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Police Severely Beat Deaf African-American Man For Not ‘Obeying Orders’


Police in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are being accused of using excessive force in their beating of a deaf African-American man. Pearl Pearson, 64, allegedly fled the scene of an automobile accident, but was later pulled over by officers.

Pearson has a sign on his vehicle that informs officers that he is deaf and thus may not hear commands. But this didn’t seem to matter to the officers involved in the beating.

Local KFOR reported that affidavit indicated Pearson didn’t comply with multiple orders to show his hands after he was pulled over on January 3. Pearson says he was hit in the face before he was able to show his ID, and that he was never made aware of any orders to show his hands. Pearson was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident and resisting arrest.

Pearson’s neighbor, Sacia Law said that Pearson is a kind and gentle man who would never have offered any physical resistance if pulled over.

“He’s hearing impaired, you can’t yell at him from behind his car and get a response,” she explained, “I know they do dangerous jobs and they put their lives on the line, but that is over the top.”

The Highway Patrol is currently reviewing the arrest and officer’s actions. Online court records indicate that charges remain against Pearson, but no future court dates have been listed yet.

The Total Source for Hearing-Loss and Access group (TSHA) is accepting donations for his legal and medical expenses, on their website.

Stay tuned for information as it develops.

(Article by M.B. David; image via local KFOR)

5 Comments on "Police Severely Beat Deaf African-American Man For Not ‘Obeying Orders’"

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  1. Tony says:

    When are cops going to be held accountable for their abusive actions? Everyday, we hear about this but the only thing we hear about is a cover up, a slap on the hand and or a paid vacation for these rogue cops.

  2. Nelson Robison says:

    It’s high time that the police are completely done away with and a new form of policing put into place. The recruits that are placed into the police academy are mostly former enlisted cadre and are trained to use excessive force in any encounter with the public and those who are on the other side of their weapons.

    What is even more reprehensible with regards to this incident is the fact that even with the notifications on the car the police disregarded them, and brutally attacked a man who had no idea what was going on. The reprehensible act is yet one more example of the training that is stunting the relationship with the public. What we must demand is a complete cultural shift, one away from punishment on the part of the police to one where they think of the public as those who are the ones to be protected and served.

    • Vance Smith says:

      You obviously have no clue what it means to be a cop. Lets break down this ridiculous post of yours. You said “It’s high time that the police are completely done away with and a new form of policing put into place.” Well my question to you is what makes you think that new police want abuse their power as well? As a police officer myself we are trained to use the amount of force necessary for the crime/situation. Could it be possible these officers did not see the posted sign on the victims vehicle. Is it possible that because the victim was out of his car, approaching police that reasonable force was used? This article only paints one side of the story. You say he had no idea of what was going on. Well He’s 64 and driving a car, pulls over when he sees police lights. This man knew what was going on, if not he would have never stopped. You mention the training and the relationship with the public. Well, when was the last time you every told a police officer “Thank You?” Your claim of not protecting the public is false. I see police officers lose there job every week because someone like you claims excessive force. You are safe because of police. You are able to get on this site and post this response because of police. You see someone is protecting your, your family and your home and you don’t even realize it and appreciated it. So I say to you sir, don’t be so quick to judge because this man was deaf. He is still just as capable of causing harm. As police officer we have this motto; “we are going home tonight.” Its not every job that you go to were you have to worry about if you will come home alive from it.

      • Sy says:

        Fuck off you self righteous prick. Pigs are bastards trained by bastards to uphold the laws of politicians and politicians only; you wouldn’t blink an eye to use lethal force on (peaceful) protests as has been proved in both your country and mine time and time again: yet you have the audacity to claim you protect the public. You protect the rich from the poor and that’s it; fucking thugs in uniform

      • Namma says:

        I call bullshit on you Vance Smith.

        The police in the United States are CLEARLY being militarized and you fools are just blithely going along with it.

        I guess you expect that YOUR family and friends will be placed on a “safe list” and not molested, beaten, shot, etc., if the SHTF eh?

        Sick bastard that you are tell me, in the following story, how safe was that family?

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