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Scientist Says ‘Yeti’ – Russian ‘Bigfoot’ – Is Real


Oxford University’s Bryan Sykes is already well-known for his scientific research on human ancestry. But now professor Sykes says there is real evidence that the legendary “Yeti” – the Russian “Bigfoot” – is actually real.

After a yearlong investigation, the British geneticist claims to have matched the DNA collected from hairs purportedly from  Himalayan Yetis. These mythic creatures, also known as the “Abominable Snowmen,” is in the opinion of Sykes a breed of Arctic bear that lived tens of thousands of years ago that is some sort of hybrid of polar bears and brown bears. Interestingly, the term “Yeti” itself comes from the Tibetan compound word Ya-che-tre meaning “rocky dreaded bear”.

“All my colleagues think I’m taking a risk in doing this, but I’m curious, and I am in a position to actually do something to answer the questions,” Sykes said.

Tom Gilbert, a Natural History Museum of Denmark professor of paleogenomics, unconnected to Sykes or his research, told The Associated Press that the research is a “reasonable explanation” for such sightings.

One sample that Sykes uses was a cluster of hairs claimed to be from a mummified Yeti in the northern Indian region of Ladakh. The sample was taken by a French mountaineer who claims to have been shown the body some 40 years ago. Another sample is from a hair found 800 miles to the east, in Bhutan.

Sykes findings will be the focus of “Bigfoot Files,” a documentary series on Britain’s Channel 4 to be aired this Sunday evening.

(Article by James Achisa; image Getty Images via ABC News)

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