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Saudi Princess Gets Away With Keeping Slaves – California Judge Drops All Charges


Meshael Alayban, a Sa`udi Princess, was just set free. Her charges of human trafficking and slavery were dropped. You see, Meshael Alayban is married to the Sa`udi `Arabian prince Abdul’Rahman bin Nasser bin `Abdul`Aziz al Sa`ud.


Let’s just call this guy ARBNBAAS, for short. Well, ARBNBAAS is the grandson of King `Abd’ullah of Sa`udi `Arabia. Marrying into the Sa`udi Royal Family apparently has privileges… Privileges which include keeping slaves and human trafficking.

You see, ARBNBAAS’s grandfather is listed as Forbes’ seventh most powerful people. You don’t really think the United States is going to arrest a member of the international Oligarchy over something like enslaving someone do you? If you did, you’d have been wrong.

Meshael was arrested and accused of keeping a Kenyan slave as a prisoner in her California home. In addition to this Kenyan woman who Meshael enslaved, police say that when they searched Alayban’s home, they discovered four more women from the Philippines who were being kept as slaves. She argued that this wasn’t “slavery” since she paid them $220 a week, for 16 hour work days, 7 days a week. That breaks down to not even $2 an hour. In other words, that fits the legal definition of slavery. As well, her accuser says that Alayban would not allow her to leave the house. $1 or no $1, that’s slavery.

Meshael Alayban says, however, that the slavery wasn’t bad because she let them use the pool and get on Facebook. You simply can’t things this crazy up. Apparently her excuses sounded pretty good to the Santa Ana judge who set her free.

Meshael is very happy now that she is free to enslave more African women. But she didn’t look so happy when she was first locked up…


But this was only a bump in the road for Meshael. She was quickly freed, and can now buy more African and Filipina women to enslave.

Watch the video and SPREAD THE WORD! This CANNOT be what is allowed to stand as “justice” in the United States these days. If we do not take a stand against SLAVERY then what will we take a stand against?

(Article by Isa Abu Jamal)


    This should be re-tried. The Saudi’s are notorious for their slavery — bad enough they have it there, but bringing it to our shores…. but truth be told, there are more slaves now than ever before in history. THIS JUDGE IS PART OF WHY THAT IS TRUE.

    • Gigi

      Let her try that sh!t with an African America, she would never have even made it to court. They know who the mess with. But it’s really up to Africa and African governments to put a stop to kissing the ass of Arabs in the first place.

      • Query

        This is in America not Saudi Arabia idiot maybe America should stop sucking up!

        • Lovie

          Query you’re the one an idiot for not comprehending the comment…He was basically saying let her try bondage with “African Americans” she won’t have a chance to.

      • Mirara

        I’m from Nairobi and I don’t understand how a crime on a fellow Kenyan in the United States becomes attributed to African countries kissing Arabs backsides. I think that falls under the US governments jurisdiction. If an american citizen is harmed in our country, the US is right to be concerned but it is primarily up to our government to protect him/her. Stop the ignorance.

        • quame

          Well said Mirara

  • Joshua

    Wealth and political power obviously has its privileges.

  • Nena

    She has a very mean vibe about her. She has viciousness in her eyes.

    • Kayla

      Yes she does Nena. You can also tell she thinks she’s better than everyone else. Don’t worry though, she’ll pay after she dies. There’s an extra hot spot waiting for her in Hell.

    • reg day

      I agree…

      • Jay

        I would like to see the evil ba**ard suffer long before she leaves this earth.

        I agree, you can tell a lot from a persons eyes and hers definitely say evil. And her mouth says ‘liar’. How is this even allowed to to happen? This makes me so mad.

    • quame

      Well at the end of the day she´s nothing but a slave herself!

  • zoots

    which california judge? and where are the lawyers of the victims? i see three slimey looking overpaid lawyers hoping to make bank of this case and talking on her behalf and NO-ONE representing the poor women that this monster obviously exploited. so disgusted.

  • FulaniBA

    There is an economic crisis in first world countries. Women are willingly subjecting themselves into servitude for economical reasons, but they don’t realize they are setting themselves up for failure and to be put in oppressive conditions.

    The Saudi Arabian government should denounce “slave trafficking” of their people into other countries. Islamic principles does not condone enslavement of people. It should never be tolerated. Moreover, while there isn’t anything wrong with hiring help (maids, personal assistants, butlers, etc. ) at fair and reasonable wages, there is something fundamentally wrong with “enslaving” someone (male or female) and then subjecting them to inhumane treatment and mental and physical abuse.

    • Alan

      Or, we could just do the smart thing and raise the minimum wage to something like $20/hr.

      This wouldn’t even be a problem if we had a decent minimum wage.

      • halfabrain

        You are so out of touch with reality it is comical

      • Daniel

        You have a point but it’s slightly off. I believe the minimum wage is already more than $2. And I’m sure there are advocacy groups here in the US, where are they in this case? What about all our existing labor laws, do NONE of them apply here? Seems like more waivers have been issued (for whatever reasons).

  • Tom

    The U.S. really love to suck the balls of Saudi Arabia. Shameful just as their response to 9/11.

  • Richard Burton

    I wish I could enslave her or her husband so I could show them how it feels to be a slave

  • jl

    Is this any different than sending our jobs overseas and enslaving children to sew our clothes and make our plastic crap?
    People don’t seem to have a problem with slavery as long as it’s good for them.

  • Larry

    As long as Saudi Arabia keeps selling its Oil in U.S. dollars, slavery will never be an issue there.

  • MO

    Judist learned what gold shillings get you when he sold out Christ to the Romans. The Judge, Lawyers etc….will learn the same fate. Since when has America reenacted slavery for the elitist rich?

  • Samar

    If we do not take a stand against SLAVERY then what will we take a stand against??????

    Well for starters
    Stop killing innocent in the name of war against terrorism

    • PBSpot Admin

      No argument there.

  • America Stewart

    May the day come soon when every “royal” everywhere is killed by the people. No need to waste money on a trial.