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Police Found NOT GUILT on ALL Charges In the BEATING DEATH of Kelly Thomas


Two former Fullerton California police officers were just acquitted this week in the death of a homeless man. Police brutally beat and killed Kelly Thomas after a violent struggle that was captured on surveillance video.

Admittedly, it is rare for officers to be charged in a death involving actions that occur while they are on duty. But the sheer brutality of the beating that Thomas received led many to believe that maybe this time some sense of justice would be served.

Unfortunately, all of those who believe that the officers might face justice had their hopes dashed as former Fullerton police officer Manuel Ramos was acquitted Monday of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter charges. Former Cpl. Jay Cicinelli was also acquitted of all charges, in his case involuntary manslaughter and excessive use of force.

As the verdict was read, Cincinelli tightly hugged his lawyer, and was seen putting his face in his hands, expressing the face that he was overcome with joy. But outside of the court house, Thomas’s parents vehemently condemned the verdict as travesty of justice

Cathy Thomas explained that the family was “Just horrified. He got away with murdering my son,” she said. “It’s just not fair. So I guess it’s legal to go out and kill now. He was so innocent. It just isn’t fair at all.”

Ron Thomas joined her in saying that the defense “lied … continuously” about the character of his son, Kelly.

“It’s carte blanche for police officers everywhere to beat us, kill us” this verdict proves that “they’ll get away with it” no matter whether it is caught on video or not.

What are your thoughts?

(Article by M.B. David; image via PBSpot)

15 Comments on "Police Found NOT GUILT on ALL Charges In the BEATING DEATH of Kelly Thomas"

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  1. Jeremy "Maggot" Rogers says:

    I heard about this yesterday. I think it’s typical: cops abuse their power and then they get away with it. It’s stupid, really. It’s obscene too. There’s overwhelming evidence that these cops abused their authority when they beat Kelly Thomas to death and yet they still got away with it.

  2. ReadDeeply says:

    Well, I guess that’s that. If ever there were a case of excessive force, or more accurately, outright murder, this is it. They’ve just made it not only legal, but are encouraging the cops to go about killing whomever they please. I wish the author would have stated the judge’s name. S/he deserves ongoing and relentless reprimands just before being relieved of his or her duties.

  3. scott says:

    the only satisfaction i feel is knowing karma will catch up with those involved in the senseless beating of a human.

  4. Red says:

    your local police department: the biggest organized gang there is. killing in the name of the badge #FTP

  5. carl gray jr says:

    This crap must end or we the people will end it.

  6. Joe says:

    Go after them in civil court and go after their bond! If you get $10 of their bond they will never work again.

    But honestly, do you think a jury won’t give you some kind of money in a wrongful death suit?

  7. Boone Tidwell says:

    The only blame here lies with the jury….think about that. Until the People hold these individuals ACCOUNTABLE, the beatings will continue.

  8. Dee Ess says:

    Sad event, but not one unfamiliar to many here in America. Police have been out of control for as long as I can remember. Time, and time again Cops have been allowed to walk free after murdering people. Lessons should have been learned from what has happened to Rodney King, Sean Bell, Michael Stewart,Oscar Grant Elenor Bumphers,Amadu Diallo, Malice Green,Kelly Thomas,and untold others we’ll never know about at the hands of these rogues.

  9. Oba Anpu says:

    I saw the video of this….unquestionable murder. They beat that poor man worse than a dog for no reason whatsoever. Smashing his skull with a flashlight,tasing him over and over and over again. Stomping,kicking and punching him with brutal force.

  10. Jace says:

    Here’s hoping that a garbage truck’s brakes go out at 90mph and those officers are in the path. Pieces of trash that need to be taken out!

  11. Wonder how many violent young bullies are being inspired to become cops when they grow up by this gross lesson in justice!? There is no lower life form than this type of human scum. It is purest poison and you are allowing it to spread.

  12. 76GRITTIE_SMITTIE says:

    Police officers are straight COWARDS PERIOD.

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