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African American Teen Raped And Murdered, Ohio Prosecutor Still Hasn’t Filed Rape Charges


The rape, beating and murder of 16-year-old Dione Payne earlier this month was a tragedy enough by itself. But to make matters worse, prosecutors have still refrained from charging his rapists and murders with every crime that they committed. To add insult to injury, the local Dayton Daily News ran a smear article all but blaming the youth for his own rape and murder, even pointing out his littering history, yet never mentioning the criminal past of those who killed him.

We are calling on you now, for a second time, to raise your voice in support of justice for Dione Payne. Contact the prosecutor, and sign the petition demanding that all relevant charges be brought against these criminal monsters.

The prosecutor can be contacted at the number and email below:

David Fornshell

Then, sign the petition to charge Michael A. Geldrich and Michael J. Watson- for the hate crime of rape, robbery and murder here.

Finally, SPREAD THE WORD! Tell everyone you know to do the same.

(Article by Micah Naziri; image via PBSpot)

4 Comments on "African American Teen Raped And Murdered, Ohio Prosecutor Still Hasn’t Filed Rape Charges"

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  1. m1 says:

    This is disgusting but not surprising. We also see how black victims of white homosexual rape somehow get blamed. We saw this with Abner Louima the black boy Sandusky raped in the shower now Dione Payne. Once again Payne gets demonizedmore than Ethan couch.

    • Sandy says:

      Rape is an act of violence and has nothing to do with sexuality. Whether it is a man raping a woman or raping a male it is not a homosexual act but an act of anger/violence and control.

  2. khensu says:

    This is outright crime against blacks,no different than emmit till who whistle at a white lady,you can’t justify or defend murder rape and abuse of our son ,they should get death penalty that’s somebody son and them being white in a so-call post racist era doesn’t make it anybetter

  3. mkerby says:

    Sounds like a hate crime. Should get extra penalties, not less.

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