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Rogue Police Chief Kessler Is Apparently Just Getting Warmed Up – The Latest On The Militia Take-Over of Gilberton, PA


By Micah Naziri

If Officer Mark Kessler was an African American man, or a Muslim of any background, he would – without question – be in solitary confinement somewhere, or shot dead. But being a European-American redneck he gets to run free and double-down on his idiocy.

All the while, this suspended Pennsylvania police has somehow hustled people into joining his “militia” of which the only requirement seems to be forking over anywhere from $25 to around $100 in dues.

Meanwhile, while we at Political Blind Spot were amongst the first to report on this take over by the forces of this rogue cop, militia member after militia member have come to and confirmed our worst fears. At the same time, some more mainstream (read that: corporate) media outlets have begun to pick up the story that we first reported on in the article “MEDIA BLACKOUT: Militia is Holding Pennsylvania Town Hostage.”

Officer Kessler became an internet sensation after posting several videos, which we reported on yesterday. These videos, uploaded to his YouTube account, showed him brandishing and firing assault weapons, accompanied by foul-mouthed threats of armed rebellion against the government. In one video, he uses the term “libtards” and displayed a t-shirt that read “Liberals take it in the ass!” In another, he was seen making veiled threats to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. The official reason for the suspension was, according to, due to the fact that he had no authorization to use these weapons outside of the capacity of his job. These were not his personal weapons, but police issued firearms. Gilberton borough council issued the 30 day suspension to Kessler, citing the suspension as “…because the guns in the videos were owned by the borough and they were used without prior authorization.”

Still, Kessler and his own private army have insisted this is an issue of “government oppression.”

The Huffington Post quotes lifetime Gilberton resident Rose McCarthy, speaking of Kessler and his CSF militia;

“You know why there’s not more residents here?  The threats.  That’s why.  Because they’re afraid.  They’re afraid they’re going to have their windows shot out.”

If anyone besides this rogue cop and his “militia” were behind these events, there would be no question what the response from the state and local government would be. If anyone ever doubted the existence of White Privilege in America, look no further than this story.

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