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Racist Fox News Anchor Attacks Neil deGrasse Tyson

"Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" Screening Event And Panel

Fox News should be ashamed of themselves, but it seems that more and more the network has lost any semblance of shame, or journalistic ethics. Recently a frequent Fox News guest was caught contributing to a “white nationalist” website where Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist and host of FOX’s Cosmos, was attacked for speaking out about racial profiling he has personally experienced.

The  host is Gavin McInnes, who said the following disgusting remarks about the prominent astrophysicist.

MCINNES: I hate this guy […] White liberal nerds love this guy so much, he could defecate on them like Martin Bashir’s fantasies and they would dance in the streets. All he does is, he’s drunk with adulation. And he talks about things like “when I was young in New York I would get racially profiled when I’d go into stores.” Back then he looked like he was in The Warriors. He had a huge afro and a cutoff shirt and New York was a war zone. Sorry, you fit the profile.

McInnes actually thinks that having a “huge afro” fits “the profile”. What profile? Apparently being African American and not buzzing your hair down, shaving your head or relaxing your hair is a “profile” that McInnes believes law enforcement need to be wary of.Watch the video below and see for yourself…

It’s important to realize that McInnes used to write for the website The Southern Poverty Law Center identifies this site as a “White Nationalist” website which fronts for a “hate group.”

The site stated back in 2011 “I love me some VDARE,” mocking what they considering inner city African American vernacular. In one post that McInnes wrote for, he compared a Canadian university to a “madrassa” because it refused to host a white nationalist who advocates for founding all-white cities. His name is Jared Taylor, and his ideas were a huge influence on white separatist Craig Cobb, who infamously tried to put these ideas into action in Leith, North Dakota, before Native American and other antifascist activists drove him and his cronies out.
Now McInnes writes for Taki’s Magazine, which markets itself as a “paleoconservative” website. The site, however, publishes overtly racist articles including ones by those termed neo-confederates. In his writings for Taki’s, McInnes has recently referred to Asian-Americans as “slopes” and “riceballs.”

You just can’t make this kind of stuff up. This is the face of FoxNews.

McInnes has also suggested Muslims are “stupider” and “more violent” due to inbreeding. He has defended blackface because “some minstrel shows” were “just mimicking black people” and were all in good “fun.” He has backed the racist comments of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson. He has further demanded that yelling the n-word at someone is “not racist” only “just very rude.”

In 2013, 18 Milling Rising gave him what they termed a “Lifetime Achievement Award in Hipster Racism.” For those who don’t know, this refers to a brand of racism characterized by making “ironically” racist “jokes.” Hardy-har.

In the end, of the Fox News debate, however, Tyson really gets the last word, slamming the racist commentator. Mother Jones breaks it down:

Overall, Tyson notes, Cosmos premiered not only on Fox but on National Geographic Channel and, globally, in 181 countries and 46 languages. “It tells you that science is trending in our culture,” Tyson averred to me. “And if science is trending, that can only be good for the health, the wealth, and the security of our species, of our civilization.”And yet, many members of our species still deny that the globe is warming thanks to human activities—a point that Cosmos has not only made a centerpiece but that, the program has frankly argued, threatens civilization as we know it. Tyson is known for being fairly non-confrontational; for not wanting to directly argue with or debatethose who deny science in various areas. He prefers to just tell it like it is, to educate. But when we talked he was, perhaps, a little more blunt than usual.

“At some point, I don’t know how much energy they have to keep fighting it,” he said of those who don’t accept the science of climate change. “It’s an emergent scientific truth.” Tyson added that in the political sphere, denying the science is just a bad strategy. “The Republican Party, so many of its members are resistant to embracing the facts of climate change that the legislation that they should be eager to influence, they’re left outside the door,” said Tyson. “Because they think the debate is whether or not it’s happening, rather than what policy and legislation can serve their interests going forward.”

Enough is enough! Fox News isn’t just some benign growth whose presence on the air is harmless to society. Real people are influenced by this garbage, and this hateful and racist rhetoric effects real peoples’ lives. If you’ve had enough, SPREAD THE WORD, to highlight just how overt Fox’s racial bias is.

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  1. Lucifer says:

    So you guys caught this, yet missed all those racist attacks on ben carson? Smh, you guys can complain about Fox all you want, but their viewers keep growing for a reason, and at least they actually let the other side of the political sphere come on to share their opinion, unlike this site.

  2. Angel says:

    Fox News is LOSING viewers, not gaining them, despite their self-delusional on-air comments to the contrary. There was a time before they became so hateful where I used to watch Fox News and browse their site. Enough was enough about a year ago however, and so they have lost one more viewer among the droves that leave them daily.

    They are consistently blind however, and they will never admit to what’s happening. Anyone and everyone now views Fox News as a hateful and painfully shrill joke.

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