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Raging Hockey Fans Destroyed LAPD Drone


Friday night wasn’t your typical hockey riot in Los Angeles. Several videos have been posted online showing what  has been described as hockey fans destroying a Los Angeles Police Department drone.

The video was taken just outside the Staples Center Friday night after the LA Kings beat the New York Rangers to claim the NHL’s Stanley Cup.

The drone seems to have been deployed in conjunction with teams of riot police who were called in to break up the riots. The LA Times described this as a “melee” outside the arena following the King’s victory.

One clip posted online shows a drone hovering over the crowd of hockey fans, only to be knocked out of the sky by the crowd throwing shoes at it.

In another clip, filmed just moments after, records the hockey fans chanting, “We got the drone! We got the drone!”

The individual who uploaded that video to Facebook said in their description of the video that the video recorded fans rejoicing after taking down “the LAPD drone that was hovering over the KINGS CHAMPIONSHIP Celebration.”

Several tipsters however, have said that the drone is a models in the DJI “Phantom” series, intended for consumer use. But the LAPD and DJI have refused to respond as to whether this drone was actually theirs or not, indicating that it in fact belonged to law enforcement, in spite of its intended civilian use.

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