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Police Kick Veteran With Service Dog Out of Restaurant, Telling Him: ‘You’re not blind’


A veteran of both the U.S. Army and Navy found himself kicked out of a Houston, Texas restaurant due to the presence of his service dog. Aryeh Ohayon suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and uses the companion animal for therapy. A police officer, however, told him that they would have to leave the establishment – even after it was explained that the dog is a service animal for his therapy. The officer explained that it didn’t count because “you’re not blind.”

Ohayon says that his dog Bandit is helps him cope if “I start to go into a panic attack, or into a flashback mode.”

Ohayan said that when the officer arrived, “I told him what my disabilities were,” Ohayon said. “That’s when he said, you’re not blind, I don’t see why you need the dog.”

But it wasn’t for the officer to judge. Bandit is a legitimate service dog. Police do not have discretion in this area.

“It feels like your service and experience that you’ve done to defend and uphold the Constitution and protect this country have been belittled,” Ohayon explained.

To make matters worse for the unsympathetic officer, last year Texas Governor Rick Perry signed a bill that made it a misdemeanor to refuse entry to service dogs, regardless of the disability one uses the companion animal for.

The officer in question, however, has still not been charged for his criminal behavior in this case.
Watch the video report on the incident below from local KHOU…

(Article by M.B. David)

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