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Saudi Woman Dies Because Male Medics Wouldn’t Help


A female Sa`udi student recently died on the King Saud University campus due to heart problems.  Her family says that medics were prevented from helping her in time due to rules which prevented men from entering the women-only sections of campus.

The Riyadh University denied the accusation, saying that Amena Bawazir had a history of heart disease. They claim that she received quick medical attention and had a stroke last Sunday, which led to her heart and lungs stopping.

Al-Arabiya television quoted Amena’s sister, Fahda Bawazir, contradicting the school’s statement, saying that medics arrived at a campus gate at 11 a.m., right after her sister collapsed.

“But the medics were not allowed to enter the campus until 1 p.m.,” Fahda said. She continued to explained that University officials refused to let them in during the two hours that spanned in between.

The University continues to deny this.

Whatever the case may be, the story is disturbingly similar to the 2002 fire at a girl’s school in Mecca, which led to 15 female students being burned alive. Religious police would not allow the students to leave the burning building because they were not covered according to the mandates of Sa`udi law, which follows the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam.

(Article by Isa Abu Jamal; image via Al-Akhbar Al-Bahrain)

3 Comments on "Saudi Woman Dies Because Male Medics Wouldn’t Help"

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  1. Gordon Ross says:

    One can never respect stupidity – this misinterpretation of scripture and frankly comical if it weren’t so tragic rigidity to adhere to unnatural laws is pathetic. I do not hate your religion but how can you ask respect for such ignorant actions?

  2. JOHN WELGE says:

    It is so UNFORTUNATE that our State Department will not take on this nonsense “HEAD-ON”. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for the STUPIDITY that caused her death; and the death of the female students caught in a fire and perished, BECAUSE of the LAME and STUPID “misapplication” of a so called “religion”. These people need to be DRAGGED OUT OF THE STONE AGE. Shame on you, Saudi Arabia!!

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