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Police Are Already Using a ‘Live Google Earth’ To ‘Watch Crime As It Happens’ In Some Cities


Police are testing what’s being smoothed over as a “Live Google Earth”. The purpose, they explained, is to “watch crime as it happens.”

According to the Center for Investigative Reporting, in Compton last year, police quietly began testing a new system that enabled them to watch every car and person in real time.

Every crime and non-crime was observable to police. The Center for Investigative Reporting looks a number of emerging technologies, including that provided to Compton police. The record-all technology was produced by an Ohio company, headed by Ross McNutt, a retired Air Force veteran, called Persistent Surveillance Systems. Their product monitors entire cities from the air.

McNutt himself describes the product as “a live version of Google Earth, only with TiVo capabilities.”

The PSS outfits planes with an series of extremely high-resolution cameras that can record a 25-square-mile patch of Earth constantly. Each device has the ability to record for up to six hours.

Unlike satellite images, you can rewind the video. You can also zoom in very close, and follow specific people and their vehicles as they move through the city.

The PSS system has already been tested in the Ohio city of Dayton, and is currently being tested in Baltimore and Compton.

Watch the video below and pass it on to someone you know who might be as disturbed, or maybe even delighted, as you.

(Article by M.B. David)

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