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‘Satanist’ 19-Year-Old Craigslist Killer, Killed Dozens and Says She Would Do It Again


A newlywed couple in Pennsylvania have just been arrested for the murder of a man they met on Craigslist. 19-year-old Miranda Barbour, stabbed the man to death with her husband. The two claim to have murdered more than 20 more people across the country. All of this, they say, was related to their participation in a “satanic cult.”

Her husband, Elytte, 22, is facing the death penalty, along with her for stabbing Troy LaFerrara to death on November 11.

The lonely 42-year-old man was lured with a Craigslist ad offering “companionship.”

Miranda met the man in the parking lot of a shopping mall before taking him to a spot in Sunbury.

Elytte hid underneath a blanket in the Honda CRV’s backseat. Once Miranda gave him the signal, he popped out and wrapped a cord around the LaFerrara’s neck, according to prosecutors.

Miranda then stabbed the man 20 times. She claims that she killed at least 22 others, but stopped counting.

“When I hit 22, I stopped counting,” 19-year-old Miranda told the Sunbury, Pennsylvania, Daily Item newspaper.

“I can pinpoint on a map where you can find them,” she bragged. “I remember everything. It is like watching a movie.”

All of this began after Miranda said she joined a satanic cult in Alaska. The cult’s leader let her come with him when he killed someone who owed him money.

Mirana, however, doesn’t see her killing as acts of murder. She believes that each of them “did bad things and didn’t deserve to be here anymore.”

“I would lure these people in. I studied them. I learned them and even became their friend,” she said.

Most disturbing, Miranda says that “if I were to be released, I would do this again.” 

(Article by M.B. David; image via local WNEP)

2 Comments on "‘Satanist’ 19-Year-Old Craigslist Killer, Killed Dozens and Says She Would Do It Again"

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  1. AD says:

    Always having to blame someone else. Typical sociopath, bragging that she liked it but not wanting to admit that she’s nuttier than a fruitcake. She’s giving real satanists a bad name…evil little wench, i hope she’s broom raped in prison.

  2. Basken Anonymity says:

    There are some truly fucked up people in this world. Trial > Conviction > Fry both of the fuckers & the fucked up cult > Shed no remorse for any of them > Pray for the victims.

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