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Saudi Women Kills Husband After He Marries Second Wife


Breaking news out of the Middle East: reports are coming in that a Saudi Arabian man has been shot by his wife. The shooting came only a few days after he married a second wife against his first wife’s wishes. woman.

Al-Arabiya News reports that the man and his new wife were shot by the first wife after she confronted them in the region of al-Jouf, near the northern border of the country.

The woman’s husband died instantly after being shot several times, according to anonymous sources reporting to Al Arabiya News Channel.

The first wife didn’t stop there, shooting the second wife as well. She was left in critical condition and is currently in an undisclosed hospital.

While polygamy is allowed in Saudi Arabia, Islamic sources require strict conditions – including complete equitability between all wives – before a man is permitted to marry more than one wife. Even then, the Qur’an emphasizes that one is best, and that men will never be able to be truly equitable between multiple partners.

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