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‘Pepper Spray Cop’ Gets More Money Than His Victims


Lieutenant John Pike from the police department at the University of California, Davis was awarded a huge amount of $119,067 in 2011 alone. On November 2011, Pike was captured on video pepper spraying clearly nonviolent protesters in their faces.

Nearly two years later, in October 2013, the Division of Workers’ Compensation awarded Pike $38,055 for the “mental suffering” and “anguish” that he claimed to have endured following the incident. What was the source of his mental injury? People all over the United States made a still image of Pike into an Internet meme, showing Pike pepper spraying just about anyone and everyone from Gandhi to the founding fathers of the United States.

This, Pike explains, was simply too much for him to bear.

Pike said that he also received thousands of angry emails and text messages after the “hacktivist” group Anonymous released his contact information. For this, he believed he deserved workers compensation payments. Even more insane: Pike was awarded his claim.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Pike was suspended with pay before leaving the police force in July 2012.

But in 2012, a federal lawsuit was settled, with the university paying only $1 million total to the 36 people who were sprayed. This means that Pike literally received more money than those who he illegally assault in his pepper-spray attack.

How’s that for “justice”?

(Article by M.B. David)

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