One Percenter Commits Grand Larceny; Gets 5 Days Community Service

Kate Meckler

One Percenter Kate Meckler, 39, commits grand larceny and get sentenced to 5 days of community service

New Yorker and one percenter Kate Meckler, who was caught shoplifting $1,700 worth of clothing from Saks Fifth Avenue in April, has been sentenced to serve five days of community service at a soup kitchen. She reached a deal with the Manhattan DA where she gets no jail time if she pleads guilty to disorderly conduct.

Originally, Meckler was charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. These crimes carry a maximum sentence of four years. Meckler’s light sentence was undoubtedly influenced by the fact that her father, Alan Meckler, is the CEO of Even if he had no influence, Meckler herself is an elite real estate agent who is one of Warburg Reality’s top grossing agents. This begs the question, why did she need to steal in the first place?

In addition to the sweetheart sentencing, Kate Meckler is not even in danger of losing her job. When asked about the incident, Warburg Realty’s president, Frederick Peters, said, “I have every confidence in Kate and we continue to value highly her association with Warburg Realty.”

Though teary-eyed while leaving the court and expressing her intention to make restitution, Meckler hasn’t had to ‘pay her debt to society’ the way the 99% does.

As they say, the opposite of poverty isn’t wealth, it’s justice.

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  1. William Head says:

    I really didn’t need to see THAT face before coffee.

  2. swampwiz0 says:

    I’ve always thought that wealthy men went for attractive women. How did this butt-ugly woman get conceived?

  3. Robert Gift says:

    How much did this criminal previously steal but was never caught?

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