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Anonymous Releases Third Statement (#OpCompass3) On the Syria Civil War and Video Disinformation Backing the Assad Regime


The international “Hacktivist” group Anonymous is back with a third installment of the Operation Compass (#OpCompass) video communiqué, involving Syria, the rebels, and the regime.

We have run articles on #OpCompass and #OpCompass2 which have specifically discussed the chemical weapons attacks in Syria, and have linked the Assad Dynasty to this latest attack, in spite of significant international skepticism which blamed the attacks on the rebels.

To the credit of our sources, we were told in advance that the United Nations report would come out and would implicate the Assad regime, while not going so far as to definitively assign guilt to him in the attacks. The specificity with which our Anonymous sources inside and in support Syria informed us on this has proven their authenticity and the legitimacy of their information to us at Political Blind Spot.

Now they have presented us with #OpCompass3 which further attacks the position of bloggers attempting to link the chemical attacks with the anti-Assad rebels. As with earlier #OpCompass videos and communiques, it is further emphasized that not all of the Syrian rebels are of the same orientation. To be sure, there is a contingency of those who are categorized by the media as “Al-Qaeda,” but these are not all of the rebels, nor does this minority of rebels reflect the orientation of Syrian “Hacktivists” who the media and pundits abroad have unfairly lumped together with extremists.

Furthermore, like the previous #OpCompass and #OpCompass2 videos, this is not a call for U.S. intervention, but a call against the Ba`athist regime.

Watch the full video below and be prepared to take notes! This one is a little longer than the others, and chocked full of info documenting the disinformation being spread to bolster the regime… for a variety of ulterior motives.

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