Pocket Knife Ends Teen’s Dreams

Pocket Knife

A pocket knife may be a tool useful for home repairs and first aid, but in the eyes of school officials in Jefferson, Ohio it is a dangerous weapon.

High school senior Jordan Wiser faces felony weapons charges at an April 1 hearing for storing a small pocket knife in his car while the car was parked on school grounds.  Should he be convicted at his trial, Wiser’s dream of serving in the Army and as a police officer will be derailed.

“I had my entire life mapped out,” Wiser said in a Mar. 13, 2014 interview with the Daily Caller. “I was enlisted in the Army. I was schedule to ship in August.”

On Dec. 12, 2013, Wiser was arrested after Ashtabula County Technical School’s principal called the Sheriff’s Department. “They said it was the Youtube videos,” said Wiser, admitting he has posted videos of himself teaching weapons safety techniques. “I’ve been shooting since I was 8 years old.”

“The principal said he had reason to believe I had weapons in my vehicle and needed to search it,” Wiser told the Huffington Post in a Mar. 10 interview. “He made me empty out all my pockets, and the vice principal grabbed me and patted me down very forcibly. It was somewhat awkward. Then they took my car keys. I told them what was in my car and said, ‘Don’t be alarmed.’”

While school officials claim Wiser gave consent for their search of his car, Wiser says otherwise. “I declined to allow them to search myself or my car and that I wanted to talk to my lawyer or my father,” Wiser told Fox News on Mar. 18, 2014. “They told me it wasn’t an option.”

Upon searching the vehicle, school officials found a TASER, four gun powder pellets, a Colt 6MM air pellet rifle, a 9MM Glock air pellet handgun and a tactical vest containing a knife.

“My stun gun was locked in the glove box,” Wiser told the Huffington Post, “and the knife was in my EMT medical vest. I bought it at K-Mart and have it as part of my first responder kit for cutting seatbelts.”

A-Tech has a zero tolerance policy for weapons of any kind on school grounds. Upon finding the pocket knife, school officials expelled Wiser from both his home school and the technical school.

Wiser was then jailed for almost 13 days.  At his first bond hearing, the judge ordered Wiser to be held on a half million-dollar bond.  Later, after Wiser passed a psychological evaluation which found he was not a threat to himself or others, a different judge reduced bail to $50,000.

“If I am convicted of a felony, I’m never going to be a police officer. I’m never going to be a fireman. I’m never going to be in the military,” Wiser said. “I won’t even be able to be a janitor. I’m 18 years old, and this is going to ruin my entire life.”

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  1. Tim Brown says:

    More right-wing fascism.

    • VoteRivetteBiz says:

      Facism, mr. edumacated, is a left-wing philosophy. It is NATIONAL SOCIALISM, one step to the right of COMMUNISM where religion is allowed, but the state controls all, just like Communism. Don’t call out conservatives or anyone “right wing” without knowing history. Go back to school.

      • Angel says:

        Nice try but fascism is RIGHT WING. Socialism and Communism is NOT Fascism. You need to take a government class or maybe go back to highschool. You look like an idiot here trying to explain something you know nothing about. You must be a reich wing nutjob.

        • WRONG. Fascism is state controlled, NATIONAL SOCIALIST where all industry, media, everything is controlled by the state. The only main difference is that you are allowed religion. Under Communism God is eliminated. Idiot liberals always try to state the LEFT WING NAZIS are right wing when they are not. Conservatives and RIGHT WING want FREEDOM from the government, and little or NO government controls over your life. Gool.

          • Angel says:

            No, you have your parties and ideologies all wrong. You need to actually go back to school on this one. Right wingers/nutcases want to control everyone ELSE by using and infusing their religion into government. They want Government, make no mistake- oh yes! They want it alright, so that they can perform Spanish Inquisition-type laws and be free from prosecution for all the bloodshed they will eventually commit, if allowed. And yes, they are fascists in that pastor-rules-all dictatorship type of a way. Fascism has little to do with socialism OR communism.

            Libertarians are the ones who REALLY want rid of government, which is just as bad, because you can never have a safe society with NO government. It’s just another excuse for chaos theory, and anarchy. Nope, bad system for and wanted by bad people.

            Democrats/liberals want a DEMOCRACY, where EVERYONE’S opinion is valued and where we can VOTE for what the PUBLIC AT LARGE wants. That’s all. We don’t want discrimination based on religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. We don’t think that religion should give ANYONE the “right” to mistreat others, or to shove their religious agendas down the throats of others. For us, it’s live and let live. This is the simple and only reason that religious/right wing zealots HATE us with a zeal and energy that seems at times mysterious, until you realize that they were born to hate, and will use ANY tool at their disposal to hate/abuse, and if they can change the laws to protect their “right” to hurt others, then they will fight for those changes.

            It’s really as simple as that.

          • A democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what they want for dinner.

            Liberals love government. They prove it by having expanded it to the nth degree. It would take nearly 300 million full-time salaries to support just the government employees we have now. We’re broke thanks to liberals constantly “helping”.

            Really re conservatives? Most I know don’t want to be bothered or bother anyone else. The liberals have taken over media, education, and just about every major institution. So how is it conservatives are somehow the ones who seek to be in control of others? I think conservatives have pretty much yielded on every issue.

            Then given your position on religious agendas and the need to eliminate any government institution from “cramming” religion down our throats, how do you justify murderous Muslims? “Born to hate”? You are mentally ill child. All conservatives want is for you to live your life without interfering with theirs. You don’t really know any religious person do you? One of the pastors I know is extremely humble. He doesn’t even mention religion among friends. And certainly not to the public. If you attend his church you would be very enlightened by how welcoming, loving and caring all the people there are towards everyone.

      • JohannIvan says:

        National Socialism = Fascism? Really? What ignorance. You realize of course that Fascism is the combination of State & Corporate Power, right? And you think that Corporate Power would support socialism as the word is typically defined? Wow. No wonder we have a one party state with two brands. Ignorance is bliss. For the 1%, anyways. FYI – the Nazi’s use of the word Socialism was a marketing gimmick, much like the D vs. R Kabuki Wrestling Matches of contemporary American political culture. Education… it goes a long way. Why, look over there! It’s a radical left wing Capitalist Marxist! /sarcasm

    • James Brent Taylor says:

      What an ignorant off the mark generalization. It’s been the left pushing to zero-tolerance aka “zero-brains” policies regarding weapons or even toy weapons.

      • Angel says:

        Nope. As I recall, it was the fat southern bible-thumping preachers who wanted and promoted “tough love” and used Zero Tolerance as a tool to this end. Some very similar idiots on the Left gave the idiots on the Right this tool without the Right once realizing that they just put extra power into the hands of more idiots that happen to be a hint smarter than themselves, because by their nature Right Wing idiots are nothing more than cavemen/neanderthals and Left Wing fools are just one step above them- riding the saddle on the back of the Right Wing fools, with a stick and a carrot.

        Fortunately the Left/Liberals are mainly academians and NOT fools, but rather there are a few rejects among us who would have been the typical Right Wing fool, had that particular philosophy given them the power they felt they needed. In fact at any point they may BECOME Right Wing fools as soon as they see the opportunity for a bit more power on that side. They really aren’t right wing or left wing at all- but purely just idiots.

        The Right Wing however does NOT carry many sane or sensible souls, because their entire platform is based on shoving their own brand of idiocy down the throats of the regular, sane, evolved mankind. Thus, the Left/Liberals are about 6 rungs up the Evolution ladder- that is to say, far beyond the Right WIngers. Right Wingers don’t WANT to climb the Evolutionary Ladder, because they don’t believe in it and want to stay the SAME, thinking that some concept of a “god” made them the same-to-stay-the-same-forever-and-ever-amen 6000 years ago.

        If you’re going to evaluate the situation according to which fools do what, at least evaluate it honestly.

  2. moderationpreferred says:

    That principal is an idiot and so are the judges in this case. Why not pay attention to people who actually are a threat rather than try to turn a decent kid into a criminal. which ruining his future by your stupidity could cause.

  3. VoteRivetteBiz says:

    If i were the principal and i ruined someone’s life b/c i was acting like an idiot, I’d be very worried that the weapon’s expert he fears might come back to haunt him later. I mean, if this can’t be cleared up so the kid can enter the military, be a policeman or fireman, then maybe he would snap? So while 600,000 illegal alien gang members rape, kill, extort, burn down and destroy US citizens, we imprison a child with a pocketknife and ruin his future of providing service to other citizens. This school is run by morons.

  4. Nicolas Edwards says:

    “TASER, four gun powder pellets, a Colt 6MM air pellet rifle, a 9MM Glock
    air pellet handgun and a tactical vest containing a knife.”

    Something tells me it was not the knife that got him in trouble.

  5. julia says:

    I do agree though that the bond bail is completely obscured

  6. Melting Granite says:

    Old news, but he pled guilty to a lesser charge, and admitted he lied about the knife being a pocketknife, and lied by calling his tactical vest his “EMT vest.”

    “During the plea hearing Wiser, through his attorney William Bobulsky, admitted that the knife was a Smith and Wesson Special Ops model knife, which measured 9-inches in length. Wiser had maintained all along that the knife was a pocket knife, according to reports.

    Wiser also admitted that the vest confiscated by ACSO was a tactical vest and not an emergency medical technician vest.”

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