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Scientists Say Chinese Pollution Is Like A ‘Nuclear Winter’

China’s air pollution is so extreme that scientists are now saying that it is akin to a “nuclear winter.” Just in the past few days, 19 cities have recorded levels of pollution that overstep World Health Organization’s (WHO) safety levels by leaps and bounds.

The smog blanketing many cities in China has impeded photosynthesis. Beijing’s concentration of micro-particles are tiny enough to get into the lungs of residents and cause serious health issues. The level for these micro-particules reached 505 micrograms per cubic meter this week. Compare this with the WHO maximum limit of 25 mpc.

He Dongxian, an associate professor at China Agricultural University, said in an interview with the South China Morning Post that if these conditions continue, a “nuclear winter” is exactly what China is facing.

He Dongxian has conducted tests which show that chili and tomato seeds that usually take 20 days to sprout are now taking over two months to grow into seedlings when impeded by the pollution.

“They will be lucky to live at all. Now almost every farm is caught in a smog panic,” He said.

Greenpeace campaigner Huang Wei said that China is not doing enough. “The officials are not proactive enough. They should listen to public opinion when setting the conditions [for the alerts].”

Leaders from China, Japan and South Korea are due to meet in May to discuss the crisis of pollution in the region.

(Article by M.B. David; image via Reuters)

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    Environmental concerns are increasingly a global issue. The challenge is getting everyone onto the same page–particularly when it will lower business profits.

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