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Neo-Nazis Trying to Take Over North Dakota Town Sent Running by Native American and Anti-Fascist Activists

In an update to the story we ran yesterday on the town of Leith, North Dakota being taken over by Neo-Nazi racists, Michael Pugliese tells us from the ground that “Lakota, Dakota, Anishinabe, Apache, African, Irish, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and other anti-racist individuals stood together to fight against the attempted nazi takeover of Leith, North Dakota.”

Pugliese documents the activism “led by indigenous resistors” who are seen “making a presence to ensure that neo nazi/confederate fascists know they have no chance of taking over Leith.”

In the photos we see police protecting Neo-Nazis, “making sure they’re allowed to continue with their white power nonsense” according to Pugliese.

“In the end, it was people power that sent the supporters of these nazi cowards home.”

“Today,” Pugliese said, “anti-racist resistance made it quite clear that the attempted nazi takeover of Leith will be a total failure.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the critical situation in Leith, North Dakota. And SPREAD THE WORD about these clowns who are trying to run out Native peoples, African Americans and others from the small town of Leith.

(Article compiled by Micah Naziri, with reporting and photos by Michael Pugliese; photo source here)

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61 Comments on "Neo-Nazis Trying to Take Over North Dakota Town Sent Running by Native American and Anti-Fascist Activists"

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  1. gerry says:

    we need more of this!! let these jerks know we won’t tolerate a take over, we should be doing the same with our over zealous government.

  2. Tinker Lynch says:

    As a Southerner, born and raised, and as an Irish/Native American, I resent the fact that the Rebel Flag has been so misrepresented. That flag stands for positive beliefs as well as the highly publicized negative ones. War is never a good thing, neither is hatred born of ignorance or a person’s unwillingness to let go of the past. Some people seem to have to hate to live… So I say to the people of Leith, good on ya! You have set an example for others to follow. A peaceful end to what could have turned out violent…let us all take a lesson from this.

    • Deb says:

      Tinker, thank you so very much for your post. I am a Southern Belle, born and bred, and I also resent these racist pigs using the Southern Battle Flag in their ridiculous cause. That flag was used in the Civil War as a way for the various Southern troops to recognize where the others were located. It was NOT used as a sign of hate, like these Aryan dipwads used it. As the g-granddaughter of a proud Cherokee man, I am so glad that these Natives were able to put a stop to them trying to spread hatred in their state.

      • Tinker Lynch says:

        You’re welcome Deb…my Native American blood lines are also Cherokee. My Grandmother taught me to be colorblind at a young age and to judge people by their actions not their skin color.

      • Ted says:

        Of course, the argument could be made that the entire Confederacy stood for racism and oppression, as made abundantly clear by its leadership and founding documents.

        Seems to me that the flag is being used as intended, after all.

        • Steven says:

          As a “Southern Man” myself, born and raised in the south, with many a confederate veteran in my own family tree, I’ve got to agree with Ted on this one. There is no separating the Confederate Battle Flag from the Government which it’s carriers represented in the field. And that government, if you’ve done your due diligence as far as in depth historical research of the reasons given by every major secessionist official before, at the start, and during the Civil War, was founded on the basis of protecting the “peculiar institution” from the abolitionist elements of the north. The post-war “lost cause” campaigns unfortunately did quite an effective job of getting the general population to remember the war as a war over “state’s rights”, whilst neglecting to ask the all important question, “the state’s rights to do what?” The problem isn’t merely an unwillingness to let go of the past, it’s unwillingness to truly grasp it for what it was.

        • JAM says:

          That argument could only be made by those ignorant as to historical truth. The Confederacy stood for the right of self-government, which is the same thing that the first war of independence (the Revolutionary War) was fought for.

          Secession was recognized as a constitutional right, and many Northern States (most notably Mass.) threatened to secede a number of times.

          Any animus against any race has never been limited to any region of the country. There were laws preventing minorities from even entering many mid-western and northern states deep into the 19th century (and well beyond the War Between the States). Look at Lincoln. He has numerous quotes regarding his lack of love for minorities (particularly blacks). Nothing to be proud of there.

          The mess that we have today in the country, and the way that the states have been made subservient to the federal government (against the wishes of the founders, particularly Jefferson, Henry, Washington, and Madison) shows just what was wrought by the unconstitutional invasion of the Southern States by the union and the growth of big government in the wake of the union victory.

          • PBSpot Admin says:

            The big problem that folks have with the right of the South to self-determination is by “self” they meant “white selves” and by “determination” they meant “determine to enslave Africans”.

          • Jim says:

            So we now have comments both pro and con on why the war between the States was fought. As well as was it legal or illegal. Seeing as it happened well over a hundred and fifty years ago , I personally think it’s time to stop debating it and move on. Neither side was entirely in the right. As we well know it takes two to tango. Lets look at what the racist groups believe and not what they carry. I personally don’t remotely believe as would any other thinking person believe that what they have or carry has anything to do with the dangers of what they are capable of. Lets just focus on that as we fight against racism.

        • tom says:

          Read some history

        • sabertooth says:

          Ted, you’re wrong. #1, the south went to slavery because they couldn’t afford the machinery the “union” states demanded high prices for. As far as the slaves bein’ African, thats just where unscrupulous explorers happened to find a people who were “easy pickings.” Nothin’ actually racist about it. Furthermore, most that fought for the confederacy fought solely to preserve their way of life. It wasn’t about race, and it wasn’t about slavery, per-say. So, do get your facts straight before you look like an idiot, in the future.

    • lily says:

      We are here to learn to love. Strong people resisting hate! I Heart this.

    • bj rocks says:

      it is the same for the ancient swastika symbol which dates back to the Indus Valley civilization of the Bronze Age (circa 3300-1300 BCE) used originally as a sacred symbol of auspiciousness & goodness … this & the use of the confederate flag as symbols of their evil & misguided ideals only displays further the extent of their ignorance
      <3 mitakuye oyasin <3

    • G.Wigg says:

      So happy to see all stood together against these stupid,ignorant,brainwashed people.Bullies of any kind should never be tolerated! Good on you all for the peaceful demo of people-power! RESPECT to you all.
      And yes, we follow you from Norway too 😉

  3. James Britton says:

    Congrats and good on you for running those racist inbreds out of town.

  4. Amused says:

    “Where Indian fights are colorful sights and nobody takes a lickin, where Nazis and Supremicists all turn chicken.”

  5. John Lumbar says:

    I actually feel pity for these people. Where did they learn such ignorance and hatred?

  6. Dominick J. says:

    This new news is very refreshing to hear and see.
    Send those RATS to Afghanistan to fight with the Taliban groups. THEY are NOT wanted here in the UNITED STATES of America…

  7. Chris Grieco-Deen says:

    What is wrong with these people! You are true heroes. Keep up the fight against bigotry and hatred.

  8. Cynthia says:

    My prayers are with my people. Keep standing against this nonsense. I am happy that they stood up to this foolishness. Right don’t wrong nobody. I hope this Racist Fools don’t seal their own fates.

  9. Shirley A. Morin says:

    I believe it is wrong of these people to try and do something this stupid in this state. We are all brothers and sisters here that walk together in harmony. It should be this way all over the world. Not trying to be better then the other. This way only shows how stupid you really are. Educate your mind and open it up to our world. There is enough bad things in this world we all have to deal with, why does race crimes still exist. REALLY!!!!

    • editor in belief says:

      Just a helpful bit of editing will help your message go a long way. “I believe it is wrong of(for) these people to try and do something this stupid in this state. We are all brothers and sisters here that walk together in harmony. It should be this way all over the world(World). (I’m not)Not trying to be better then(than) the other(who?). This way(delete “way) only shows how stupid you really are. Educate your mind and open it up to our world(World). There is enough bad things in this world(World) we all have to deal with(.), (Why)why does(do) race crimes still exist.(?) REALLY!!!!(ignorance)


      • gerry says:

        so are you a language and spelling teacher or just an arrogant, anal jerk? take the comment for what it is, a true sentiment not grammatical errors. not everybody is as educated as you. BTW I purposely didn’t capitalize, punctuate correctly just so’s you can correct me.

        • Leon Courtney says:

          Also, commenter Gerry, the grammatical jerk made an egregious error–” wrong of(for) these people to try and do something ”

          Correct by taking out the ‘and’. Use ‘to’ instead.–edit wank.

      • Kendra says:

        I hate to tell you this Editor in Belief, the word World is not capitalized. It is a common noun. Haha not such a Smarty Pants are you?

  10. Dave Beal says:

    Why are the Fash using a British Union Flag? Or were ther Nazis from the UK there too?

    • James Trickington says:

      Looking for logic in the actions of idiots will only waste your precious time.

    • Jonathan McCowan says:

      It’s because the U.K. had some of the most extreme White Supremacy laws leading up to WW2. They are trying to model themselves after all groups that consider themselves “White supremacist, including Pre-victorian England, Nazi Germany, and the Confederate States of America, even though their fight was about industry rather than Xenophobia.

  11. Arath says:

    Well done comrades. A blow well struck against Nazism.

  12. Kimberly says:

    Good for them! I can’t believe this kind of stupidity still exists. Will there ever be a time when people aren’t spreading hatred?

    • Alanna says:

      I can believe it. Hatred will live so long as there is fear and ignorance.

      Best we can do is fight ignorance with enlightenment. That’s the difference between this and history’s darker times.

  13. Sandra Stone says:

    There is no one group of people so exceptional that others must fear their presence. Good work, people of Leith.

  14. Michael Alphin says:

    Fantastic!!! In most cases, I say just let the idiots march. But don’t give them any attention. It is wonderful that you proved me wrong by standing up them. I had no idea these twit’s were trying to take over the town. Now they can see the power of good is stronger than the power of hate.

  15. Ren says:

    Way to go North Dakota!!! Show them the peaceful way of dealing with things. Glad you haven’t stooped to their level!

  16. Cynthia Gee says:

    Good on them!

    It kind of reminds me of what my Grandpa Schletzbaum did back in the mid-1930’s in rural Atchison County, Kansas, when he discovered that the KKK was holding meetings in a back corner of his cattle pasture late at night.
    Dad used to tell about how Grandpa gathered together all of the local men and boys he could find, had the men load their shotguns up with rocksalt and armed the boys with rotten eggs and tomatoes, and then had everyone hide out in the hedgerow bordering the pasture. When the meeting was in full swing and the cross was blazing brightly, Grandpa gave the order to “LET FLY!”, and all Hell broke loose. Sheets were lost left and right, hoods went flying, and in the confusion, the mayor of a nearby town, three city councilmen, and a couple of other “pillars of society” were all positively ID’d, much to their social and political embarrassment.

    • Jonathan McCowan says:

      Is there any info on the internet? I would like to read more about this, as my neck of the woods in Overton County, Tennessee, had a similar incident.

    • gerry says:

      interesting to say the least. more often than not KKK members were higher ups in the business or political circles. BTW the KKK still exists in several states North Carolina being one of them. What a shame that is.

      • Alanna says:

        As far as I know, the KKK nowadays is trying to change their image, claiming not to be about race, and are even standing against the Westboro Baptist Church.

        Whether this is sincere or simply publicity, I don’t know, but it’s worth a mention.

        • gerry says:

          maybe so but up until 4 years ago I live in North Carolina where the KKK IS alive and well as it always has been. I witness several incidents and personally knew a grand wizard.

  17. Anita says:

    kluckers are simple minded whether they are educated or uneducated they look alot like Mitt Romney and Mitch O’Conal without the suits. Native people are proud warriors. GOD bless you all May the creator always be with you

  18. Cornhusker says:

    Were these guys bullying and harassing people in town or did they infiltrate the political system or what? I like the outcome but I don’t understand what was going on prior to this very well. Apart from them just being ignorant assholes I mean…. It doesn’t matter, I’m glad they lost. As far as I’m concerned hate groups like that are tyre terrorists here on our own soil and should be dealt with as such.

  19. Joe says:

    Good for you citizens of Leith. We are a mixed and varied species, vast potential. These clowns claim to be a ‘pedigree’ branch of human being??!! They can’t even get a standard flag/symbol together, confused, chaotic Philistines – I wouldn’t worry 😉

  20. Frances and Gordon says:

    So very glad to hear this news!! Good for you all. We just couldn’t believe that such a lovely and peaceful state (North Dakota) could be jeopardized by this hate group. That said, faith has now been restored to us all. Faith being that somebody does care!!

  21. ShaneB. says:

    Its good to see all races sticking together to shame these fucking losers. Where has your white power got you in the last 10 years??? NO WHERE. You think you have accomplished something by shaving your head and waving your stupid nazi flag around in public? What does that do for you? Where does that get you? What have you accomplished? It does nothing at all but make you look like a fucking moron. Your all about the white race when clearly all you are doing is humiliating yourselves. This is 2013, you can’t just walk in with signs of hate and expect everyone to walk away in fear? We should honestly donate an island for all these nazi’s and ship them off far from us. Lets see how long it takes before the all kill each other. This is some funny shit. If your so passionate about white power and hate why don’t you attack us? Why don’t you organize and militia and fight us? Maybe because your are all a bunch of pussies.

  22. Apsaalooke says:

    They worship a leader who failed in many ways! A FAILED LEADER!!

  23. Gramma says:

    Excuse my lack of knowledge but did this guy leave Leith or just the additional supremacists left? Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

  24. Raphael says:

    i have to take my hats off to them for not letting hate ruin there lives.

  25. Franksjenny says:

    Wow! How ignorant can you be? Most of these KKK members consider themselves to be Christian and will tell you that they whole heartedly accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. So tell me, how does someone who hates any other race except the “white race” accept a Jew as their King? I really wish that they would see just how ridiculous they look! My heart aches for the Native Americans. If anyone had reason to hate, I would think that it would be them.

  26. Cat Randall says:

    Bravo my brothers and sisters! Thank you for standing up against the coward haters! I salute you all!

  27. Francisco Jimenez says:

    Not sure why the Spain flag is there!!???

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