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No, Westboro Baptist Nuts Are NOT Going To Iraq To Protest ISIS


Sorry to disappoint everyone, but no the Westboro Baptist hate group members are not heading to Iraq to face of with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). A few days ago, some readers had asked us why we had not reported on the “news” that the controversial “church” was headed to the Middle East to protest “Islam” and the killing of Christians by ISIS. Our answer was simple: we didn’t see any evidence that this would really happen and didn’t want to give in to the group’s constant ploys for attention. But now, the false claim has been circulating virally – as so many false stories tend to do – so we thought it would be a good idea to set the record straight.

The rumor was started, then quickly circulated throughout social media, after the hate group said they would take up an offer from comedian Adam Hills to fly the anti-gay trolls to Iraq, where they could protest the terrorist group ISIS.

Hill told members of the hate church to “put your money where your mouth is.” He offered to fly them all the way to Iraq on his dime so they could protest against the killing of Christians by ISIS.

“I’ll even fly them first class and pay the carbon offset,” he continued the offer.

But perhaps to his surprise, the hate group jumped at the officer. So Hill sadly informed viewers that he was not actually going to do this, saying instead that he would take the moral high ground and donate the money to raised for the flights to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a charity Robin Williams was a supporter of.

Hill knew this would particularly aggravate the Westboro Baptist hate group, since the branded Williams a “f** pimp.”

Hill said that the goal was to “spread love instead of hate” through the donation, made in the name of the late actor.

About the author: M.B. David is the author of several scholarly works on Middle Eastern politics, history and religion, such as People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam” as well as the recently published Sci-Fi novel Sleeper Cell 2240: Memoires of the 21st Century Interplanetary Revolution. He is currently working on his doctorate, writing a dissertation focused on the non-profit Hashlamah Project Foundation and associated global study circles.

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