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School Confiscates and Throws Away Lunches From Kids Whose Families Owe Money


A Salt Lake City, Utah Elementary school is in hot water after confiscating lunches from students whose families owed money. Around 40 students at the Uintah Elementary school watched as their lunches were taken by school officials and dumped in the trash right before their eyes.

Even worse was the public display that the school made of the confiscation, making it clear that the goal was first and foremost to humiliate the children in front of their classmates.

“It was pretty traumatic and humiliating,” said Erica Lukes. Her 11-year-old daughter was one of the nearly four dozen Uintah students who had her lunch taken.

To add insult to injury, Lukes insists that she was not behind on any lunch payments whatsoever.

“I think it’s despicable,” she continued. “These are young children that shouldn’t be punished or humiliated for something the parents obviously need to clear up.”

“This can be easily prevented,” Jason Olsen, a Salt Lake City schools spokesman said. “We need to make sure proper notification goes out to the parents and they have time to put money in the accounts.”

Still, Olsen refused to denounce what parents are calling “institutionalized bullying” and “deliberate humiliation” of students.

“If students were humiliated and upset,” he said, “that’s very unfortunate and not what we wanted to happen.”

Only later, after Salt Lake local news ran a report of the school’s actions, Olsen released an updated statement that was also posted to the district’s Facebook page. It said: “This situation could have and should have been handled in a different manner. We apologize.”

The forced apology continues: “We understand the feelings of upset parents and students who say this was an embarrassing and humiliating situation. We again apologize and commit to working with parents in rectifying this situation and to ensuring students are never treated in this manner again.”

Lukes responded, saying “You would think in a public school system your child wouldn’t be turned away from lunch, especially when people usually settle their balances.”

What do you think about the school’s actions?

(Article by Shante Wooten; image from Regina Schools, IA)

4 Comments on "School Confiscates and Throws Away Lunches From Kids Whose Families Owe Money"

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  1. Dottie says:

    No excuse….the children need to eat ….let them EAT!! That was wasting alot of food, and the children are NOT responsible for not paying !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. fatima says:

    What a piece of shit school.

  3. KDelphi says:

    If I told you what I REALLY thought—you couldnt print it. These MFers are just plain psychopaths

  4. Crockett says:

    IT was a mugging, theft by violence. 10 years minimum forfeit of all pensions. Fire the spokesperson. The children are traumatized, a half million apiece after attorneys…. Mandatory expulsion of school board.

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