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Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Enslaving Teen Wife As Prostitute


A former Baltimore Police officer just pleaded guilty to prostituting his 19-year-old wife as well as another teenager who was living with them. Lamin Manneh, 32, of Baltimore forced the two teens into prostitution, according to prosecutors. The sex-slavery occurred between February 2013 and May 2013, and garnered more than 300 customers.

Manneh admitted to traveling across state lines in his plea, as well as using a telephone and Internet in the operation of a prostitution business. He now faces up to five years in prison.

But prosecutors claim that his wife was subjected to a “contract of slavery” with Manneh, who she described as her “master.”

There were over 50 advertisements posted on a variety of websites, soliciting services from the enslaved teens. Manneh admits that he collected 100% of his wife’s earnings and took a hefty percentage of the other teen’s money as well.

All of this occurred while Manneh was an active Baltimore police officer.

What are your thoughts? Was this a victimless crime, or an example of a sociopath using his position of power to exploit young women, imagining he would be untouchable by the law?

(Article by James Achisa)

2 Comments on "Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Enslaving Teen Wife As Prostitute"

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  1. Blahh says:

    Definitely not a victimless crime. The girls are victims, they were manipulated and enslaved by this psychopath. Their earnings were stolen from them. Sick and twisted.
    Raise your daughters to respect themselves, so they will not be easy pray for pimps.

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