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NYPD Cop Stomps on Arab-American’s Genitals, Calls Him A ‘Terrorist’


Gamal Abdelaziz, a 57-yr-old American of Egyptian descent was arrested for  “arguing with a sergeant.” As unbelievable as the charge sounds, the abuse that Abdelaziz suffered before the arrest is even more horrifying.

It all began with Abdelaziz pulling over to let the officer following him pass. Gamal had no idea that the off-duty Officer Milko Mejia of Fresh Meadows, Queens, was a cop. Mejia was not in his police cruiser and made no attempt to pull Abdelaziz over.

Instead of moving on after Gamal pulled over for him, the cop pulled up next to him, screaming curses and insults.

Abdelaziz then moved to park in the lot of a nearby store when Officer Mejia quickly confronted him. When people began to stare and intervene, officer Mejia began yelling that he is a police officer.

“Having a badge does not give you the right to curse at me,” Abdelaziz retorted to the off duty cop.

That’s when Mejia demanded Abdelaziz’s keys and license.

Knowing that he had no obligation to comply with these unlawful instructions, he declined to obey the off duty cop’s unconstitutional demands. He asked for Mejia’s badge number and said he would report the harassment to his superior officers.

It was at this point that Mejia began assaulting Abdelaziz – attacking the Arab-American man, beating him in front of his child who was a passenger in the car, and calling him a terrorist. When Gamal was down, Officer Mejia began stomping on his genitals according to the report.

According to the court documents related to this case, Mejia, “brutally kicked Gamal in the testicles, and then repeatedly struck Gamal in the face, causing Gamal to fall to the ground, where the beating continued.”

It was then that Mejia called for backup, and charges were trumped up against Abdelaziz.

Abdelaziz is now suing for violations of his civil rights. What can we do to help? Officer Mejia’s department has proven they will not handle the abuse of these rogue cops. Contact the office of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and let him know how you feel about this overpaid officer’s abuse. Demand that all criminal cops involved be terminated, for gross misconduct and violation of the law.

253 Broadway, New York, NY 10007
(212) 788-3000

Get everyone you know involved. If you believe no one should be abused by racist, rogue cops, then take action and SPREAD THE WORD!

(Article by Ari Simeon; image PBSpot)

3 Comments on "NYPD Cop Stomps on Arab-American’s Genitals, Calls Him A ‘Terrorist’"

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  1. What ever says:

    Sounds like our fucked up police

  2. Ameena says:

    astagferlah at least this time we are heard. Too many of these cases go unheard, not this time!!

  3. sukesha23 says:

    This officer, b/c I’m sure he still has a job ought to be under psychological investigation. With the anger he expressed I’m sure this is not an isolated incident. He’s probably verbally and physically abusive to his family.

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