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Police Zap 14-Year Old Girl With Taser

Cop Tasers Girl

Cop Tasers 14-Year Old Girl at Monterey Fair

A police officer used a stun-gun on a 14-year old girl at the Monterey County Fair on Saturday.

Policemen were attempting to detain the 14-year old girl and her 16-year old friend to question them about a fight, police spokesman Leslie Sonne said.

While trying to detain the 14-year old, the 16-year old girl started pushing the policemen away and took up a fighting position, Sonne said. The officer pulled out his Taser and ordered the 16-year old to the ground.

According to Sonne, when one of the officers bent down to detain the 16-year old lying on the ground, the younger girl jumped on his back, likely in an effort to free her friend. The second officer then shot the girl with the Taser.

“We’re still trying to get the final report from the officer,” according to Sonne. “One of the girls may have been trying to bite the officer.”

The police will not release the name of the girls involved in the incident because they are minors. However, they acknowledge the girls are from the area.

Both girls were charged with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest, then released to their parents.

It’s uncommon for Monterey police officers to use their Tasers. In fact, spokesman Sonne said he can’t remember the last time an officer actually employed one.

According to the department, there will be an investigation into the use of force.

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