New Mattress Reports Sexual Infidelity

Smart mattress detects sexual activity on its surface.

Smart mattress detects sexual activity on its surface.

 “Smartress” is a mattress created by a small mattress company in northern Spain called Durmet. According to the Company, the mattress can catch cheaters and report their sexual infidelity.

The Smartress contains a “Lover Detection System” which consists of 24 hidden ultrasonic vibration sensors built into its springs. The system detects suspicious movement on its surface: activity measured by a speedometer, intensity, impact per minute and pressure points. If it detects suspicious activity regarding time of use, frequency, intensity or speed, an alert is sent to the owner’s smartphone. The app also sends a real time 3D image from the side and front that shows how the bed is being used. If you have 4G connection you can monitor duration, intensity and impact per minute.

Suspicious movement refers to sexual activity. If a child or pet jumps on the bed, the activity is not identified as a movement related to infidelity.

Durmet’s owners decided to create Smartress after reading a study from Ashley Madison, the cheating website. The study reported Spaniards to be the most unfaithful people in Europe and for 94% of Spaniards the favorite place to make love is in their own home.

The Smartress has a normal appearance that conceals its Lover Detection System inside, is as comfortable as any premium quality mattress, and the sensors are feather light. It comes with a five year guarantee and prices start at $1,750 – $2,000.

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