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Police Fail At Shutting Down 3̶0̶0̶0̶ 7000 ‘Israeli Spring’ Peace Protesters in Tel Aviv


Another week and the numbers of peace-protesters gathering in cities all over Israel just continues to grow. This weekend, police called literally “called off” a demonstration against the War on Gaza, citing “security risks.”

The protest was set in Tel Aviv during Shabbat on Saturday, and into the evening and new week. Some 3,000 people had already gathered in Rabin Square though, and called off or not, they were there, ready to rally against the war.

This week, only a meager few dozen hawks could be seen holding a counter-demonstration nearby.

The police claimed they tried to keep a distance between the two sides. But before long, four demonstrators were arrested, after police accused them of “acting violently.”

No further details about the nature of their actions would be given by Israeli police, even when it was requested.

At first police banned the rally, but when Israeli peace protestors refused to leave and noted the temporary cease fire, police reluctantly agreed that the protest could go on.

“The war is taking a heavy toll in lives and injuries on both sides, in destruction and horror, in bombings and rockets. We answer this by taking a stand and making a demand: end the war now!” the organizers of the rally wrote on the event’s Facebook page.

“Instead be being drawn, again and again, into more wars and more military actions, it is now time to lead the way to dialogue and political settlement. There is a political solution. What price must we pay – the people of the South and the other residents of Israel, and the people of Gaza and the West Bank – until we reach that solution? Together, Jews and Arabs, we will overcome occupation and war, hatred, incitement and racism – and offer a path to life and hope.”

If you think these voices for peace, amongst the Israeli population are being marginalized and censored from corporate, mainstream media reporting, then help get the word out. As the protesters in Israel say, this is the “Israeli Spring”, and apparently, it will not be televised.

(Article by M.B. David)

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