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ObamaCare Website Down


The website experienced new problems yesterday, adding to a list of complications, glitches and errors users have experienced when trying to access and operate the website.

The company that operates the website said that the problem impacted other websites too, not just, raising the question of whether or not they are actually sharing server space of the massive government website with others. For a website this high profile and with expectations of this much traffic, it is patently absurd to have anything but dedicated hosting for the website.

The White House said that the company , Terremark, would resolve the issue as quickly as possible. As usual, when a hosting company has a problem that was not announced before it happened, they explain that it is down because the company “experienced a failure in a networking component, and planned maintenance to replace it brought down network connectivity to the data center,” which Health and Human Services spokesman Joanne Peters said in a statement about this outage. Of course, those in website development know that high profile websites always announced planned outages before hand, and usually have a notice on the website to let visitors know what to expect. 

“Our understanding is that this failure is likely impacting several other sites, in addition to and the Data Services Hub,” Peters added.

What this means is that the $634 MILLION ObamaCare Website That Doesn’t Work is going from bad to worse. While this does not speak to the effectiveness of the Universal Health Care program, it does speak to the incompetence and cronyism that lies behind the contract for the website.

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