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NYPD Cops Beat Up The Wrong Old Man, 84-Year-Old Father Of Lawyer Files $5 Million Suit


Remember the elderly man who we recently reported was severely beaten by New York City police officers after illegally crossing the street?

As we reported, Kang Chun Wong, 84, is the father of a New York City lawyer. Now, the Wong family is suing the NYPD, and New York City For $5,000,000.

Wong says he was beaten literally unconscious, before being roused, cuffed and carted off bloody and bruised this January 19th.

Kang Chun Wong, 84, and his lawyers announced the lawsuit at a press conference this week. Wong described the police brutality through a translator, explaining that he did not understand any orders from the officers to stop. They responded by severely beating the elderly man, causing injuries to his back, elbow, ribs, face and head. He further suffered a gash that required staples to be closed.

Wong was ticketed for jaywalking and after being beaten in front of horrified on-lookers, he was charged with obstruction of government administration, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, due to not understanding English well.

While Wong’s son is an attorney, the family contracted the services of Stanford Rubenstein who has filed a $5 million lawsuit on Wong’s behalf. Reubenstein explains that the violent encounter left the elderly man hurt, humiliated and terrified to go around police.

“How could this happen in this city today?” Rubenstein asked. “We have a mayor who is a proud progressive. We have a police commissioner who has committed to improved community relations.”

The NYPD insultingly tried to justify the brutalization by saying that the elderly man “slipped and fell,” but police officials have added that Internal Affairs is looking into the incident further.

SPREAD THE WORD! This time the NYPD messed with the wrong guy. It’s time for sweeping police reforms and oversight. Lawsuits like this can help make that a reality.

(Article by M.B. David; image from the press conference, via local CBS)

6 Comments on "NYPD Cops Beat Up The Wrong Old Man, 84-Year-Old Father Of Lawyer Files $5 Million Suit"

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  1. wiseoldsnail says:

    edit : should say ‘beaten in front of onlooking cowards who failed to come to his aid’

    it’s time to physically stop police from doing these things, and time to disallow governments from using tax dollars to pay settlements and lost lawsuits due to police brutality and misconduct and murder

  2. Peter says:

    When an uniformed officer stops you, even if you don’t speak the language, why would you start walking away (especially if your son is a lawyer)? And with so many eyewitnesses around, would the officers really be so stupid as to blatantly beat an old man in front of so many people (and nobody who “witnessed” this has cell phone photos or videos of the beating)? Could he possibly had slipped/fell to the ground and hit his head on the pavement? Seems like a bit of sentimentalization by media to get clicks.

    • Angel says:

      Are you one of the guys who beat this man?? Or just a coward who stood around and looked on while it happened? Police do this ALL THE TIME and in front of EVERYBODY because people like you look and see and refuse to acknowledge what’s right in front of you!

      • Peter says:

        It’s interesting how there’s no video of the police beating the man. And none of the eyewitnesses are stepping forward to say the police hit the man either. Police brutality in front of eyewitnesses is usually corroborated by the witnesses who saw it or recorded.This isn’t some dark alley they pulled him into–this was a large street on a well lit day. The fact that no witnesses are saying “the police hit/beat him” says a bit about what people on that block saw. Again, perhaps sensationalism from the media to get clicks.

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