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Scientists Reveal the First European Faces Were Not ‘White’


Much to the dismay of any would-be “White Supremacists,” scientists have recently revealed that the face of the first Europeans were surprisingly Sub-Saharan African in appearance.

The head of the prototypical “First European” was recreated from bone fragments,

an incomplete skull and jawbone. These pieces were discovered in a cave in the south west region of Romania’s Carpathian Mountains.

Forensic artist Richard Neave is responsible for the reconstruction, based on fragments that are at least 35,000 years old. Radiocarbon dating analysis have determined that the oldest fragments may have been as old as 36,000 years old. Neave is a forensic artist, for a BBC program about the origins of the human race and evolution

At that time, Europe was inhabited by Homo Neanderthalis, or the Neanderthal man, who were quickly replaced by African nomadic peoples. The Neanderthal Genome Project has posited that the Neanderthals were killed off by these migrating groups. The first true homo sapiens (and homo sapien sapiens), in Europe, apparently would not have been recognizable as ethnically “Caucasian” whatsoever. Those traits, often identified as “white,” seem to have emerged much later, after Europe was settled by African peoples who looked like those Neave has recreated for us here.

The primary difference between this skull and later homo sapien sapiens are the unusually large molar teeth, which has led some scientists to speculate that the skull represents some intermixing with the native Homo Neanderthalis.

Whether or not that is the case, what is certain is that the appearance of the first truly “human” European ancestors looked nothing like what many would expect.

Erik Trinkaus, professor of anthropology at Washington University in Missouri, said the jaw in particular is the oldest, modern human fossil that can be directly-dated, saying that, “Taken together, the material is the first that securely documents what modern humans looked like when they spread into Europe.”

That might be a bit of a disappointment to those last remaining doubters that all of humanity originated in Africa and spread out from there.

(Article by Shante Wooten; Image via BBC)

82 Comments on "Scientists Reveal the First European Faces Were Not ‘White’"

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  1. Julian says:

    I suspect that people who were doubting all humans originated in Africa a very long time ago, will still be doubting. If they were not convinced already, there probably isn’t any evidence one can come up with that will convince them now.

    • R says:

      Nobody on the face of this earth___ hop, skip or jumpin’, that has any kind of color in them, know they did not get that color out of a paint can a box of crayola crayons or the weather report.

  2. Aiku Ali says:

    Guess who else was black the …The ancient Egyptians… But one step at a time

    • Makkabee says:

      Wishful thinking by Afrocentrists. Ancient Egyptians, like their modern descendants, looked Middle Eastern. Do you really think the relatively small numbers of Greeks who moved to Egypt in classical times and the relatively small number of Arabs who moved in in the early Middle Ages could have swamped the gene pool of one of the most densely populated places on Earth to the point that even dominant genes like the ones for tightly curled hair vanished almost completely? Get real.

      • cheetahridinghorse says:

        I think you don’t have a very good idea of what modern Egyptians look like. I lived in Egypt. About half of Egyptians could pass for Black in the US, and almost all Egyptians from Upper Egypt (south of Cairo, give or take) would be considered Black. Also, most Egyptians have very curly hair–straight hair is almost nonexistent. They look Middle Eastern by definition, but they look very different from Syrians and Iranians, or even Saudis. I guess if you want to define Black very narrowly as “just like people from West Africa” then Egyptians don’t look Black, but by that definition neither do Ethiopians or a lot of South Africans.

        • Stephenie says:

          Well put cheetahridinghorse!

        • robertoicq says:

          Wow youre telling the truth my friend!

        • bbeck says:

          well that is true half could pass for black as i have also been to Egypt. From my experience it depends on where you are in Egypt as you go farther north the more Mediterranean they look and as you go south to Luxor and Aswan they have darker skin. But from what i have noticed was their jawline had many eurocentric features their skin was dark but their facial features had many Greek Roman and Arabic appeals to them (wavy hair). Although many of the southern Egyptians may pass off as black in the United States does not mean they are black as they do not regard themselves as black but Egyptian.

          • Pamela says:

            Egypt is on the African continent. Therefore they are African. However, there are those who are fairer skinned and choose to say they are “Egyptian” to disassociate themselves from their darker counterparts.

          • Notcorrect says:

            I’m Egyptian myself.


            95% of Northern Egyptian are dark skin. Mediterranean in face and have straight hair

            35% of Southern Egyptian are clearly mixed with Black but these aren’t egyptians they were the slaves Egyptians conquered.

          • Poorman says:

            You are aware that the people who presently occupy what is now called Egypt are very different from the people who occupied it dynastically. There is not much to argue. The tell you themselves that they came from the South “at the foot of the Nile where the god Hapi dwells.” Also, some of the oldest “Africans” are not dark black but a reddish color like the Twa or Pygmies. Don’t get to hung up on race and color.

          • pola says:

            egypt have been invaded by nubians persians greeks romans and arabs each group have stayed a while so there is no really telling of what egyptians are
            but as a personal experience I was always mistaken by foreigners for indian not african
            but I have seen all types of people here colored eyes fair hair thick lips but I don’t think I have ever seen someone who is typical to standrad african americans except nubians

      • kedada says:

        Wrong they invaded africa and the middle east was apart of africa as well. you really need to learn history buddy.

        • Poorman says:

          How can Africans invade Africa? Many peoples have invaded Africa. If the first man came from the African continent then what you have is a return.

        • Poorman says:

          Keep in mind that your idea of the boundaries of so called Africa are very different from ancient people. Africa is a Greek term. Khemet, Kush, etc are more appropriate but spellings and pronunciations are all guesses.

        • carolyn miles says:

          Oh my. Nubians didn’t invade Egypt which by the way is in Africa Kedada. They ruled for a time to protect what they established. Many don’t know that what is now known as Sudan was where the Nubian people lived. Sudan had more pyramids than Egypt and was culturally as adept as Egypt as well.

        • Cushite says:

          kedada, you are 100 percent correct.

      • Pamela says:

        You are totally mistaken. Research and you will find that if you go back to the when the Isrealites were enslaved, they were also Ethiopian. Moses was bi-racial and he married a black woman from his father’s side. Pick up a Hebrew lexicon and a non-kjv, you may find interesting things. As for the change in hair textures…there was (in case you missed it) an intermixing of homo sapien groups. These changes have happened over thousands of years unless you are one who believes the earth is only 6 thousand years.
        P.S. there is a difference between groups, i.e. Iranians and the Turkish are mediterranian…Iraqis, Syrians and Morocans are largly of African descent.

        • Mrtoocold says:

          You need to do more research and discover, no people called the Israelites were every enslaved in Egypt. Stop with the mythology

        • Alvin says:

          @ Pamela: That’s not really true. Syrians and Iraqis are in actuality the descendants of the peoples who are indigenous to their respective regions. While there is some genetic influence from Arabs, the Arab influence is far more linguistic/culture/religious than genetic. The people of Syria and Iraq are amalgams of such Mesopotamian groups as Assyrians, Phoenicians, conquering groups (specifically Greeks) and input from Anatolian groups (such as the Hittites and Mitanni). While the ancestors of Iraqis and Syrians tens of thousands of years ago came from Africa, they are much more recently the descendants of Anatolian and Middle Eastern peoples. By your logic you might as well say that Germans or Swiss are African.

        • ProfessorAJ says:

          To be COMPLETELY CLEAR there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO evidence of Israelite enslavement in Ancient Kemet (the original name for Egypt BEFORE the Greeks showed up). Jews DIDNT build the structures and most of what you read about (or hear other people read about) in Exodus is FALSE. The Bible is a book of Jewish STORIES and a lot of it is NOT suppose to be taken literally. Cheikh Anta Diop has pretty much ENDED the conversation, discussion and or debate on Ancient Kemet at the UNESCO conference of 1973 with his “Melanin Dosage Test”. He tested the bandages on the mummified bodies to clarify their pigmentation. he found out they were VERY BLACK. He also discusses, in EXTREME detail, the origin of KEMET (Egypt) in this book “The African Origin of Civilization”. So all those lofty eurocentric ideas about how Egypt was ANYTHING but Black are pointless. It just proves either a lack of scholarship or intelligence. Diop also explain the origin of Europeans in his book “Civilization or Barbarism”.

          • 2intruged says:

            Just because the slaves of Egypt were found to be black does not mean the Jews were NOT enslaved, it means those who are now calling themselves “Jews” and “Isralites” are nothing more than identity thieves. Murdering others for land they have NO legal or religious claim to. God said the land would belong to the Isralites per the covenant He made with them. If they were who they claimed to be the land would be theirs uncontested. According to the Old Testament (Torah) it’s what God has done in the past. Granted them land and then given them dominion over it. How long has the fighting there been going on?

        • Poisoned Daggers says:

          This is no archaeological evidence that Moses existed nor is there any evidence that the “Israelites” were enslaved in Egypt. The only place we find this is in the bible and the fact that it’s written in there doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

          • MBD says:

            As a historian of religion, i personally agree with Freud that it is most likely that the historical “Moses” was Akhenaten. “Moses” or “Moshe” was likely a play on words using the Hebrew as a pun with the Khemetic “Meses”, with no prefix (an apt description of Akhenaten in his later years of theological development).

          • Pamela says:

            There are many people who have not been “archaeologically”found, does that mean that they did not exist as well? Jesus, Nubian for sure. The prophet Muhammad? Nubian for sure. Imhotep? Egyptian and Nubian. Stop trying to change human history bc you want to white wash it and want to be the first. Human kind originated in Africa. Get over it, accept it and move on.

          • Ann says:

            WRONG buddy. The Bible is G_D’s Word, and that is TRUTH.

        • ormash says:

          Moses and isrealites are myths, you can’t use myth to validate history

          • Ann says:

            WRONG> G_D IS TRUTH> you are wrong.

          • Angel says:

            You took the words right out of my mouth! lol the Bible is NOT HISTORY. It’s RELIGION/MYTH. You might as well look for Olympus where the Greek Gods supposedly lived!

      • DWilliams says:

        Sorry, there is already scientific proof out that suggests that the original ancient Egyptians, the builders and the founders of Ancient Egypt, were Nubian. The multiracial demographics that “Academia” tries to narrow our focus on only appeared after the many invasions Egypt had endured from earlier Dynasties. Please research Robert Bauval & John Anthony West to name a few.

      • Raaj Sengupta says:

        My ignorant friend, speculation does not outweigh the many evidences that ancient Egyptians were black.

        • Pamela says:

          Thank you! I am so tired of mostly caucasians dismissing the obvious truth. Incidently, science confirmed years ago that there are some correlations between biblical events and the earth’s geological history. While I feel that there are parabolic entries, you cannot deny the fact the Quran also contains similar references. People have been brain washed into believing that the kings and queens of Egypt were white. Charleston Heston, Elizabeth Taylor, Yul Brenner and any other actor who are non-nubian, are gross misrepresentations.

          • Angel says:

            I don’t believe in the bible or the quran. But the quran was written so many thousands of years AFTER the bible that it’s clear that research into Mo’s life is correct: much of the quran was derived from the bible, the torah and the other pantheistic and polytheistic religions of the region. Old Mo had no real ideas of his own except to terrorize the poor people around him and train his soldiers to do the same! It’s scary when you look into the history of islam- so don’t compare the bible to the quran because the quran is far too young and plagiarizing to be compared to any ancient book.

            And they are only books of stories and legends, in no way representing history anyways.

      • Lesroy says:

        Meaning it’s not really possible what they did to America nor Tazmania, way down south, where they were black not brown. So an equal span of latitude northward from the equator, I believe would have been black too.

      • R says:

        Get real. Are you for real. No matter how the mind tries in the most desperate of intellectual configurations and philosophies what it is will simply be put to you this way.

        Nobody on the face of this earth___ hop, skip or jumpin’, that has any kind of color in them, know they did not get that color out of a paint can a box of crayola crayons or the weather report.

        • Tempest says:

          I’m reading over all this and I’m just shaking my head at this orgy of wannabe historians and anthropologists intellectually masturbating.

          Half of what everyone is saying is true and false at the same time. Jesus! You call us modern man when you’re all arguing what is the WORLD’S history, but boxing it in to suit your own agendas (African, Caucasian or otherwise)… God! Go do the appropriate research and stop confusing the situation more.

      • truth says:

        Makkabee that’s a lie. The ancient egyptians came from mizraim…the son of HAM. Ham is the projenitor of the north AFRICANS. Those greeks, romans and arabs came much later AFTER egypt fell as a super power. The real egyptians were not ARABS. They were black skinned people and AFRICAN.

      • John says:

        Didn’t that happen in America, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, Hawaii and some other islands in the pacific ocean? You probably think white people excited 20k years ago, when in fact the world was black 20.000 years ago. Whites are just black that over time produced less and less melanin and more and more hair because of their climate conditions. But racist, bigoted people like you have this ingrained superiority complex that you don’t want to let go off, you think you are sooooo special because you are the same color as pigs. “Do you really think the relatively small numbers of Greeks who moved to Egypt in classical times and the relatively small number of Arabs who moved in in the early Middle Ages could have swamped the gene pool of one of the most densely populated places on Earth to the point that even dominant genes like the ones for tightly curled hair vanished almost completely?”

    • Factmaster says:

      Uh oh. Things are about to get really interesting…When the full truth comes out, peoples minds will be blown…Btw, and the real Hebrews…

  3. Alan Abramowitz says:

    Wasn’t the Cro-Magnons in Europe 43,000 years ago?

  4. Timothy Tang says:

    No this article is wrong, the human species is a species of different coloured apes mixed with different alien species. It is illogical to think that a mixed black person can fade out the blackness to turn into a nordic blond over time. Like real.

    • MBD says:

      It doesn’t seem strange to me, considering there are Africans with albinism even in Africa. After time spent in a region with less sun, it doesn’t seem strange at all that albinism would have increased, and those individuals mixing with the rest who migrated there would have produced the various shades and tints of European small-quantities of melanin.

      • Josiah says:

        Well, we are living beings designed to survive. We survive by adapting to new environments. Our body sometimes have to make physical adjustments to fit that need. It is illogical to think that your statement is logical.

      • LinZi says:

        MBD– albinism is NOT the same as having light skin and blonde hair. FYI

        • MBD says:

          True. However, albinoism in some migrating Africans that increased with time, and continuously mixed back in with the non-albino settling Africans in Europe would have easily produced the typical “European” look, with small amounts of melanin, rather than entirely albino or non-albino offspring.

        • DWilliams says:

          African culture functions around royalty, therefore, families often time married into there own gene pool causing genes to mutate down the line. I am pretty sure there are studies on this. In addition to albinism, this may also be the reason for recessive genes.

    • WTCJR says:

      Timothy Tang— What in the world are you talking about?? An ape is an animal. A human is a human, never have had any connection as one. EVER.

    • Rashonda Armfield says:

      Now that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Human beings did not come from apes nor alien species. Do your history research. Just like Asians have very African features, all human form came from Africa like the Bible says.

      • Angel says:

        THA BIBLE??? Where on earth does THAT enter into anything? The bible has been proven to be a false tale in many ways over and over again, beginning with creationism.

        Don’t get religion into science and reality because religion and “the bible” have nothing to do with either.

    • Yer Da says:

      It isn’t illogical in the slightest. That’s how evolution works. It’s long been posited that humans interbred with neanderthals, who were pale skinned. This, coupled with the fact that their new habitat meant that far less melanin would be required in their skin, meant they gradually became paler.

      • Mrtoocold says:

        The point here, is that black were the So-called neanderthals. They were the same species. Tell me can a cat mate with a dog and create a dogcat? Where has these been seen before? The neanderthal myth is just a naming tool to classify skulls we don’t see as much in modern man. Truth of the matter the “Neanderthal” was African.

    • Flo says:

      Actually Timothy that’s not true. Lena Horne was NOT mixed, but had fair-skinned Black parents. Her daughter was married to director Sidney Lumet and her grand daughter was married to the Italian actor, Bobby Canavale. So Lena Horne’s great grand children are not physically Black in any way. The same with Carly Simon. She’s Black, as in a Black mother but her grandchildren are all blonde haired blue eyed kids. No “African” features at all.

  5. ERIC says:

    I think Tim Tang was joking or trolling. Those who still believe in “white supremacy” have a mental illness or use it as defense mechanisim for their shortcomings.

    • Mrtoocold says:

      Those who deny “White Supremacy” are usually white, how could you possibly see the world through the eyes of those affected by white supremacy? I will never know how it feels to be Giraffe, i can study them, run test, dress up in a giraffe suite, but will never get it until i’m giraffe. Hence most, white denial of white supremacy, you can’t be white to understand.

      • Thanatos says:

        “Those who deny “White Supremacy” are usually white, how could you possibly see the world through the eyes of those affected by white supremacy? I will never know how it feels to be Giraffe, i can study them, run test, dress up in a giraffe suite, but will never get it until i’m giraffe. Hence most, white denial of white supremacy, you can’t be white to understand.”

        That is an inherently unfalsifiable statement. That makes it scientifically worthless. Like most progressive beliefs. The fact that these guys have painted the skull of “an ancient European” (we don’t know if he was born in Europe or not and the slight dissimilarity may be proof that he was not) with brown tones does not prove he wasn’t white. He may be an Ashkenazi Jew. They have ancient European roots and look differently than other Europeans,they even have kinky hair sometimes, but they are NOT African in origin. They are very much European.

        In any case, the statement that the case for the existence of white supremacy is bolstered by the fact that whites “do not perceive it” is in every respect equivalent to the argument made by witchfinder generals that a non-belief in the literal agency of a devil stalking around souring people’s milk and blighting their crops means that you are in his employ.

        It is scientific bunk, it is quackery, and much of 21st century science is built on this false foundation that is inimical to the Western,European, Christian and Pagan rationalism that science proceeded out of. No doubt this “study” was influenced by the same progressive activism that infiltrates and poisons our media, our spiritual establishments,our legal system, and so on.

        In essence, science in the hands of “progressives” is an inkblot into which they look and see their perverse doctrines upheld, just as media is, just as law is.

        25 years from now, they’ll be telling us that America’s Founding Fathers were negroes. And the saddest part is that a large majority of you will believe it.

        Listen, any statement that is unfalsifiable is not,and indeed,CANNOT be proven, but unfalsifiable statements like the one by “Mrtoocold” are often the foot in the door used by a certain type of individual to force a metaphorical foot into the door so that they can have their way with the tenants,and the tenets,of Western European civilization and their descendants.

        They have shown themselves time and time again to be PROPONENTS of falsifying scientific research rather than elucidating historical fact or pursuing true scientific understanding in any field you find them ensconced in. This is because there is a conflict of interest;their RELIGION comes first. And that religion is secular progressivism, and they have and they will bury any research that portrays their religion in a negative light,they have and they will threaten those who conduct such research, and they have and they will simply make things up which they believe supports their conclusions. They are NOT good faith actors.

        • keynedundada says:

          Which kind of Ashkenazi Jew did you ever see with a wide flat nose as shown in the picture above based on the ancient skull pieces that they’d found to put together? I’d be very interested in seeing a picture of any ‘pure’ Ashkenazi Jew who is ‘very much European’ look like that! A lot of Jews who may look very Semitic are more known for a nose pointing outwardly from the face and vertically from the face and not horizontally closer along the planes of the face! Yeah right Thadswrongos…..whatever.

          And ‘strong brown tones in the skin’ ALWAYS means not white maybe not black but not white. Sheesh!

  6. Terry Gosden says:

    And what colour was Jesus. Not only did we all originally hail from the African continent but adapted through climatic differences hence Eskimo small stature, short hands, and other features best adapted to tolerate cold environments, etc etc etc. The flat earth master race are possibly around to prove the exception to Darwin. (: .

  7. Dave Myers says:

    As human populations have moved out and away from our planets most direct exposure to the sun , our phenotype has adjusted from blue-black skin which would offer the greatest UV protection , kinky hair which helps diffuse the heat from the top of the head , and a wide sinus which aids breathing in hot humid air . Dark skinned populations who migrated to northern climes did not get the sun exposure that was needed for vitamin C . As a consequence of their dark skin coupled with their decreased exposure to the sun , over many generations the human animal adjusts , just as any other animal would . The wide sinus gave way to a narrow nasal passage to warm cool air before it got to the lungs . Straight hair works more like a hat in cold climes , keeping the top of the head warmer . The skin lightens considerably .

  8. Andre says:

    A very wise person explained to me years ago that a group of or race of people had contracted leprosy and this caused different effects like changing of skin color, eye color and hair color and then being banished from Africa to Europe in the caves out of the sun for there was no reason for melatonin to be present

  9. Sandres Mann says:

    Blacks with blonde hair and blue eyes are not unusual. Look it up on the internet you may be surprised at what you see.

  10. L.J d'mongo says:

    Call me whatever you want to,
    but thank you God or the Universe or the nature of things for letting me be here

    • w4home says:

      You don’t have to apologize for feeling grateful for who you are. But I suspect that you’re into the whole “exceptionalism” cult and are assuming that everyone else who isn’t like you is less fortunate and miserable.

  11. Nadine says:

    Wait… why is this a surprise? All non-African haplogroups are descended from the L3 African Mtdna group in East Africa (not those in the horn). They split into two subgroups, M (Yemen through India through East Asia to Australia) and subgroup N, that went North into Europe through the Middle East (mixing with Neanderthals). The amount of time spent by M populating and traversing the Indian Ocean, through Asia down to Oceania, was the same amount of time it took for N to move North into Europe. Someone also mentioned something about blondes not possibly coming from Africans (which is unfortunate), should also note that Scandinavians were more genetically related to East Asians than they were to Western Europeans as of 500 years ago. East Asians are also more genetically related to Sub-Saharan Africans. Imagine the L3 mtDna traversing out of East Africa (let’s take the M route) through India to the Middle East where it splits South and North with the Northern split of the former L3 (now C and Z) in Asia moving North through Siberia only to travel West again along the Northern Europe. This dna makes a u-turn through Scandinavia… The physical traits for the groups are noticeable. If you have an ability to disregard the color or shade (inconsequential genetic markers), you’ll note the skin thickness, nose bridges, hair thickness, lip thickness, height of cheekbones, eye shape, many traits that have traveled with this dna that originated in Eastern Africa. If you are truly familiar with African, especially the Afro-Asiatic cultures, you would note that they have the most diverse physical features (the most diverse facial features that do not include Neaderthal traits) in the the populations that spawned, again, all non-African groups.

  12. demetra says:

    This is very interesting. I’m learning.

  13. Timbulb says:

    Ive known this since I was in grade 4.

  14. Tempest says:

    I can’t believe how stupid the majority of comments are on here… I really cannot! The fact that this is touching on so many people’s nerves is just sad. We call ourselves modern man, but cannot accept the possibility or/and fact that we originated from someone different from ourselves… This is the world… we’re here for different reasons and under different circumstances. No one is superior/inferior to anyone based on race alone.

    A panda bear and a fruit fly, Which is more superior? Neither… they’re good and designed to do what they do.

    You can take any human from anywhere and teach them the ways of the land and they will behave exactly like anyone else from the same land.

    Also if some of you are seeking pride in Egypt… the very fact that you are only listing this place/nation goes to show how limited your knowledge is. There were many African empires to rival and in some respects, surpass that of Egypt.

    It’s a fact that throughout history, people have destroyed the history/culture/identity of other people in an effort to control the people they conquer. ALL races and cultures across the globe are responsible for this at one point or another in history. No empire has withstood the test of time. They ALWAYS end and this will go on till humanity either changes or disappears.

    In short.

    Whether you like it or not. In the face of everything, we are all humans and are all enslaved to circumstance/chance, we have no say on where and to who we are born, just like every other living thing on the planet.

    • Yep. says:

      The discussion on this thread IS mind-numbingly stupid.

      On the one hand you have White Supremacists of the “JESUS WAS WHITE AND SO WAS SANTA!” variety.

      On the other you have Black Supremacists of the “Any instance of historic note was, in fact, carried out by Black people!” variety.

      A non-insane man has two options. Leave the conversation or sit back and watch the fireworks.

      Either way, the only winning move is not to play.

  15. French Scholar: Count C. Volney 1787

    This race of black men… is the very race to which we owe our arts, our
    sciences, and even the use of speech!” -wrote the amazed, distinguished
    French scholar, Count C. Volney in 1787. Later he wrote Ruins of
    Empires, abook which so delighted scholars of the day that it was
    translated into English with a ‘special edition’ for the racist
    Americans, in which the following quotation was left out: “There are a
    people, now forgotten, discovered, while others were yet barbarians, the
    elements of the arts and sciences. A race of men rejected now for their
    black skin and woolly hair founded, on the study of the laws of Nature,
    those civil and religious systems which still govern the universe.”

  16. leelabelle says:

    I bet he looked more like this

  17. Alan Martin says:

    ah pure anti white racist hate at its finest… what on earth was the purpose of mentioning so-called “white supremacists”?

    is there anyone that doesnt understand that white people …. not simply caucasians, evolved IN EUROPE?

    what you have here are liberal hatemongers desperately pushing there cultural marxist ideologies of “sameness” and black racist insecurities that look to latch themselves onto anything and everyone else.

    sorry, Race IS real… no one on the face of the earth is anything like what may have been our shared ancestors.

    NO ONE “comes from” modern day black people… thats the irony of the kind of liberal hate you see coming out spittle like this. in order to suggest that someone white “comes from” modern day black people is if you are telling us that black people have been genetically stunted for hundreds of thousands of years. that they alone did not evolve INTO what they are today…the same as every other race.

    isnt this what “white supremacists” actually say?

    no… this is simply liberal sociological hate at play.. where there is an agenda to enforce IGNORANCE in the name of some philosophical agenda, and insecure black self loathing that forces people to look elsewhere to find affirmation. hence… this kind of complete racial condescension is lapped up.

    this reminds me of the kind of hatred liberal hatemongers promote as they referred to that “mitochondreal eve”… the remains of what may have been our oldest shared ancestor and described IT as a “black woman”.

    it wasnt even an anatomically correct human being… yet its called a “black woman”. isnt that amazing? this isnt science or reality, it is the kind of “interpretations” that foment hate that comes from those malicious people with a sociological agenda.

    dissent to forced ignorance for the sake of an ideological agenda makes you a “white supremacist” huh?

    nah, keep YOUR hate to yourself and get over it once and for all… white people arent “like” black people. asians arent “like” black people, black people are black people. why isnt that enough?

    the humans species branched apart and Evolved into the races you see today.

    if you liberal hatemongers are of that mindset that modern day black people are simply genetically stunted humans… thats just YOU.

    i for one dont share that kind of contempt for others, nor is it scientific reality, nor do i suffer from any such “white guilt” that lets me think that kind of pure racist condescension is a “moral thing”

    • shawn Mc says:

      excellent comments , this is all political and i knew it was some sort of agenda when they kept calling mitochondrial Eve a black women considering her features and size.

  18. Dave Myers says:

    I wonder if we agree , ‘political blind spot’ , that ‘modern man/homo sapiens’ have their origin traced back to the rift valley in e. central Africa , circa 200,000 years ago ? Are we on the ‘same page’ their ?? If we are , then we ‘could’ discuss the phenotype changes that would occur in human populations who migrated from equatorial climates into cold climates over milenia … if though , you’re a stick-in-the-mud ‘poly morph’ , adam and eve , and the garden of eden are off the table .

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