fighting bigotry like this would be to focus on any illegal action not non-threatening speeches.

  6. ActaNonVerba says:

    HA! All of the little boys look like the kids I used to bully around in high school. Being a broad shouldered 6ft 2 inch 230lbs Apache I could pick my teeth with all of them at the same time. The one on the left looks like he weighs as much as my thigh- talk about a NERD! Then yall got 3 fat bodies. Man id be pissed too if I had to surround myself with them! By all means go to germany and get the fuq off my land!!!!!!! Thanks Tomahwk.

    • dez says:

      being a bully is nothing to be proud of. perhaps some of theses young people were bullied in high school by people of color, thus aiding them in the decision to take this horrible path. if you did bully people in high school then you are partly responsible for the outcome of the people you tormented, shame on you.

      on the other hand kindness and love goes a long way. i hope these kids find the error of their ways. take a biology class or something regarding genetics…race is a myth…we are all related.

      • Jane says:

        Nonsense. Having been bullied is not a justification to be an assh*le all your life. Lots of people get bullied, lots of people get bullied by people of a different race from them, most of them don’t become Neo-Nazis over it.

    • RavynSkye says:

      I agree. Being a bully is nothing to be proud of. The wolf you feed… (I really hope you get that reference.)

      For the record, the skinny guy on the end looks an awful lot like a paler version of my Native American ex-husband, who is Iroquois. Fierce Warrior he is NOT, but he’s a great father and that’s what really counts… Not being an asshole bully.

    • Louiscypher says:

      Dude, you share a common point with this douchebags : you all live in the 30s. Germany is one of the most friendly states for immigrants in the entire world now, so wake up and forget that german=nazi bs, it just make you look as ignorant as they are.
      A immigrant in Germany

      • Sharon Navarrette says:

        They actually have the nerve to show their faces. And Tattoo are some native tribes cultures. Why are they getting tattoos. After all they were so afraid of my ancestors for having tattoos. They are fools. They should think twice. We all will be in this battle. They will feel the fear Custer did.

  7. Fenria says:

    Or, you could just leave them alone the same way you leave the majority Latino barrios in this country alone, or the way no one has much to say about majority black neighborhoods that have been that way for decades…. But no, OMG, white people decide to have a tiny corner of this enormous landmass for their own?! Better shut it down! White self interest just can’t be allowed!

    • Steve says:

      Fenria: You’re ONE of them aren’t you? Is that how you see yourself? A “PIONEER”??? That’s REALLY pitiful… you’re more than 3 hours from BISMARCK… what’s the point? You and your DISEASED brethren NEED to be in the MIDDLE of nowhere… you stay as FAR from civilized society as you can GET!!! You don’t DESERVE to be a part of the US!!! GET OUT! OH… and HAVE FUN with the LOCALS!!! I hope a few of the local NATIVE AMERICANS come in and have a little DISCUSSION with your WORTHLESS A&& at EVERY OPPORTUNITY!!! *SMOOCH*

      • PBSpot Admin says:

        Fenria seems to be under the mistaken impression that the barrios and ghettos of the world were about ethnic minorities staying together because they didn’t like other people. Instead, these communities formed because such ethnic minorities were pushed out of communities dominated by WHITE RACISTS. So when WHITE RACISTS start crying about “needing” their own communities, it is just a game, a ploy, an excuse to oppress more in new and innovative ways. Furthermore, it is a method of adding insult to injury when the OPPRESSOR feigns oppression. Sick.

    • Wa'ste Winyan says:

      yeah you got that right. This was all native land. send them to where even their so called leader came from

    • ochoi says:

      But they are not calling themselves white self intered, they go by white supremacist. It has quite a different implication.

      • Sharon Navarrette says:

        You are one very uneducated woman!!! Everything the white man touches he has destroyed. Yet we all have put up with it. Look around the world. The killing of animals…all the lands you have taken. I dare you say you have nothing. Because of all the greed our great grandchildren will have next to nothing left of the art work around us. This is Native Land!!! And you probably are one of these people.

  8. cheknurpulse says:

    Do any of those idiots realize something? That NONE of them fit Hitler’s ideal race. That none of them are blonde hair and blue eyes. IDIOTS.

    • travis says:

      most of them are also probably convicts and drug users. 2 things not allowed in the Nazi regime

    • Marconi says:

      Well, there are color contacts. Loreal has every shade you can think of

    • ChristopherBlackwell says:

      Even Hitler did not fit the Nazi stereotype being a least part Jew and part African in his genetics. Actually Hitler was qualified to die in his own death camps.

      As has already been said here, it is rare to be pure anything in this country, I doubt that have ver been any pure while people as there have been Mongols in Europe, Black Africans during the Muslim period all the way to Spain, not to mention all the Middle Eastern people.

      Then once you get to the USA we have everyone and everyone is cross bred to so many others. I am Anglo-Saxon,Norse and perhaps Kelt, but considering 300 years in South I would suspect several varieties of American Indian and even Black. So who knows what else is in the Genes that I don’t know about, plus a very long time ago we all had Black ancestors back in Africa, so the whole race situation is more than a bit silly. I am a Human Being and that is the only real race anyway

    • Porco says:

      There were several acceptable ‘varieties’ of Aryan according to Nazi propaganda.

  9. I am praying for the Native Americans! This country has already taken enough from them. Let the Nazi’s go to DC, where there are lots of their kind! Leave the true Americans alone!

  10. Sharon Navarrette says:

    Let’s hope I do not come up with the money to get up there. You people can get the hell out of our country. You have no idea who you are messing with. We are no longer stuck with no homes in the winter with our children dying running from soldiers. We are stronger than ever. And don’t let my blond hair which is really light brown (dyed) and blue eyes fool you. My heart is red!! This is terrorism and you should be charged as such!! You are uneducated want to be fool who no nothing about history. You are psycho’s!! Have you not read the fate of your past leaders. We will stick you in mental wards and do testings and research to see why you are so stupid and evil!!! I am Cherokee and I’m telling you now don’t mess with my brothers and sisters. You have no idea how strong we are……

  11. Andrew says:

    In these matters has nothing to do god is your beloved capitalism that generates these monsters, as long as there has always been and will continue to generate fascism, intolerance, war, homophobia and disasters of all kinds. O socialism or barbarism!

    In queste questioni dio non centra niente è il vostro caro capitalismo che genera questi mostri, lo ha sempre fatto e finché esisterà continuerà a generare il nazifascismo,intolleranza,guerre,omofobia e disastri di ogni tipo. O socialismo o barbarie!

  12. Bob Dobbs says:

    I like the idea of Nazis gathering all in one place – makes it easier for the bombers to acquire a target.

  13. samthor says:

    If they don’t like living with Native Americans (American Indians)…. maybe they should go back to Europe…. or wherever they came from…. just a thought.

  14. Henry Avellaneda says:

    These red necks misfits are looking for a place where they can fit! What a sorry bunch!

  15. kassanda says:

    I would so like to fight the girls in this picture…I better not ever see them anywhere I will kick their asses……………

  16. Dystopic State says:

    What happened, they couldn’t make it an even 10? First of all half of them look like they can’t even run around the block let alone run a town, one of them couldn’t even muster up enough enthusiasm for her pathetic cause to put the damn shirt on, or even raise her arm all the way up, and the other half look like they just went there for the beer. Spare me, these people will get over that BS as soon as the next wall mart opens up. I say let them have the town. We’ll see how well their little plan works out when they have no one to cut the grass, fix the roofs, build the houses, clean the streets, deliver the mail, drive the school bus, farm the crops, half the students leave taking their tax subsidies with them, not to mention all the revenue in sales tax, all these employees will be taking to other, minority friendly towns. I mean a similar plan failed in Alabama and they had to go so far as to try to get their prisoners to pick crops (they refused). But I could be wrong, maybe these fine looking people can put their heads together and manage to do in one town what has failed time and again in numerous states. Maybe they’re the exception, and my silly little facts and my fancy book learnin’ is just the devil.

  17. Morri says:

    Why do they have the flag representing the 13 original colonies displayed? That makes NO sense; the original colonies are the antithesis of Naziism. Retards.

  18. Henri says:

    Those guys should come to Europe someday, where no one is “white” anymore! Berlin and London and in the Nordic Countries capitals a big percentage of people there is Middle Eastern, in France and the others Mediterranean countries you have lots and lots of northern africa immigrants, not just white people!
    I’ve never been in the US but it seems that there is tendency to segregate a bit people by their colour as White neighborhood, Black, Latino and Asian, instead of mixing everyone up like in Europe. That would be the way of avoiding this type of situations.

  19. C Shep says:

    I don’t recall the US calling a truce with the Nazis. Why don’t we just bomb them?

  20. Cian M says:

    I fell sorry for the one on the right cos her mum wouldn’t buy her a Nazi t-shirt. Guess she is a poor little reich girl.

  21. Brad Davidson says:

    American inbreeds aka wal-mart shoppers

  22. Carolyn says:

    I come from AT LEAST 400 years of pure Danish blood, blue-eyed, blonde-haired, and fair-skinned. The last thing I would want to be associated with is any kind of murdering band of anybody, who claim to be Christian. The time spent on being hateful, bigoted, and spewing their vile bile, they could be integrating communities, working for the greater good. Clean up a neighborhood, plant a garden, build a community playground, start a crime watch group. Etc etc. etc. What I’m saying is nothing new. And this goes for any group, not just whites, who are spewing any kind of anti-something or other. In the end, we all die and have to answer to God, and at that point, what will your hate have mattered?
    And this also makes it difficult for any NON-racist group(s)of white people who want to get together to celebrate various European Cultures, without being immediately and mistakenly labeled as racists.

  23. Sons Of Liberty Riders says:

    bunch of loser. Shame on them for flying the colonial flag.

  24. Theron Denson says:

    If they mess around with Natives,they are in grave danger.If we get cornered, we will fight.They treading in dangerous grounds to be messing with Natives.

  25. versteckt says:

    “the U.S. National Socialist Movement”

    As a socialist, this angers me to no end. Is it too much to ask them to at least learn a modicum of history.

    Oh, right, I forgot who I am talking about.

  26. Darnel says:

    Sad Sigh.
    Life is just too short,….

  27. Mirannda says:

    Why isn’t anything being done about these people? They shouldn’t have to protest. These people should be in Jail.

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