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Police Raid Man’s Home Over Gun Tattoo

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It is a bit ironic when having a tattoo of a gun results in police, armed to the teeth with assault rifles, busting down your door. That’s exactly what happened to Maine resident, Michael Smith.

His tattoo was of a handgun. It was inked on his stomach. Police, apparently received a tip that he had been carrying a gun in public when he came outside with no shirt on.

A tree removal company woke up Smith on Tuesday morning. He came outside to tell the crew to keep it down or leave. But the tree removal crew apparently called the police and said that Smith had a “gun.”

The tree removal crew said that since Smith was not wearing a shirt, the tattoo looked like a gun tucked into his waistband. But have a look at the tattoo for yourself.

Smith said that tattoo has never been a problem before, and no one has ever thought it was a real gun. Is this an example of what author Jim Redden calls¬†“Snitch Culture”? Or are police to blame for a knee-jerk response?

(Article by M.B. David)

2 Comments on "Police Raid Man’s Home Over Gun Tattoo"

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  1. 1st First says:

    open carry. what’s the problem?

  2. smoochie says:

    It looks like a gun. It’s supposed to look like he’s got a gun in his pants. So yeah, people thought he did. This is his fault alone.

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