NYPD Pulls Headscarves of Muslim Girls at ‘Stop and Frisk’


Lamis Chapman, 12, and Khalia Wilson, 14, were brutally thrown to the ground by the NYPD. The Daily News reports that the two Muslim teenage sisters say the NYPD ripped off their hijabs and shoved them to the ground after they were ordered to leave a Bronx park Monday night, at the Lester Patterson Houses in Mott Haven.

Khalia explains the the “Stop and Frisk” encounter, saying “They said they asked for ID. I didn’t hear them.”

Their brother Shytike Wilson, 15, saw the altercation. That’s when he tried to intervene, but he explains that, the police “slammed me on the floor”, placing him under arrest

A near-by college student, Jonathan Harris, was pepper sprayed and placed under arrest too. His crime: recording the police brutality with his cell phone. Harris says the police yelled, “Come here, you little motherf—er.” Then explained the reason for the aggression: “You like recording?”

This was the last thing Harris heard before being engulfed in a haze of pepper spray, then hitting the ground. Harris said an officer caught him and tackled him, pushing his face in the dirt, while a second officer punched him in his face while he was down.

“Where’s the phone?” the police yelled. When Harris didn’t respond, the police threatened:  “I’ll break your arm.”

NYPD Internal Affairs says they are “investigating the arrests.”

(Article by Micah Naziri, Photo by New York Daily News)


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  1. Richard says:

    These victims should contact the ACLU and file civil right suit. Assaulted and arrested for recording police behavior? Those cop are way out of line. Recording cops is not illegal no matter what the cops say. The stop and frisk…come on…that is just nuts, especially removing clothing on a “suspect” is not considered frisking. Just plain harassment.

  2. Dan says:

    And people wonder why the more and more Americans hate the Police….

  3. Missy says:

    Ahamduiallah! All their rights was violated, and their children, what was their crime, that they had to be frisk, Let me guess? Muslims. In Shaa Allah everthing would woke out and the favor, we serve an awesome God/Allah. Allahu Akbar!

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