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Police Officially Refuse To Hire Applicants With High IQ Scores

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It’s long been rumored amongst law enforcement critics, but did you know that police departments officially disqualify high-scoring applicants? That’s not to say that all cops are stupid… Just that if you’re too smart, the police simply won’t hire you.

The policy became solidified as a concrete federal ruling almost a decade and a half ago with little fanfare from the mainstream media. Back in 1999, a Federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by a police applicant who was barred from the New London, Connecticut police force. The reason for the disqualification was literally because he had scored “too high” on an intelligence test. The department made it clear, they didn’t want the bottom of the barrel in terms of intelligence, but they didn’t want anyone “too smart” either.

The ruling made public in September of the same year, with the ruling  judge Peter C. Dorsey of the United States District Court in New Haven confirming that it was in fact the case that the plaintiff, Robert Jordan, 48, who has a bachelor’s degree in literature, was denied an opportunity to even interview for a job with the New London Police Department, solely because of his high test scores.

Judge Dorsey, however, ruled that Mr. Jordan that there was no protection offered to intelligent people from discriminatory hiring practices by individual police departments. Why? Because, Dorsey explained, it was proven that police departments held all to this same standard and thus rejected all applicants who scored high.

So next time you cross paths with a cop and wonder how someone so stupid could get hired by their department, you now know that their stupidity might be the very thing that qualified them for the job.

(Article by James Achisa)

  • Kellie

    Don’t want the brute force machine to be able to think, they may question what those around them are doing to abuse their power.

  • wiseoldsnail

    exactly what kellie said . also, of course the corporate media didn’t pay attention to this ruling when it happened, but many of us have known about this for a very long time, and have been fighting against it

    what we want are reasonable, intelligent, educated officers who understand the constitution and have a personal willingness to disobey illegal orders

  • PsychedelicSam

    Surprise surprise. Proof that cops are idiotic beyond description. Pigs rolling around in their own excrement and tracking it all over the world, leeching off of decent hard working people. Like ticks.

  • mordisco

    The not best and the not so bright.

  • Richard Gearon

    In 1967 I applied for a job as a cop in a small rural PD in California’s Central Valley. There were three persons on my oral exam; the Chief of the PD I was hoping to get on, a Captain from a neighboring rural PD and a CHP sergeant. The first two voted to fail me. The Captain wasn’t very smart, but he was a lot smarter than the Chief, who didn’t know what “forfeited the bail” (on a ticket) meant.

  • Philip Schuster

    Is this true of all municipal police departments or are there exceptions to the rule? I haven’t heard that all police departments were required to use this standard of eliminating high scoring applicants.

  • rebeccagavin

    Is there even one iota of evidence that this policy is even utilized by any other police force in the country, besides New London, CT? What a specious pile of crap…and I am a strong Liberal. But baseless claims like this, disparaging an entire group of people, are fodder for Right Wing publications. I don’t find this thoughtful or thought provoking. I find it intellectually lazy and something that our side should avoid like the plague.