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Scientists Finally Discover The Function of the Human Appendix


For generations the appendix was thought to have no purpose. But now, researchers say they have discovered the true function of this organ, and it is anything but redundant. 

Researchers now say that the appendix acts as a safe house for good bacteria. The body uses this to essentially “reboot” the digestive system when one suffers from a bout of dysentery or cholera.

Conventional wisdom used to claim that this small pouch protruding from the first part of the large intestine was simply redundant or an evolutionary shadow of a once useful organ. For years doctors advised people have their appendix removed and in spite of it’s now-apparent use, most seem none the worse for having it removed.

Duke University Medical Centre in North Carolina researchers say that following a severe bout of cholera or dysentery, which can purge the gut of bacteria essential for digestion, the appendix acts as a reserve for good bacteria to emerge.

In spite of the findings, Professor Bill Parker says that this does not mean we should cling onto our appendices at all costs.

“It’s very important for people to understand that if their appendix gets inflamed, just because it has a function it does not mean they should try to keep it in,” he explained.

“So it’s sort of a fun thing that we’ve found, but we don’t want it to cause any harm, we don’t want people to say, ‘oh, my appendix has a function’, so I’m not going to go to the doctor, I’m going to try to hang onto it.”


Nicholas Vardaxis, an associate professor in the Department of Medical Sciences at RMIT University, says that the theory put forward by the Duke University team makes a lot of sense.

“As an idea it’s an attractive one, that perhaps it would be a nice place for these little bacteria to localize in, a little cul-de-sac away from everything else,” he weighed in.

“The thing is that if we observe what’s been happening through evolution, the higher on the evolutionary scale we are and the more omnivorous animals become, then the smaller and less important the appendix becomes and humans are a good example of that.

“The actual normal flora bacteria within the appendix, as well within our gut, are the same, so we’ve lost all of those specialized bacteria.

“So it doesn’t have that safe house type of function anymore, I don’t think.

“It’s a vestige of something that was there in previous incarnations, if you like.”

Scientists were led to the discovery by examining the appendices of koalas. Unlike the short human variety, the koala is famous for having an extremely long appendix.

This aids in their diet which is almost exclusively made up of eucalyptus leaves.

Professor Vardaxis says that in spite of the fact that the human appendix acts in a similar manner to that of koalas, it is unlikely that we will see a shrinking of the Australian marsupial’s organ any time soon.

“Unless of course we have a massive blight and we get the eucalypt on which the koala thrives dying, then we may find some mutant koalas out there perhaps that will start eating other things, and as they start to eat other things, then over generations and hundreds of thousands of years of time, then surely, yes, the koala’s appendix will shrink as well.”

Professor Vardaxis says that the human shrinkage of the appendix was due to changes in our diet that took place over many thousands of years. Still, it is possible that any species with a larger appendix now, could find themselves in a similar situation if their diet were to significantly change, and their appendix began to shrink. Koalas, Vardaxis explained, might be afflicted by appendicitis and have to have it taken out at times, just like humans.

About the author: M.B. David is the author of several scholarly works on Middle Eastern politics, history and religion, such as People of the Book: What the Religions Named in the Qur’an Can Tell Us About the Earliest Understanding of “Islam” as well as the recently published Sci-Fi novel Sleeper Cell 2240: Memoires of the 21st Century Interplanetary Revolution. He is currently working on his doctorate, writing a dissertation focused on the non-profit Hashlamah Project Foundation and associated global study circles.

(Images via ABC; h/t to Barbara Miller)

264 Comments on "Scientists Finally Discover The Function of the Human Appendix"

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  1. Since childhood, I’ve been waiting for this discovery. Even then I knew that our bodies do not contain useless organs. Why did it take medical science this long?

    • Casey says:

      It has been believed for some time, they just didn’t have enough research for it until recently.

    • some one says:

      Thats simple, it does not fit in with the Theory of evolution in which they said the Appendix is a vestigial organ left behind as we evolved from what ever they think we came from to being human.

      • BN says:

        To “some one” above – There are still plenty of vestigial organs and traits in humans. Not to mention DNA evidence, the fossil record, etc. Evolution is still very much sound. The idea that humans came from dirt and ribs 6,000 years ago? Not so much.

        • Evolution is sound? How do you explain Bacterial Flagella in human cells, which cannot work unless all the parts are present and working in harmony with the cell’s health from the get-go and if it doesn’t human life is immediately impossible? If that developed by selective breeding or circumstantial need, who put Bacterial Flagella together as complex, working pieces of machinery, working as designed from the first instant they were introduced?
          You speak of the fossil record as if that supports the evolution theory. It rather indicts it than supports it.
          There is not a single fossil that is not a complete, functioning species. For a new species to emerge through whatever evolutionary process you propose, one would have expected millions of fossils of species that were in transition, you know, the ones that didn’t make it. Not one, not a single transition fossil has been found. The Paleozoic Era spanned, according to your faith, about 140 million years in which unicellular organisms suddenly and inexplicably became multicellular with no mineralized fossils of any sort anywhere that shows how, or that it happened.
          It is scientifically impossible, and against the laws of philosophy and nature, that by joining or infusing multiple simplex parts that, without adding any intelligence whatsoever, a complex outcome would be produced.
          I think if someone believes that the complete human was created by a (much) Higher Intelligence (from dirt), the paleontological evidence would much rather attach itself with much more credibility to the creation account of the Bible than the evolusionists’ theory, especially considering the order of creation accounted in the Bible: first the creation of simple life and lastly the most intelligent, human life.
          Your faith, in contrast, admits that it has no idea or credible theory how life began, or how nature started. That sounds like a leap of faith of such magnitude that it spills over into the fantastic. It is also ignoring and rewriting the laws of nature.
          I would suggest that you lift up your expectations and realize you are making a leap of faith that is far more radical than what the Judeo-Christian doctrine requires, which at least offers an explanation of how it all began, how it all is faring, and how it all will end. All things with which nature agrees today.
          Nobody compels anyone to believe it, it’s out there for you to accept or reject; but you seem to compel others to believe your flight of fantasy and if they don’t they are the ones that are unscientific.
          That’s rather unscientific, don’t you think?

          • Axos says:

            …You really have no idea how evolution works, do you? Evolution – which means ‘changes over time’ – is a solidly proven scientific theory. “Why don’t you have transitive fossils, then, HUH!? HUH!?” you screech? Simple: fossilization is a fairly rare occurrence. Not every dead animal or plant is going to become fozzilized. Very few are. However, enough do that we can trace the development of physical traits across the long time spans during which they develop – from the early dinosaurs to feathered dinosaurs to proto-avians to today’s birds, for example. To start shrieking about how things appear ‘fully formed’ just shows your profound ignorance on the subject and a solid refusal to even try to understand the evidence.

            I’ve read your holy book, and found it illogical, contradictory, and some of the earliest parts of it seem to be describing a man who is clearly schizophrenic. It is full of rape, murder, brutality, admonitions to slaughter those who differ from you, and appeals to mysticism and infalliability despite proclaiming different things in different places. Nothing in it can be tested by the scientific method; it relies on blind faith and a willingness to accept that this book that has been translated, retranslated, edited, mistranslated, and vetted through the political agendas of generations uncounted is somehow capable of being pure, precise, and True, when none of the current editions can agree on anything, and there are entire sections from the original Torah (which is to say, the Old Testament’s origin) which have been wholesale removed. To make the claim that this book is somehow True when nothing in it can be tested or proven, and the core concept of it is unfalsifiable is absurd, obscenely insulting to human intelligence, and falls right in line with mystic astrology, Tarot card readings, and THE HEALING POWER OF CRYSTALS – except that /those/ can all be put to the test and proven to be bunk, where yours won’t even submit to that most basic of trials.

            I have read your book, and understand the value of it in fostering community when applied properly. You have clearly not read the materials of scientific study, and yet loudly proclaim yourself an expert on it being false. Please return to your dark corner of the mind, rather than letting your profound ignorance and fear hang out for everyone to see and mock.

          • James Von Borcke says:

            “How do you explain Bacterial Flagella…”
            See, here’s the problem right here. In 2005, during the Dover Trial, Michael Behe (who made the “irreducible” claim about flagella and a few other things) had ALL of his claims ripped apart while he was on the stand (or, subsequently, when Ken Miller, an honest Christian and a competent scientist, took the stand). In short, the mere fact that you brought up the flagella says that you are 8 years behind in this debate, or simply convinced yourself that this argument still has merit when, I’m not at all sorry to say, it’s pretty much worthless.
            Behe was so thrashed in court that his own university distanced itself from his claims. It was also shown in that trial that not only was “Irreducible Complexity” nothing more than a canard (it’s really just an Argument from Ignorance, “we don’t know so it must have been God”), but that the entire Intelligence Design Creationism argument was invented out of whole clothe specifically for the purpose of circumventing the Constitution in order to teach religious belief as scientific fact.
            In summary, the flagella has been explained for quite some time. You might want to Google before posting nonsense next time.

          • Rob says:

            The flagellum case is a fun case. Certainly if all such complex features need an intelligent designer then what about the viruses? Theyre designed to attach to our cells and via a syringe-like feature inject its RNA in order to take over control of the cell and multiply itself. And what about lions teeth, sharp claws and other effective tools of killing and eating? Are not these examples of mean and pain-causing designs? How can you believe a caring and wise God created these tools of destruction and torture?

          • willm says:

            Really?? No Transitional Fossils ever found?

            They have found the “missing link” between man and our ancestors dozens of times, and each time anti-evolution ‘theorists’ say “oh that’s not the missing link, just another animal” or some such… then a few years later another missing link connects those links!

          • Chrissy says:

            Well said.

          • Chrissy says:

            Let me clarify. Well said Mourningdemocracy. :)

          • Sondra says:

            You keep using that word “faith”. I do not think it means what you think it means.

          • God, but you are a moron!

          • KishinD says:

            Certainty without knowledge is far less credible that uncertainty without knowledge.

            A creationist’s perspective is “I don’t understand the alternative, so I am totally sure that this source I trust without any observable evidence behind it is correct. Stop persecuting me.”

            Not knowing, learning more, observing more, correcting ideas as new evidence appears… this is science: a constantly improving “best guess” about reality, based on what we can observe in reality. The only alternative is to ignore reality, which is what you’ve chosen.

            This article is more evidence that science is self-correcting based on new information. “We were mistaken” is a sign of its strength, and the unwillingness of religions to say the same is a sign of its weakness.

          • Phil says:

            I love it when the liberals and those ashamed of Scripture as mere stories to teach lessons, exempt parts of history that evidence how Creationists are in the dark and unscientific. For one, Christians created and developed a good portion of groundbreaking sciences (scientific method included) up to today, when they were found right about embryonic stem cell research being crap. Secondly, science is not only fallible, the scientists most definitely are–and are hardly objective. Might I remind you all of phlogiston, Piltdown Man, the lobotomy doctor, quack medical devices and procedures (no smarter than what people got when it was thought mental people were all possessed)Kinsey, dropping certain behavior from the DSM manuals to favor certain groups (even a hero of theirs, Freud, saw homosexuality as a disorder), support of transgenderism for kids who feel like the opposite sex, safe abortions, the poisons the FDA say are safe, etc. Can you now understand why, in addition to big holes in the evolution of one being to another, as well as other questionable industries like big pharm, have low credibility with those who know their history and critically think? Big Science is a Sanhedrin of Pharisees who have a political interest in keeping pseudo-sciences, most of which they invented to control the masses, around? It may be creationism isn’t literal, but it doesn’t have to be what kids are force fed and fear contradicting, should their future be burnt at the stake.

          • Tim says:

            Well if no one in the comments section of this article can answer you I guess evolution is once and for all defeated.

            Then again you could google it and find the answer to this widely debunked creationist argument.

          • Hydrostudent says:

            Who let the creationist in without checking to see if they’ve done their homework?

        • caroline says:

          Morning Democracy… HA HA, sure gave me a good laugh. You say that creationism is more sound because it has a beginning and an end? What if you took of your egocentric approach to life and said, hey maybe we just dont- and never will know everything about everything. Science doesn’t claim to know all, that’s why it takes so long to make something like proving what one of our own organs does a fact. I’d rather go by science and not know the beginning and the end 100% clearly than live by a book written by humans, to control humans.

          • alice says:

            AXOS- you say you have read the “holy Book’ well maybe you have read the wrong one, try reading the Koran as all the scientific explanations you are seeking are already explained in there right down to the big bag theory! DNA, Fingerprints, Chromosomes, Cells, Cell division…im no scientist and ive never been good at science or biology but i have read the Koran and it explains all that in there and the reasons and the HOW of everything. I state my case…there is one divine power and that is the creator of all we know and dont yet know…may that be GOD, YAHOVA,ALLAH i leave that to your own preference!!

        • Tim says:

          Haha. No, it is not sound.

        • CARL says:


        • dacar says:

          The fossil record supports creation… it proves constancy of species for as far back as records indicate which many scientists admit. Humans sustain life by eating nutrients that grow from the soil which our bodies are made up of. So when the bible says the first man was made from the dust of the earth… it makes perfect sense and is logical and fits the facts…. the theory of evolution fits no facts! Why scientists present it as fact boggles the mind. They’ve even stooped to fabricating the so called ‘missing link’ which is public knowledge. By their decree, the earth should be filled with links, intermediary species…. where are they? Not one exists!! Keep your mind open, don’t buy what some scientists say, many of them are proud and arrogant and subject to prejudice and preconceptions because they don’t want to be embarrassed by defeat!

          • KK says:

            This is why you will never understand science. I myself am studying to be a biologist, and in no way am I encouraged to blindly follow the opinions of my profs or colleagues. In fact, science encourages you to contradict it, because it is a self-correcting process.

            The truth is that scientific evidence by itself is the only source you can truly count on. People may bend the truth or outright lie (or just have a WRONG opinion) but numbers do NOT lie.

            Whoever thought it was a good idea to present the opinions of one or few scientists to the rest of the world via the media or WHAT HAVE YOU made a huge mistake.. scientific truth lies in the evidence and nothing else.

            So I encourage you to do some of your own research. Radiometric dating, seafloor spreading, natural and artificial selection, fucking relativity for fucks sake. Hopefully you can see that these are irrefutable phenomena that have lead us to understand so much about the universe, yet we are only scratching the surface.

        • Mary Smith says:

          Well, we sure didn’t evolve from apes. Plus, we have been on earth for many more thousands of years, 6,000 doesn’t make sense. My opinion.

      • Some One Else says:

        Actually it perfectly fits in the evolutionary story. Our omnivorous diet helps to explain why the appendix is so small on us and larger on other creatures.

        For example, Koala who eat only eucalyptus have very large appendixes. Imagine if the eucalyptus died out due to blight we might see the . . .

        • Some One Else says:

          In fact, if you bothered reading the article you would notice that Evolution is directly referenced as the chief theory which explains the dynamics of appendices across species:

          “The thing is that if we observe what’s been happening through evolution, the higher on the evolutionary scale we are and the more omnivorous animals become, then the smaller and less important the appendix becomes and humans are a good example of that.”

          But since you already doubt the overwhelming evidence that we already have for evolution, this little story probably won’t change your mind.

      • Robert says:

        You’re wrong, this is only explainable in light of evolution. You can see the appendix becoming gradually smaller the “higher up” you go on advanced lifeforms, and with us it’s probably not as active anymore, and therefore still considered vestigial.

        As the article points out, “the higher on the evolutionary scale we are and the more omnivorous animals become, then the smaller and less important the appendix becomes and humans are a good example of that.” And: “So it doesn’t have that safe house type of function anymore, I don’t think.”

        • allen says:

          evolution has still nothing to complete its lies. since time immemorial, appendix remains a part of a human being. not in any part of the future shall it become absent as it was in the beginning.

          • Reggie says:

            Isn’t it possible that both sides are right? What if evolution is all part of God’s Plan? Evolution is widely acknowledged as scientific fact. For those whom state creation theory as a irrefutable truth, you are committing a terrible sin. You are claiming that you know God’s plan. What if God created the universe and evolution is all part of his “divine plan”. so many speak like experts when none of us were there at the beginning and watched the whole time. Personally I believe in evolution, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in some higher intelligence. Maybe it’s not so black and white, yet a shade of gray. How can “God made it that way” be the answer to everything. It is ignorant to believe that a book written by men claiming to be interpreting the words of God, can explain the awesome complexity of this incredible world.

      • Collin says:

        The change of the appendix due to change in diet over many generations is a great nod to the theory of evolution.
        We’re still evolving.

      • James Von Borcke says:

        “Thats simple, it does not fit in with the Theory of evolution…”
        Spoken like a true Creationism (aka, idiot). It’s always fit Evolutionary Theory just fine, it’s just one of those things that Creationist Cultists, in their barbaric backwards-mentality goal to drag us back to 1000 BCE, have simply been told by their masters that it’s a problem for evolution and have repeated it constantly, just like every other moronic Creation Cultist claim.
        And besides, now that it IS known what the function is, you anti-science primitives can’t lie about it anymore. So don’t act so smug when science bitch-slaps your pathetic mythology; you lost this one. Again.

        • Jum says:

          Isn’t it great fun climb all over someone you feel superior to? All the name-calling won’t change their opinion one iota. Why not keep it civil?

        • Michy says:

          Just because I choose to believe I was created does not make me an idiot. Just like you believing in evolution does not make you an idiot. Its not nice to be so nasty

          • David says:

            Actually – it kind of does… The church in the middle ages believed and mandated that the earth was flat. Those blind sheep who dogmatically followed – and insisted that indeed the earth was flat were what I would call – idiots. I suppose if you think that word is too strong – maybe substitute the word “ignorant”. This at least alleviates you from “blame”. THINK FOR YOURSELF.

          • James Von Borcke says:

            “Its not nice to be so nasty”
            You’re right, I’m sorry. I can’t help myself. I just.. I just see someone post something utterly ignorant, and I’m like “How did this moron rise out of the same gene pool as me and the rest of the talking apes?” It just defies logic that people would reject knowledge in favor of fairy tales. I don’t mean any offense; It’s just that I find the choice to be ignorant in the face of available and undeniable facts to be an offense against the Human species.

          • James Von Borcke says:

            “Just because I choose to believe I was created does not make me an idiot.”
            Making wild claims about evolution being wrong does make you an idiot.
            Oh, but since the Political Right is so bent on applying Randian economic theory on us, I should thank you; I know my kids will have the intellectual edge when it comes to getting into colleges and building their careers. Thanks for crippling your own offspring (if and when you get some); I’ll be sure to tip them well when they serve me dinner.

          • Spencer Carriveau says:

            Yeah, your mother and father either had sex to create you or your mother was artificially inseminated.

        • d says:

          what a hateful reply…

          • Mary Smith says:

            Stop feeding this guy, James Van whatever. He is looking for an argument, and you guys are “throwing him bait”.

      • Dave says:

        Then why did scientists make the discovery and publish it?

        Wouldn’t they be exposing their own conspiracy?

        • AnointedSword says:

          You answered your own question. That is why it takes a long time for evolutionist to catch up. They do not want to shoot holes through their own theories. Some day you guys might find truth; however, you have to decide to base your theories on the evidence and ask yourselves, can the way of the Bible support some of these finds. You bet they can!

          • James Von Borcke says:

            “can the way of the Bible support some of these finds.”
            Actually, no, not at all. As a god-believing person, I’ve found that rejecting the Bible for what it is (Hebrew mythology) to be the best thing I’ve ever done. I can acknowledge the existence of a Creator, but that does not require me to assume he wishes to rule over us like an emperor as the OT describes, with all the Human weaknesses the writers projected into their written portrayal. Nor am I held to the Gospels, though I cherish them and those who do. Likewise, I am also free to reject Paul (con man, politician) and John (total psycho in desperate need of medication). As such, it’s not belief in a Creator that inhibits accepting the evidence for evolution; rather, it’s the insistence that a bunch of superstitious, sheep herding, woman selling, xenophobic, homophobic, racist desert nomads had all the answers, and that’s just a ridiculous position to take.

          • caroline says:

            James Von Borcke… I like you. You should blog, or write, or something.

      • AnointedSword says:

        Yup, many of us have known that it has a function for some time now. We just did not know what exactly it did.

        • mbl says:

          your right, or maybe god used evolution to create us, humans, we all so know that the bible is not complete.. what if that’s what happened. don’t you think sir??

      • bob dole says:

        Yeah, I don’t think you have a very good understanding of evolution.

      • CARL says:


    • Annie H says:

      Men’s nipples?

      • paul says:

        Mens nipples are evidence that the male body is a blueprint of the female body, again, its all in evolution if you read up on it….

        • sandy says:

          so it means male are evolved from female ? the who the hell had sex with primitive female?//

          • TommyLee Graves says:

            the nipple is actually there as kind of a fail safe anything with a nipple has a mammary gland and can be milked, infact there is a massage that stimulates male lactation, now about the “Evolving” from women we are all actually female in the whom up until a certain time at which point if our DNA hits all the right switches our ovaries fall out and become testicles how else would you explain hermaphrodites? (please note these are all proven facts)

        • CARL says:


    • Dave says:

      But humans do have other useless organs (known as vestigial).

      Coccyx, wisdom teeth, nomeronasal organ, Occipitalis Minor muscle, eveb goose bumps are vestigial. There are more examples.

    • Juxta says:

      Hi there! Good day to you. My opinion is that just because there is a blog like these, it already states truth. It should have been coming from the authorized representatives to announce such final discovery with at least a couple of proof. It was just like the theory behind the Spinal cord of a Human being that before the evolution, Humans have tails. Can you just imagine that? Humans possesses tails, and while we evolve, it is aid to be that tail shortens by itself thru time at that’s what we Call it in Human anatomy as “COCCYX”. Anyway it is just an opinion.

    • gvfghjc says:

      It takes so long because they know this stuff from way back but it is part of a controlled system and they don’t care about telling the public. The public can go to hell and die, they don’t care.

  2. GC says:

    they write the function then back track so people still visit their doctors and they keep the financials flowing…
    how typical.

    • Melissa says:

      Um. No. It’s a responsible statement.

      • haley says:

        Melissa, don’t worry about GC. He’ll select himself out of the gene pool when he gets appendicitis and doesn’t get it removed.

        • Robert Niehay says:

          Always look on the bright side! When his appendix explodes and spreads infected material all over his lower torso he’ll have loads of fun. BOOM

          • Nanci J says:

            …And the media or someone taught ya’ll to have to say something negative about a scientist who is attempting to learn more? Curious and sadly predictable… You could send him flowers and thank him… even it that is just in words… GEESH>

          • Juxta says:

            So when the good bacteria inside the appendix while intact is “GOOD” while the moment it explodes and spreads out of the Appendix, the GOOD bacteria even themselves evolve to BAD Bacteria. lol

        • Jon says:

          Haha! Well said Haley

          • Sondra says:

            The good bacteria do not become bad when the appendix explodes – they ARE bad when not in the intestine – when spread into surrounding tissue. Dear god, the stupid, it hurts.

    • Brandon says:

      People die of appendicitis, and from what Ive heard its a very painful death.

      • KelL says:

        Go ahead, and ignore the very painful symptoms of appendicitis. If my parents had done so, I’d be dead.

        • Seven says:

          It’s not about ignoring appendicitis. Why is everyone so left or right with everything. If you get appendicitis (i had it) they need to develop an effective emergency and non emergency treatment protocol that does not go directly to removing the part. While it may sometimes be necessary, I feel what folks are saying its too often the default. If there is a purpose why not use modern medicine to keep it as opposed to just hacking it off. Many years ago hacking off an arm or leg was a lot more common in many a medical situation. After all we do have two of each…. But we have developed processes, surgeries and protocols to limit the loss to keep the body and quality of life in tact. with all the advancements in medicine.. now that we know what it does….. Simply plan to keep it and figure out how…

          • Drake says:

            Cholera and Dysentry are the exception, not the norm. The reason removing the appendix is viable is because we simply don’t get Cholera or Dysentry enough to justify ‘keeping the organ in there’ even in light of this new evidence. As well, they do have treatments that can repopulate the intestines in the rare case you have a life with appendicitis AND cholera

    • Jack says:

      Hey did you know the lungs have a function? Are you going to punch your doctors lights out when he suggests they remove part of it that is damaged or cancerous and call him a hack who just wants the financials to keep flowing?

  3. jim says:

    aaaah..good…62 and still have mine…maybe it does what it is ment to be doing

  4. Patti says:

    They back track so morons don’t start dying because they think they need their appendix. Not to keep $$ flowing.

    • B says:

      perhaps some people might have created an ulcer, or something similar at the end of the small intestine, causing a tiny opening in the pouch, thus letting bad bacteria enter the appendix; causing the appendix to turn into a giant inflamed cist.

    • Tim Kelly says:

      If the best they can do is cut it out when infected, then they are not doctors, simply butchers with no idea of what they are doing in this example… We have modern medicines outside of the allopathic business that are quite capable of CURING the problem, yet the medical profession will not allow what are usually cheap and simple medications that beat any Pharma product, yet end up banned as they are too much like competition.

      • Anne says:

        Most appendicitis is caused by a fecal stone (shit rock) blocking the opening, resulting in inflammation and infection. You can’t cure that with medicine. If you don’t get it out of the gut and it bursts, you’re in big trouble.

      • Nurse says:

        I AGREE! Alternative medicine. The truth is, What we know as modern medicine is supposedly called the Alternative Medicine…. The real Mainstay is the natural medicine. Modern Medicine is the alternative way

        • Drake says:

          Modern medicine is tested rigorously. If it’s rigorously tested, it’s medicine. If it’s not, it’s quackery. There’s no distinction. Calling quackery ‘natural’ doesn’t make it not quackery.

      • geetee says:

        Good luck fixing your bad transmission with different gasoline, with that logic.

  5. anonomyssy says:

    This is not new, things scientists think things have no purpose, just because they don’t yet understand it, very small minded indeed…however, as for the money flowing, when your appendix is badly inflamed, seeing the doc, and getting rid of it, is the best relief!

  6. Rita says:

    I’ve been waiting for the news too! My mother had hers taken out while pregnant with me and now is going through major issues, thirty eight years later. I suggest leaving it in if possible. She is in and out of the hospital because her intestines get twisted?! Like a horse! It has been very scary at times. It’s the only reason any of of can think of.

    • Ben says:

      It says the appendix houses good bacteria. I’ve never heard of bacteria stopping your intestines from getting twisted up. I doubt the appendix is responsible for that issue. Sounds like a muscle problem to me. Maybe she’s having spasms.

      • Jenilee says:

        no but scar tissue can cause the bowels to twist

      • DrLisa says:

        Of course bacteria don’t prevent the intestines from twisting!! Good grief! But surgical scar tissue can and does.

        • leah says:

          She should take probiotics every day as well as digestive enzymes. She also may have sensitivity to dairy and/or gluten. She can do pill form or there is a drink called kombucha that is so good for this. I know people who have gotten intestinal infections due to these issues and this totally helped. She should also take natural supplements that help with inflammation like peppermint, turmeric, ginger, aloe vera juice, echinacea, etc. There are great sites online to check out. Natural is best. My mom’s been on a roller coaster of medications and it only covers up symptoms and causes other problems at the same time.

    • Anne says:

      That has nothing to do with her appendix, Rita.

    • May says:

      I had mine removed when I was 15 years old (16 years ago) and I have never ever had any problem whatsoever. Im not intolerant to any food either nor allergic.
      The researchers as well as doctors never said that the appendix is something that we need, its function is not primordial and doesnt really have any main function either considering that we have other places in our system that does the same job and fine.

  7. Sandi says:

    I almost died when mine burst! It took out almost everything on the right side of my abdomen.

  8. Peter McLernon says:

    Maybe this actually tells us that our diets are wrong? We were not designed to eat the type, quantity or combination of foods that we are now eating?

  9. KC says:

    So typical , what a bunch of loonies and quacks!!! Dr. Norman Walker in his books specifically talked about the importance of the appendix 30 years ago!!!!! I mean really, there just now realizing this? Read Dr. Norman Walker’s book “COLON HEALTH” copyright 1979!!!! page 84-87!!!! He dedicates 3 pages of info on the organ!.

    “Why do you suppose the Creator went to the trouble to place the appendix right in that particular spot? Let me tell you. The appendix generates and secretes a powerful germicidal fluid which is automatically injected into the cecum only when the waste matter coming from the small intestine through the ileo cecal valve is potentially harmful to the welfare of the individual. “

    • Tahnee says:

      ^ wow, thanks for the fact’s about the book.^ :)
      You truly don’t see much credit being given- to the proper individuals,(s)- from discovery ‘s and inventions. example: Thomas Edison took credit for the light buld, that Telsa invented, and 1. The Electric Bulb or Incandescent Lamp
      2. The Electric Chair
      3. The Movie Camera
      4. The Power Generator
      5. X-Ray Photographs (fluoroscope)
      6. The Storage Battery
      7. The Record Player
      8. Wax Paper
      9. The Telegraph

    • Ben says:

      First of all, no self-respecting doctor would say that we were intelligently designed. Secondly, what he says isn’t really what this is saying. Dr. Walker is saying that the appendix houses a kind of disinfectant. This article is saying that it houses bacteria that are used as a kind of spawning pool for more bacteria for when the ones already in your intestines die or are removed. Not quite the same thing.

      • karen says:

        actually many self respecting and highly intelligent doctors are fully convinced that we were designed. “Life is simply too complicated to have arisen by chance. For example, consider the vast amount of information contained in DNA. The mathematical probability of the random generation of a single chromosome is less than 1 in 9 trillion, an event so unlikely that it can be considered impossible. I think it is nonsense to believe that unintelligent forces could create not just a single chromosome but all the amazing complexity present in living beings.”
        direct quote from a physicist. i could quote from microbiologists, orthopedic surgeons and numerous other ‘self respecting doctors’. the deeper you examine the complexities of life and physics. the clearer it becomes that there had to have been an intelligent (more intelligent than we could ever hope to become) and powerful designer. if we had really evolved to this intelligent level (the only species on the planet that did?!) then surely we should still be evolving and improving. clearly somewhere along the line, someone has hit the reverse switch! lol of course if the theory of evolution could be proved then it would no longer be just a ‘theory’.

        • Robert says:

          You commit several obvious mistakes. (1) We were not the only species who evolved to become this smart. The Neanderthals also did, they were our “cousins” with similar brain sizes and probably just as smart as us, but with different skull and skeleton shap. They died out around 40K years ago. Does a literal interpretation of Genesis explain the existence of the Neanderthals? No. (2) Other species have also evolved to great levels of intelligence: all greater apes, dolphins, even birds. That we’re the only ones who’ve eveloped to the present-day level does not proove or disproove anything. (3) You need to remember that even the most renowned creationist of all, molecular biologist Michael Behe, does indeed admit that evolution is a fact, and that man has indeed evolved from ape-like ancestors. The evidence for this cannot be interpreted in any other way – we DO have the fossils to prove it AND the comparative DNA samples to prove it. (4) How life first came to be, is a philosophical problem and certainly you’re free to believe a God was behind it. Accepting evolution as a fact does not mean you need to stop believing in God.

          Best of wishes from a former Christian believer! :) Good luck with your further investigations, and please remember: It’s wise not to make up your mind entirely /”lock” your opinion before drawing your conclusions (esp. when you’ve misunderstood several of the issues & problems involved).

  10. Michael Adonis says:

    Proper diet will keep your appendix from bursting. Raw fruits and vegetables. It’s plain and simple folks.

    “So it’s sort of a fun thing that we’ve found, but we don’t want it to cause any harm, we don’t want people to say, “oh, my appendix has a function”, so I’m not going to go to the doctor, I’m going to try to hang onto it.”

    Of course, don’t want to miss that paycheck, and the prescription bill!

    • Ben says:

      To suggest that a surgeon would say that you need your appendix removed when you don’t is ludicrous. Surgeons are paid whether they operate or not, and they have plenty of work to keep them busy anyways. If anything, they’ll tell you to keep it as long as you can.

      • TS says:

        There have been numerous times when doctors have removed certain organs only to find out they were not the real cause of the disease.. They don’t always know and then start “fishing” for answers. Always get a second opinion.

        • Jess says:

          yeah, I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago because I was really sick and having chest pains and abdominal issues and they suggested it was gallstones or to much bile…only to still be sick for four more years before finding out what I actually had was celiac disease… now I have all kinds of issues because my gallbladder was removed for no reason and I’m missing out on the services it provides…

        • joy says:

          Even if it KILLS you!!

      • DrLisa says:

        I cannot tell you how many patients I have had who have gone into the hospital for what appeared to be appendicitis. Went into surgery to find the appendix was fine and NOT the cause of the symptom. But the surgeon removed it anyway for no reason other than s/he believed it to have no function.

        Now, if the appendix is seriously inflamed, it is life threatening should it burst. Then and only then should it come out.

      • steve H says:

        Wrong – what you say is ludicrous – because its based on NOTHING but your opinion of the matter…
        In my case the non surgeons were open to reason… The surgeons weren’t. I was diagnosed with “appendicitis” because of stomach pains… The surgeons in front of me chastised the doctors who wanted to give me a bowel cleanse (which they do to cure “appendicitis” type symptoms in russia commonly) or antibiotics.. even though i was feeling much better since the pains began which I had had on and off for years and STILL have, the surgeons insisted that it was an emergency and convinced me that I would die if it wasn’t removed and that it was a useless organ…I found out later the surgeons get paid for each SURGERY, so that is why they were so insistent on surgery – whereas the other doctors got paid regardless of whether I received surgery or not – not for just sitting around – so you are wrong in this case on all counts!

        • geetee says:

          Getting paid for professional advice after going to school for a decade is not a sign of being a crook.

          Russia does not lead the world in life expectancy. Nor the U.S. By far.

          If you were open-minded, your physician gave you enough information to learn about the topic yourself and understand why he made the diagnosis.

      • Ava says:

        Mine was taken at the same time I had a hysterectomy. No previous problems with it. I was told it was precautionary, to avoid any problems that might arise in the future. While we have you open and are right there, we might as well take it. I was young and not well informed and said yes. Don’t know if I avoided something in the future, but it certainly added pain to the recovery period.

    • Phillip Rogers says:

      Actually I wish what you said was the case but I have been a raw vegan for 9 years and I still had get my appendix removed when it became not only inflamed but soon after necrotic. I don’t wish that pain on anyone. Please don’t assume your diet/ lifestyle will keep you safe from this.

    • HoustonWade says:

      A proper diet will not keep your appendix from bursting. Raw fruits have nothing to do with appendix health. Matter of fact, our bodies respond better to cooked food as it breaks down proteins and enzymes allowing us to absorb more of the nutrients we eat. Why do you think we are the only animal that cooks it’s food and we eat far less of a percentage of our body weight than almost every other warm blooded animal?

      • Heather says:

        Agree. The reason I’m here is because someone I know just had her appendix removed and I’m curious about the appendix now. She is partially vegetarian. She eats some chicken, turkey and pork occasionally (no red meat). Some eggs. She eats lots and lots of raw fruits and veggies. Hellacious amounts of grains – most of them whole. Plenty of legumes. Has been almost vegetarian since she was a little girl and she is now going on 30. I blame the huge amounts of indigestible fiber we are trying to push through our large intestine. I have suffered digestive issues and IBS since my early 20s (I’m 43) and it took 20 years to figure out that the advice I was getting from the doctors was COMPLETELY OPPOSITE TO WHAT I HAD TO DO.( – There is a link in this article that will take you to a story of a man who had an intestinal transplant – He’ll tell you what makes it to your colon. He watched the contents of his stomach empty into a bag for several months while waiting for the transplant. Eat meat, fish, seafood, greens and fibrous veggies; throw in the occasional tuber if you have the ability to tolerate the carbs. It’s good to cook your veggies some. Cooking breaks down the cellulose helping give up better access to the nutrition in green/veggies – look up cellulose – the human body cannot digest it). And vitamins A, E, D, and K2 are all fat-soluble vitamins. So cook the veggies in REAL butter so the body can absorb and utilize those nutrients. Cooking food is a form of “pre-digestion”. There is nothing unhealthy about it.

  11. Shadow says:

    No they backtrack to make people so dependent on the medical establishment that they’ll make basic liivng chemically dependent on the state. Profits are only part of it. Complete dominion over humanity is another.

  12. Spiff says:

    I agree with GC. What’s with the back peddling? You greedy crooks.. Just because it becomes ” inflamed doesn’t mean it should be removed.. Hey I have arthritis in my fingers.. Quick fix just chop them off :: rolls eyes:: Cmon really? LOL.. nice try “doc”.

    • Ben says:

      I suppose you know more about medicine than a guy who went to school for 10-12 years for it. Also, I’m sure you’re willing to die just to save some money. That make sense. By the way, if your appendix becomes inflamed, you should probably have it removed. If this article had never come out, what would you do? That’s right, you’d get that shit removed. Nothing’s changed, we just no more. If you have a problem with your appendix, it’s still a problem.

    • Jorn says:

      If you knew that arthritis in your fingers would/could eventually kill you, you would let them chop them off (if you have some will to live, that is). Same goes for the appendix. Also, you wouldn’t even miss your appendix as much as you would miss your fingers. so yeah.

  13. Amandha Dawn Vollmer says:

    As if that is the only function of that organ, what ignorance! Study Traditional Chinese Medicine and you will learn about the meridians of the body and how everything is interconnected and play multiple roles. Study homeopathy and you will learn how to settle an inflamed organ without tearing it out like a moronic barbarian. Please world, catch up to this holistic knowledge that has been with us a long time already.

    • MBD says:

      Agreed. It is good to see Western science STARTING to catch up to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The West still has a LONG way to go though.

    • Sheldon says:

      Your argument started out strong… Then you gave credit to homeopathy. REALLY homeopathy is just drinking water, so call it what it is. A homeopathic cup of coffee is NOT going to be as effective as a fresh pot. Dayum.

      • Donna says:

        Sorry but homeopathy works. I had a bad case of excema, got a homeopathic remedy from an M.D. who also knew naturopathy from his dad. I do not suffer from excema to this day.

        • Larry says:

          I’m sorry, but Homepathy does not work, regardless of your anecdotal “evidence.” Homepathy states that like cures like and that water has memory. By adding a bit of what makes you sick to the water and then diluting it, you remove the bad stuff while retaining the memory.

          That is complete and total BS! Water does not have memory. The amount they dilute the “medicine” to, it is chemically the same as just drinking water. The MD that sold it to you should have his license revoked.

          I’m glad you were cured by drinking just water. However, if Homepathy had anything to do with it, it was the power of suggestion more than the water.

          • sheldon says:

            Actually water does have memory, however you’re better off to have it remember something nice than something not-so nice. Like does not cure like… if I’m a diabetic and I OD on sugar the answer isn’t more sugar, it’s insulin.

            However, water does have memory. I agree that it was a placebo effect though.

        • Tim says:

          The word we are looking for here is placebo, the placebo effect is an interesting psychological process whereby the patient’s expectation creates the outcome, for example an injection of saline solution (basically salt water) had a analgesic effect comparable to something slightly less effective than morphine. A meta-analysis (performed by the Cochrane collaboration) of numerous published studies on homoeopathy has shown that when that study was performed to the rigorous standards expected of a scientific study i.e. double-blinding (where neither the participant or experimenter knows which treatment the participant receives, this knowledge being held by a third party), randomised, extraneous and confounding variables controlled as much as possible etc. it was found that homoeopathy performed no better than a placebo. In fact there was a rather distinct trend that the better the quality of the study the less it favoured homoeopathy.

          Indeed the physics behind the idea of homoeopathy is laughable, that an active compound could leave some kind of suggestive dent on a water molecule is pure fiction. To say water has a memory is likewise nonsense, water molecules might form a structure around a dissolved molecule but their half-life is measured in nanoseconds if that, and afterwards its back to normal random motion. Now even if we were to grant water a memory what’s to stop it memorising that urine it was part of a few months or years back?, or if it’s in pill form how that memory got passed onto the sugar that it got mixed with before evaporating.

          In short there is nothing in pharmacology or physics which supports the claims of homoeopathy. That’s not even starting on the subject of regression to mean (when things are at their worse they tend to then get better) and that at least 65% of cases of atopic eczema go away and don’t come back.

    • Ben says:

      Traditional medicine has its good points and its bad points. It really more of the “we’re not really sure what this does, so we’re going to make some shit up” stuff. However, modern (non-“traditional”) medicine has cured things like Polio, many STIs, and has figured out how to at least treat cancer, and even found a way to eliminate leukemia (with a modified HIV virus). Tell me the milestones of traditional medicine.

    • Rob says:

      The idea with the “meridians” of the body is copied from the largest Chinese rivers, so the number of the “meridians” are the same as the numbers of these rivers. Believing this has medical or biological value, as in acupuncture, is like copying the pattern of all the rivers in any given US state, apply it to the brain, and say you’ve made a remarkable dicovery, on which you can base neuro medicine and treatment.

    • geetee says:

      Are you saying that in China people don’t get their appendices removed for appendicitis? No offense, but that’s a crock.

  14. Marjorie says:

    You want to keep your appendix because it is a warning sign that there is a problemo in the gut. The nerves in it cause pain when you’re backed up! When you feel a pain there it simply means to STOP EATING!!! Otherwise known as fasting! Animals do it when they’re sick. But human’s have been fed a load of “poop” in thinking it had no function. But man, don’t they make a lot of money cutting one out of you and big pharma too? When I had pain there, I stopped eating the crap they call “food” and went on an organic liquid juice fast for two months to detox the whole body. Try fasting and hydrating more and see what happens. You don’t need 3 meals a day. Says who? Doctors? FDA? They’re all in cahoots. If you healed your self they’d be out of a job. Quit stuffing your gut with nutritionless crap. Eat living raw fruits, berries and melons and raw greens for building bones. Every cell in your body runs on simple sugars. Not processed complex carbs. As far as protein, leave the meat be. Raw food still has the living Light. When you cook the Life out of something you got squat to work with. You kill the digestive enzymes, you get “interstitial lymphatic constipation” (Dr. Robert Morse ND) from head to toe. The whole system backs up. Your pipes need to flow just like your sewage system in your house. The strongest mammals on the planet eat raw food still bursting with the Sun’s Life Force energy. Why try and get it from their dead rotting corpse 2nd or 3rd hand? plenty of protein in spinach and other veg/fruit.‎ for more.

    • Jon says:

      “Raw food still has the living Light.”
      Oh jeez. Cue the sitar music and the bean farts. SMH.

    • Rachel says:

      My partner is a doctor. I work with overweight people. Between us we know a bit about food and nutrition. You don’t need 3 big meals a day, more like 6 or 7 very small ones. Raw fruit and veg (except broccoli and tomatoes which are better for you cooked) along with nuts and grains are the best foods and what we were designed to eat. A small amount of meat or fish (preferably oily fish) is the most flesh we need to consume and not more than a few times a week. We don’t need meat for iron or protein. Originally we would probably have eaten insects rather than large mammals for extra protein anyway.

      • Raquel Green says:

        If any of you were Christians and read the Truth from the Word/Book of Life provided by the Father of creation. There are foods, liquids, and spices, and herbs clearly indicated as essentials for life. Also He provides facts as to the necessity of fasts, the harm of over indulgence and consequences of greed and excess. It is available in any language as well as, yes(idiots and fools will always be among us to debate their knowledge and limited understanding, for which i lean not to my own to be more wise) multiple translati

        Yes, I am fully aware that being a Christian does not define; one living in absolute compliance to this established Word. However, without true commitment comes Truth Life, and Life more abundantly. God bless His children.

    • Ben says:

      First of all, I’ve never met a doctor who didn’t say to eat a balanced diet free of junk food. Secondly, you obviously don’t know what a simple sugar OR a complex carb is. Simple sugars are the kind of sugars in candy and fast food. Complex carbs (complex sugars) are the kind of sugars that take a while to break down. They give you energy in the long run, and are in fact good for you, as opposed to simple (refined) sugars. Next, the fasting. Bad idea. Period. Not eating at least 1300 calories per day is unhealthy and unsafe, regardless of who you are or how much you weigh. If you want to just drink juices, that’s fine, as long as your getting your calories. If you don’t eat at least 1300, you’ll find that you tire easily, and you start losing weight rapidly, and not just fat; you lose muscle too. Not only that, but when you do eat again, your body thinks you’re going to fast again, and stores the fat for later, causing weight fluctuations. Now, the bit about the living light. You’re partially correct. Yes, there are good enzymes (called raw enzymes), but that bullshit about the sun’s light and such is just that: bullshit. By the way, doctors in general despise the FDA. Most of them believe that the requirements for something to be considered food are too lax, and should be severely tightened. It’s actually the large fast food corporations who are working with the FDA and such to change things to their advantage. So yes, fresh is better than not so fresh. Meat is fine in the right amounts. Juice diets are fine as long as you’re getting your required carbs. Simple sugars don’t provide long term energy, complex sugars do (and are actually found in the form of starch. Potatoes). And lastly, doctors are not trying to trick you. That’s not why they’re doctors. If they wanted to trick you, they would have become politicians. If you got this far, congratulations. If you still believe the original post above this one, they you’re beyond helping, and I hope someone convinces you. Probably not, though. Generally it’s hard for people to change their minds, especially when they’re told something they don’t want to hear.

    • Heather says:

      Not true. The only thing in the body that ABSOLUTELY NEEDS GLUCOSE is red blood cells. The brain needs some but not 130g of day. The body runs on FAT. FAT. FAT. At rest the body is using fat. Just because the body HAS to process all the sugar (i.e. all carbs excluding fiber – soluble fiber is digested into SCFAs – are broken down into simple sugars regardless of how complex they are) we are told to shove down our throats doesn’t make it the primary source. We might as well say the ethanol is the primary fuel source since the body will process that before sugar and fat. My body thrives on FAT! Lots of saturated fat, cholesterol (20% of the weight of the brain comes from the cholesterol OUR BODIES MAKE – up to 2,000,000mg a day!!). saturated fat and cholesterol are in every cellular membrane and used for repair and maintenance. “Cook the life out of it”!!?? And guess what? Unless your eating that “raw” food while it’s still attached to the ground you are eating a dead, rotting corpse. Ripening is “decaying, rotting” whether on the plant or in your fridge. So make sure your food rots and decays just the right amount so it tastes good and doesn’t poison you.

      • Heather says:

        The heart runs best on ketones and the brain will run better on a combination of glucose and ketones. The body will provide glucose when needed (since it can make it’s own there is no such thing as an essential dietary carbohydrate).

  15. Mario Hernando says:

    So why do men have nipples?

    • MBD says:

      Because all males anatomy grows from female anatomy during fetal development. The clitoris grows into the penis, the ovaries descend into the labias and become testes, etc. The nipples are artifacts from men having originally been undistinguished from females, at least fetal proto-females, with not fully expressed female sex organs yet either.

    • geetee says:

      Because the entire male anatomy does not fit on a single ‘y’ chromosome, and male nipples do not cause health problems.

      Evolution says we’ll have unplanned accidents and useless parts like male nipples. It’s creationism that says everything is perfectly planned.

      Always amazes me how people twist proof of evolution and pretend it’s proof of Intelligent Design. Male nipples were not an intelligent decision.

  16. Dr.C. Lyden says:

    Of course it isn’t “useless.” Every part of the body serves a purpose. Just because scientists hadn’t figured it out doesn’t mean it had no value. I’m a retired doctor, who was taught this very principle thirty years ago – “the appendix is a valuable repository of normal gut flora.” You can survive without it, but those people then have a tendency for additional health problems.

    • Lucifer says:

      I didn’t know doctors knew it had a function. That’s a surprise. Doctors know more than we laymen are led to believe by mainstream thought.

      • A PA says:

        THANK YOU. Health care providers study evidence based medicine for years and years because we want what’s best for our patients. The paranoia and conspiracy theories regarding modern medicine is ridiculous. I’m an educated and caring person, not some manipulative robot produced by Pfizer.

    • MBD says:

      Yeah, i’m wondering what doctors those are, because they aren’t any of those who i know (and i know more than my fair share of doctors). This is new information to the mainstream Western medical establishment.

  17. Lucifer says:

    I’m sure there’s a natural non-invasive remedy to an inflamed appendix the doctors don’t know about, just like they didn’t know it had a function. What doctors don’t know could fill vast libraries.

    • steve H says:

      Yes there is… in russia it is common to do a bowel cleanse – either with herbs from the normal route or just a simple enema – if the appendix is clogged then this can dislodge the blockage.. a russian friend of mine had this done and it cured her… i actually suggested this to the doctors just from reasoning (I only found out about my russian friend years later) and the normal doctors thought it might be ok, but the surgeons insisted I needed mine removed and chastised the normal doctors for even suggesting that route… and fear of death they induced made me submit to surgery.

  18. kenne says:

    Have you ever had appendicitis? Worse pain in my gut I ever remember having. I couldn’t sit up in a chair. I couldn’t lay down. I needed help walking. Pain was so intense I thought I was going to die. Had mine removed 50 years ago and I’m still here.

  19. jesse k says:

    Yes it has a function, every one of you here will still opt to have it removed when faced with death from its rupture. Raw foodies and juice detoxification proponents, your life style is healthy but no it is not going to “cure” a ruptured appendix or the sepsis that it causes.

    • spam 90210 says:

      Agreed. Yet a poor overly acidic diet is the reason why it goes bad, and if you reverse that before it bursts, then you can heal it. Acidic medicines for pain and then going back to the same diet doesn’t cure anything. The key is not to wait until it is beyond repair and to switch you diet at the first sign of inflammation or pain. And doctors have been known to scare people before organs need to be removed. They told me my gall bladder was going to burst and it would be a much more complicated surgery if I didn’t have it removed immediately. They said it would never heal by itself. I canceled the day before surgery and changed by diet away from sugar and towards organic fruits and vegetables, juicing, etc. That was 7 years ago and I haven’t had a single problem since then.

  20. Mon I. says:

    I’ve always thought that the appendix used to be an organ (or part of an organ) that we no longer use, and shrunk to obscurity.

  21. StoneAge says:

    Yes, that is another use for this wonderful organ. it also releases a toxin that is lethal to some parasites. And we get appendicitis becuase the little hole that releases the toxins and bacteria get plugged by fecal matter. No where for the goodies to go and boom.. Peritonitis. (super bad leaky gut). and you die. In about 20 minutes. If you feel your appendix even jsut the slightexst amount – you need to go on an apple juice fast. Clean out your colon. It’s that simple.

    • neutral says:

      20 minutes is a bit extreme. I had peritonitis… We don’t know exactly when it turned from appendicitis to peritonitis; I am sure it was more than 20 minutes before I went into surgery though.

    • Heather says:

      Yes this is what that wonderful “high-fiber” diet will do the digestive system. I removed grains, beans and vegetables and my digestive system “opened up” (bread was the first thing to go and the reason I took it further). All that fiber does is bulk up our stool, scrape against the intestinal lining destroying villi as it moves, and stretches the walls of the intestines. No wonder we get “backed up”. Our digestives systems can’t handle today’s modern “diet”.

  22. Holly says:

    Can the appendix help reboot good bacteria after a long bout of c-diff?

  23. mary reardon says:

    great article…mine ruptured at age 6, and at age 27 I began having NUMBEROUS pelvic problems requiring MANY surgeries…any link to endometriosis or poly cystic ovarian problems?? I have always posited there MUST be a link??

    • A PA says:

      There is no link that has yet been proven. Endometriosis is the presence of uterine wall outside of your uterus, and it’s more likely if you have frequent/heavy periods. PCOS is more likely if you’re overweight and have family history of it. The intestines are a completely separate organ system from your uterus and ovaries, and the bacteria that your appendix stores should never have come close to them anyway. The surgery itself could leave scar tissue, but there’s no way that scar tissue would cause your conditions.

  24. Is it seen that after appendicectomy, a bout of dysentery or diarrhoea is followed by a delayed restoration of normal gut flora?

  25. Karl says:

    They needed this sack of ours for their good $$ to emerge anyway…

    “It’s very important for people to understand that if their appendix gets inflamed, just because it has a function it does not mean they should try to keep it in”

    that means make sure we don’t change our minds LOL

  26. Teri Treece says:

    I am glad they kept plugging away and finally figured out what an appendix was good for. Seems a little like the gall bladder storing the extra bile for use when needed.

  27. Jill says:

    well that is interesting.. but I had my removed over 40 years make you wonder how can the system

  28. Techrony says:

    I heard long ago that this is necessary if you want to go to space (silly hah!). But I love this theory more- about the bacteria’s. So, it can be assumed that with the evolution human body has omitted the unnecessary parts and only important parts accumulated our body now.

    Why do people thought it had no function?

    • James Von Borcke says:

      It had to do with the appendix function in lower primates and related mammals; we see a function occurring there, but when you get closer to Humanity on the Tree of Life, that function drops off.

    • Heather says:

      A comment I read on Mark’s Daily Apple (Primal Blueprint): “My 6-year old son came out of autism 3 weeks into a grain-free diet). They’ve been doing research on ketogenic diets for autism (and cancer and Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders – funny how a high-fat diet is bad for you unless you have some kind of serious disease then they can treat you with it). There has been success. We were not meant to eat grains in the amounts that we eat them. I don’t condemn all carbs. I enjoy starchy veggies and tubers and the occasional berry. But I don’t touch grains anymore. I rarely touch fruit. It took me 40 years to get my flat stomach and size 2/4 but I got there. I just had to stop listening to the conventional wisdom.

  29. jason says:

    After puking up bile and stomach acid and then dry heaving for over 24 hours my mother finally took me to the ER. I am lucky to be alive. Not a pleasant experience, thought now i have all kinds of other gut issues. I had my appendix out at 17, i am almost 35…gave me a few years.

  30. Nick says:

    This has been known for some years, but the academic mind cannot face a new idea until a lot of scientists agree upon it & it is then considered safe to publish! Until then, anyone putting it in an exam paper may fail & applications for funding may fail, as they are not accepted as following the mainstream belief. A lot of science taught 50 years ago is no longer included in university teaching and a modern student including it in a treatise would fail to pass – so anything too old or new results in NO DEGREE – which results in the academic status quo being maintained (until the current hidebound professors die of old age).

  31. RonaldP says:

    Finally they know what I known for years!! I once had a swelling into my appendix and then it bursted. I got real sick for a minute. But then they took out my appendix. A few years later I still have lots of gas, forceful gas, smelly gas. I never had that before. Around that time I got pregnant again and then my son was born. He was diagnosed with autism years later. If only those devil doctors left my appendix in I would not have smelly gas and my son would not have autism. I’m sure of it. My mom and grandpop thinks so too. I wish I could have my appendix back.

    • A PA says:

      No. Not at all. There is absolutely no link between your appendectomy and your son’s autism. In fact, had it not been taken out, it’s likely that you would not have lived to have a son at all. Those “devil doctors” did what was best to save your life.

    • May says:

      What has one thing got to do with the other!. I think you are just trying to put the blame somewhere because you got a child with autism.
      NOBODY yet knows its cause, there are lots of hypothesis and some theories.
      If you suffer from gases since the day of the operation it is probably that it has to do with the way they closed the stitch inside you. Not really to do with your appendix removed per-se.
      You are lucky to be alive at all. Give thanks to whoever took you to the hospital and the doctors instead of lamenting some gases and a dear son.

    • CommanderKruge says:

      Right – I know a similar story! An aunt of mine had her appendix taken out at age 15 and twenty years later – BANG – hit by a bus!

    • Heather says:

      A comment I read on Mark’s Daily Apple (Primal Blueprint): “My 6-year old son came out of autism 3 weeks into a grain-free diet). They’ve been doing research on ketogenic diets for autism (and cancer and Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders – funny how a high-fat diet is bad for you unless you have some kind of serious disease then they can treat you with it). There has been success. We were not meant to eat grains in the amounts that we eat them. I don’t condemn all carbs. I enjoy starchy veggies and tubers and the occasional berry. But I don’t touch grains anymore. I rarely touch fruit. It took me 40 years to get my flat stomach and size 2/4 but I got there. I just had to stop listening to the conventional wisdom.

  32. Cousin Ricky says:

    What does Professor Vardaxis mean by “higher on the evolutionary scale”? These sound like the words of someone who doesn’t understand how evolution works, but I wouldn’t expect a professor at a medical school to be in that category.

  33. 2ne1doll says:

    It definitely makes sense. This info definitely raised my regard of the appendix merely a very minor organ that’s part of the lymphatic system. No wonder my gut recovered well from that awful gastroenteritis without any help of meds :)))

  34. bakurai says:

    well from what i hear the appendix has another role, it is required to digest raw proteins. eg in most Asian countries people eat raw fish with out that body part your body cannot digest the raw fish and hence you get problems . the appendix should not be removed it should be cleaned. it can be done

    • May says:

      I eats lots of raw fish. I just love fish too much and its part of my diet quite often. I eat all kinds of fish (tho I try to avoid completely the ‘smoked’ versions of it).
      I dont have an appendix and as just anecdotal …. obviously, tho going against your argument that “wouldnt be able to digest raw fish” well, I got to say you are wrong. I digest it very fine. I also digest pretty fine any meat. I just have a harder time (and makes feel heavier and sluggish) is the red meat. Its not something I ever liked much so its never been much on my plate but I can eat a small fair amount. Its not something I would eat everyday.
      I eat lots of porks and chicken and all is fine.

    • Heather says:

      Then it would make sense as a store for good bacteria (for cleansing the colon). Raw fish most likely contain parasites and the appendix would help with flushing the parasites out of the colon. The human body CAN digest raw fish. The human digestive system can digest all forms of animal protein – raw or cooked (if you can’t then the problem lies with something else in the diet – not the animal food). You can test the limits of human digestion easily: eat a steak with some corn and see what comes out the other end…it ain’t the steak. I found out that is wasn’t the red meat making me feel heavy and sluggish – it was all the bread and grains that surrounded the meat. I guess that’s my N=1

  35. Rav says:

    Many people who have an inflamed Appendix may be gluten intolerant. Besides the stomach gluten can inflame your Appendix. Remove GMO wheat from you diet and save your Appendix.

  36. Goku says:

    i love to know if the “old diet” needed more bactéria coz of the unsanitary conditions we use to live,black plague,the constant gonorreia,the taking baths only on christmas and all the disgusting things humans use to do,no more food infections like “back in the old days” no need for special bacteria

  37. May says:

    What some people are not taking into consideration here when they throw lines such as “alternative medicine”, “ayurvedic teas”, “etc. of anything but remove it” is that theres two types of appendicitis. One that is called “perforated” and “non perforated”. If the appendicitis is acute it might be possible to retrieve it to its original healthy state with antibiotics. The only problem is that a person might suffer recurrent acute appendicitis. Its not like you cure it once and you are done, it might come back.
    The other is when its already inflamated, infected and it either bursted or ‘pinched’ (moving to peritonitis). Then theres no choice but being removed.
    The problem is this one. Appendicitis can be confused with a list of other common issues such as gallblader, ovaries pain, etc. Then the appendix in just a day or two might have a very high risk of bursting. So the thing should be like “oh, I feel an annoying pain” and instead thinking in taking a pill for the pain you should just rush to the hospital to get it checked.

    My case of appendicitis was when I was 15 years old. After I had lunch and feeling fine suddenly in the late afternoon I started to feel a pain. My parents thought it was just some ovary pain and Ias I felt it exactly as that, a tilting annoying pain.
    Not feeling well I went to bed to sleep. The next day, I felt worser and my stomach hurt, I started to have some diahrrea so my parents then thought it wasnt the ovary it was a stomachache, so they gave me a tea and rest in bed but then I just got worst and in the next morning I was throwing up in a way as if someone was holding my guts and pressing them really hard. I couldnt stop, it was a strong force pushing me to vomit, it was horrible!. So my dad FINALLY decided to take me to the hospital cause I couldnt even stand straight, I was bent all the time and like that, I went to the hospital.
    Like four different doctors pressed me really hard in my abdomen they concluded that was appendicitis. (I dont remember if they did a blood test).
    Let me tell ya…
    An operation that lasts 30 minutes took 2 hours because, my appendix came out of its place and was behind my kidneys!, so the doctor had a hard time looking for it. It was necrotic, they showed it to me in a jar (lol they asked me if I wanted to keep it) and it was like an over toasted piece of shrimp.
    In just less than three days, of thinking that I might had a belly ache I went through all that ordeal.
    Unless you are a paranoid person, how many do rush to the hospital when their bellies hurt for two days?. : / Anyway, it was incredibly awful, I dont wish it to anyone.
    If they tell you to remove it, really, its NOT a big deal.

  38. Brian Utterback says:

    To all of those that keep saying “there are plenty of vestigial organs” you should be aware that finding this function does not in fact change the appendix’s classification as a vestigial organ. A vestigial organ is not required to have no function, just a reduced function from the one it originally performed.

    • MB says:

      If future studies found that people who have had their appendix removed, took a lot longer to fully recover from dysentery, cholera etc (as per article), surely the Appendix will deserve to have an upgrade in its classification?

  39. George says:

    My cholesterol has been elevated ever since my appendix was removed. Its been that way for over 25 yrs now… blood pressure is normal too believe it or not…

  40. tao says:

    i like the segue into the koala part & the koala part

  41. ajc200 says:

    for some of you who don’t believe in God’s creation, remember this, that when you are in your death bed or about to die, you will believe that God exists.

    • Rob says:

      So youre a prophet now? Lots of people have rejected God right up until and including the moment they died, I believe I will too. I used to be a zealous believer but stopped worshipping him when I realized He cannot be truly good if you take the Bible seriously. Take for instanse 1Sam 3:15, its dreadful.

    • Heather says:

      No, actually I will understand that once my eyes close for good I will cease to exist – like every other creature, living and non-living, born/grown. Yes, I know, depressing, isn’t it – I think that is why our human brains created God and the heavens – to help us deal with death – our own and those of our loved ones. But it makes me appreciate my life and everything that surrounds me on this amazing planet. I see this world in such a different way, now. Things make so much sense in the light of evolution.

  42. Carlos says:

    Great now the anti-vaccine, bs eastern medicine set will never shut up. Damn hippie scum. Yeah pharma is out for profits but I don’t want your kids walking around with treatable diseases you filthy loonies. This, I am sure is just one more arrow in your quiver.

  43. warisha naseeb says:

    ALLAH has not created anything useless in this world and this research proves it, with furhter advancements in the technology you all will see the functions ov other so called vestigial organs. ALLAH-O-AKBAR, PRAISE TO HIM WHO created this world and gave man knowledge

  44. thedr9wningman says:

    In traditional Indian and Chinese medicine, the appendix is known to play a vitally important role. It breeds large quantities of friendly, probiotic bacteria and supplies them to the colon and other parts of the gut in order to neutralize any harmful substances.

    Congrats, western Science, you just discovered an 8000-year-old fact!!! I’m not one to generally bag on Western medicine so harshly, but this is about as silly as saying Columbus “discovered” America, although there were thousands of people already living there.

  45. geetee says:

    Good article. But there’s no such thing as “higher” on the evolutionary scale. There are no “lower” organisms. Plenty of very advanced and complex organisms eat less advanced organisms and vice versa. Some of the most complex are ancient. Some organisms that we say “dominate” an environment basically have no impact on most of the other organisms. Organisms with more complicated brain structures are frequently not carnivores. Carnivores that eat everything smaller and have no natural carnivorous enemies are often short-lived and serve mainly as a safety valve in the local ecology, or exist as a temporary fluke. They often survive just fine after they are no longer the heaviest, largest carnivore in their range.

  46. Bronwyn says:

    You could argue about this all day. I have always thought that science is the means at which we see the way god works. Obviously it had to start somewhere. Something had to start the big bang right? But we do have proof we obviously evolved so you can’t discredit that either. There are just so many things that are unexplained and those things are explained by religion. Where are the proven facts can be explained and are known fact.

  47. Every organ in humans do have function!. Now just because scientists and doctors do not see the function of the appendix, they assume that the appendix do not have any function. Science requires sacrifice, so just be patient and wait for me to be a professor then I will reveal the function of the appendix!

  48. Clarke O'R says:

    I did not read through every comment. “Evolution and Creationism” are simple. Evolution has nothing to say about whether or not God exists. That is not a function of Science. Science is the observation and investigation of the observable creation (world, universe) around us and using models to describe and understand it. Since we will always be able to ask “What came before that?, From where did energy or matter originate?”, Science can never answer the most fundamental questions of religion and that is not its function. By definition “Creationism” is not science. Therefore it falls outside of scientific study, so Science (should have) has nothing to say about it, or any other religious understanding or belief about Creation.

    • spam 90210 says:

      Everything you said it true. But many people worship science these days.

    • David Robbins says:

      I would say Evolution and Creation are both of a religious nature.

      • DesertSun59 says:

        Evolution is not of a religious nature at all. It has never been. The only time it is of a religious nature is when Creationists insist it is false.

        • David Robbins says:

          Evolution is a false science. Science is stuff we can observe, demonstrate and repeat. You can’t observe evolution(not talking about micro evolution. That isn’t what scientists mean they they say evolution, they mean macro evolution, origin of life), you can demonstrate evolution(no example of one kind of animal producing a different kind of animal) and you can’t repeat it.

          And that is why it is a belief, a religion.

  49. Just looking says:

    Ahh here we go.. An informative post passing on information about the Human body and it quickly turns to Religion…. beliefs and story telling…

    Grow up!!!!??

  50. Thomas says:

    Geez. I was excited to learn about something, and everyone goes into religion. Can we just accept that “if you like science, go you!”, and “If you’re down with Jesus, then Yay that’s awesome too”

    In my mind, science and religion agree somewhere; the mind either refuses or is unable to see the connection.
    Until one completely and utterly disproves God, then at least, science MUST accept religion as a scientific theory.
    That’s how science works, right?

    • Cousin Ricky says:

      No, that’s not how science works. Science accepts testable hypotheses that have been tested and found to explain the facts. The key is “testable.” (In order to be scientific, any god hypothesis must be framed in a falsifiable manner.) God may be a theory by the vernacular definition of “theory,” but not by scientific standards.

  51. It never makes sense at all that science or medicine would assume that any part of the human body has no function or use. They just do not know them selves or have the answer and millions of years nature has been around would know not us. How arrogant we are to make guesses and assumptions as intricate as our body. For years doctors have been removing tonsils including my own thinking that it is just another infected body part the just in the way. We know now that our tonsil is our first line of immune defense. We also know that mothers first milk to her baby is the fluid to build immunity in the first few hours of breast feeding. I was never breast feed I was denied my rightful place in my life to be breast fed naturally from my mother but my mother listened instead to my nutritionally illiterate MD at the time. But some quack allopathic doctor with support of the AMA and the conventional dairy industry thought otherwise and decided to run a campaign to teach mothers to give up thousands of years of natural breast feeding to replace this with infant formula milk coming out of plastic bottles that have their own health issues today. It just goes to show that we do not have all the answers but Nature has. Holistic Chef Barry

    • spam 90210 says:

      Great points! As someone who almost had his gall bladder removed…….don’t ever let a doctor tell you that the gall bladder isn’t needed. It is. Change your diet away from fried foods and sugar and it can be saved. The doctor told me that it would never function correctly and was only working at 35% or so. I asked him, “If you remove it, there is 0% chance of it getting back to 100% and will function at 0% forever, right?”

  52. Jman says:

    How did this scientific discovery turn into a debate about creationism vs. evolution? I think both sides with arguments are null and void, we’ll leave the religious to the religious and the science to the actual certified scientists thank you very much.

    • cgoehling says:

      LOL. Many scientific phDs have gotten their degrees for evolutionists and are still creationists.,

    • spam 90210 says:

      It turned out this way because atheists have been posting on facebook for years that the useless appendix is proof that evolution between species/kind happens. Now the people who believe in God are just reminding the atheists that they were wrong.

  53. Andrew says:

    what i hate is how athiest are so arrogant about their point of view, there are TONS of unanswered questions about evolution that your best scholars can’t answer but yet you teach evolution as a fact….

    I don’t believe in that the Bible is the word of God in this day in age, it has been changed and mostly written by man, however there is some truth to many parts of the Bible and I have no doubt that there is a creator.

    To some up i would say this.
    What if i gave you an iPhone and said this was made from sand in the desert and after millions of years that sand mixed with wind, water and other chemicals made this iphone. You would think i’m crazy right…. well that’s what i feel when you say this whole universe and all that it contains just happened by chance and millions of years later without any higher intelligence everything is here in a perfect form, each things having a function and purpose.

    To conclude, both sides shouldn’t be arrogant but humble and respecting of each others beliefs. “On to you is your religion, on to me is my religion” Quran.

  54. Babur Zaman Khan says:

    This a fat that the God has made us with sand.and our end will be the same that we will go again in should believe that .because there are many things which our beyond our minds.and from there starts God’s workings.

    • spam 90210 says:

      Please work on your spelling and grammar before posting. Maybe have a friend help you if you aren’t sure? At least spell check or google words you aren’t sure of. It doesn’t take long.

      (On behalf of the 95% of God-fearing people who write and spell properly).

  55. Babur Zaman Khan says:


  56. Heather says:

    So God created everything. There are laws to this universe and he created them therefore He has to also hold Himself to those laws. Who created God? Everything on this earth is just to complex to just “come into existence” (which it didn’t; billions of years is plenty of time for all those little changes). But it will always come back to one big question: Who created the creator?

    • Christina Kurup says:

      If you are talking about laws then as he is the creator of time, universe & everything known & unknown.. He is also the creator of laws..The laws r given by him so there is no sense in holding him in the pattern of laws… The earth is not billions of yrs old as assumed by evolution scientists its only a few thousand yrs old for eg: Take the magnatic field of the earth which is decaying rapidly in the yrs we r living in which can be measured easily… Imagine billion of years what wud be left behind… The deposit in which the Tyrannosaurus rex fossil was found is dated at 70 million years. Not only were blood cells but soft and pliable tissue including flexible blood vessels were found in its remains so many more evidence prove a young earth.. Even technology is so much improved yet we have never caught any species evolving into a completely different creature but to our suprise we find a collection of at least 1000 new species every year from where do they evolve ? Scientists have managed to create some number of ammino acids in the lab which is usless.. If scientists can’t create a single living cell though they r helping nature which is impossible how can life be created in nature without a creator ? The foundation of evolution is..[Life evolved from a nonliving form] Really? Its a completly retarded statment which is not proved & can never be proved… Then how can u assume this nonsence as science ? Well as we can prove that life comes from already living organisms… Life comes from life… I also want to ask a big question if we are all evolved from each other then how are we all present together on earth ?

      • James Von Borcke says:

        “.The laws r given by him so there is no sense in holding him in the pattern of laws…”
        So do as he says, not as he does?

        • Christina Kurup says:

          So do you want to compare your self with the Creator? Can u do what god does ? I never said i don’t believe in science we are all walking together, but just ask your self what you want to believe evolution is not science cause it is not observable ,not testable & neither provable…. we all share some amount of DNA that doesn’t mean we evolve from each other a single cell organism has transformed into so many complex creatures i really don’t believe this…Even life is evolved from non living form is out of question, Intelligence comes from mind this world has many amazing & intelligently designed species like the woodpecker, bombardier bettle, Angular fish & many more, we can’t see air but we can feel it we can’t see our feelings but we know its within us the quality to differentiate between good & bad, his amazing creation & most of all love all this things points to the creator… Some power always had to be present out of this time frame.. In fact god is also the creator of time.. There was a beginning for everything, but not for god he was always there so if he is the creator of everything then there is no sense in asking such question who created the creator [God] I mean we all are intelligent & we know what is possible & impossible. We can’t see god but we can see everything in his creation & within our selves…

          • James Von Borcke says:

            Your question regarding whether or not I can do what your god does presumes that your god (A) exists and (B) did something To date, I’ve yet to see anything but the mythological tales of sheep herders and the rantings of sectarian fanatics to support either proposition.

            Repeating the same Bald Assertions and Appeals to Ignorance that we’ve all seen a thousand times over doesn’t help you cause, either.

    • cjleete says:

      Pointless navel-gazing for me, anyway. I’m too far down on the Human needs pyramid to care about the origin of deity.

    • David Robbins says:

      Your question has a built in assumption that the Creator is part of his creation.

  57. Kris says:

    And once again, science catches up to God. God did not create any useless organs.

    • SEQLAR says:

      lol… which God? The God of the Bible who believed that disease comes from sinning? please take your fairy tales and keep them to yourself..

      • sunset says:

        Sorry you believe it’s fairytales because if you had a relationship with The Lord his word becomes alive and not fairytailish! That’s why there’s proof of many parts of the bible including when God split the sea… There is actual evidence of that where they have found carriages and other things where it was split and proof where Jesus was placed in the cave like place and where the stone of the Ten Commandments was broke and so on… and profesies that have come true and still gonna happen it tells you right there I’m his word what is going to happen in this world and I hope you will be prepared for it because you are going to need Him then for protection of what’s to come…very bad things coming soon!

        • spam 90210 says:

          Please work on your spelling because lack of spelling intelligence signifies lack of intelligence overall. If you are going to represent believers in God, then at least google the words you aren’t sure how to spell.

  58. Chuck Vitale says:

    My appendix ruptured when I was a teenager and had me in the hospital for over a month with complications that even required a second operation and subsequent hospitalization almost a year later. I was told that it was, for that hospital, a record size of over 12 inches.

  59. edy says:

    Nuff people with Evolution and blah blah blah. We live and die…and while living human tried to be smarter by making assumption of what was before human existed and speculate where human and the world is heading.

    Who are we to say that out of our 100 years on earth that we know the “before & after”. The entire universe is probably several billion years as we think…Human existence on earth is not even a smudge of the entire space of the beginning and end.

  60. Jesus says:

    Darwin was such a CREATIVE writer! 😆

  61. sunset says:

    Actually Darwin was provin wrong you can look that up! And good job mourning democracy! And axos I hope you grow to know The Lord and will truely understand his word! god bless!!

    • NoInfo ToShare says:

      It’s very easy to throw in some outlandish statement and say, “…you can look that up!”
      So either YOU explain it, provide a link to the source (that’s not a religious site), or STFU?

  62. molon labe says:

    The THEORY of macro evolution has so many holes in it, I could drive my Humvee through it. The sheer amount of faith required to believe in it actually surpasses that which the THEORY of man made global warming requires.
    The bible on the other hand (King James) has been proven historically accurate time and time again. Places, people, events, and even miracles that science can test. It dates the earth at 6000 years.
    The real issue is you require evolution in order to preserve your belief that you will not have to answer to a higher power for every action in your life. You need evolution to support your moral relativism. Evolution is a racist theory that equate humans to animals and actually claims we came from…
    It needs not to be taught in schools along side real science, but cast into the dustbin of history along with a bunch of other notions like the THEORY of a flat earth.

    • Jake says:

      I’m not entirely sure what you mean by macro evolution, I only know one kind of evolution. Being serious, many creationists recognize that evolution HAS been observed, but on the single-celled, prokaryotic level. This macro-evolution argument is the creationist response to these findings, and is unrealistic. If we know that small changes can happen in a small time-frame, why wouldn’t we expect large changes to occur over a large time-frame.

      Your lack of scientific understanding in regards to the theory of evolution is astounding. No, evolution says NOTHING about us coming from rocks. I highly doubt you even truly know the purpose a theory serves. The THEORY of evolution is central to biology, just as atomic THEORY is central to chemistry. Good luck trying to disprove the existence of elements and atoms. Or gravity for that matter, as it is also a theory.

      You even make these odd connections to my moral code. Because I believe that there is a natural means by which life has developed its diversity, it must mean that I’m trying to escape accountability? I’m sorry, I don’t see the connection.

      I might be back, after reading this, I need a Tylenol, and a long nap after reading this post

  63. Mark Andre says:

    or even algorithmic science does not take into account that at certain
    thresholds of affiliation, elements are dormant or even invisible, and
    at a different threshold integral to high-functioning of the organism.
    Intervention and heroic medicine should almost always be only to save
    the life of a body; and even the assumption that the system is
    dysfunctioning in the first place is more like an act of faith than

  64. NoInfo ToShare says:

    You can always spot religious fundies by their atrocious spelling.
    Can we please stick to the science aspect to this article? I mean, it’s not like I go into the 700 Club or GOP sites and try to explain scientific facts like gravity and geological time.
    Really, you only embarrass yourselves. And yes, I believe in “God” but not the nonsense you (e.g., “Christians”) proselytize.

    • spam 90210 says:

      You have to eat some humble pie, when you use the appendix as your main piece to prove that God doesn’t exist because leftover organs from evolution between species still exist. Just accept you screwed up and look for some other evidence.

  65. MattMarriott says:

    Moon and sun size vs Human Appendix: HORRIBLE TRUTH explained by Last Prophet BEFORE its Function was.

  66. Think then speak says:

    Asking who created god is like asking who created energy. The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.
    The bible notes that god is “a dynamic source of all energy” where did energy come from? Where did god come from? Us puny humans know so little about ourselves at this point , so it is crazy for us to be opinionated. Viewing Evolution as the sole means of life on earth is as much a faith based concept as creation and the believe that it was seeded, guided or created by a higher being.
    For me, after in-depth studies into the biology of nature, I put my faith in something higher at least guiding what we see on earth.. How or why is out of our current understanding so it would be foolish to speculate .

  67. Jake says:

    Seeing the comments below shows a general trait among religious people, as they don’t understand the process on scientific understanding. A scientific mind is elastic to the facts and evidence surrounding a concept. I would not fit in any scientific community if I did not place all ideas under scrutiny and demand evidence. In fact, these are some of the cornerstones of science.

    However, all this article proves is that the appendix is not really a vestigial organ. It does nothing to say that vestigial structures don’t point toward evolution. There are still other examples of such structures, the most common example being your tail bone.

    This article does little service to discredit the theory of evolution. In fact, it uses this theory as a means to explain the appendix, and phenomena associated with the appendix, such how the appendix of the human, an omnivore is smaller than that of herbivores, and how it is not an organ necessary for survival in humans.

    I highly doubt any evolutionist or atheist would see this as something to discredit evolution. We accept evidence, regardless of what it points to. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really point to anything in terms of the validity of evolution.

  68. James Von Borcke says:

    Isn’t ‘judge not lest ye be judged yourself’ one of the rules for getting in?

  69. Kit Ingoldby says:

    ‘you’re’, not ‘your’.

  70. The Spirit Molecule says:

    See, despite not knowing that, I always knew you should keep all your body parts and that includes the foreskin, the appendix, the spleen and your tonsils. And if you have an inflamed appendix well then just take anti-inflammatory drugs. Problem solved. No need to mutilate your body and no need to amputate anything.

  71. David Robbins says:

    It was believed for centuries that big rocks fell faster than little rocks. This was accepted as fact until it was proved wrong some 400 years ago.

  72. DesertSun59 says:

    The only thing that is beyond the limits of Humankind are the unanswered questions and non-completed tasks if we become extinct. There is no discernible ‘limit’ so far for human beings.

  73. David Burleigh says:

    I hate to burst your bubble, but we’ve known for the better part of a decade what it does… and those who have had it removed can attest to the digestive problems it can cause (although minor by comparison, more gas is common). It’s basically where extra Probiotics are stored and people who have had them removed commonly find relief/benefit from taking supplemental Probiotics. That’s not news.

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