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Second Degree Murder Charge FINALLY Announced In Renisha McBride Shooting Death


After almost two weeks of delay, and an apparent cover-up in the details surrounding the shooting death of Renisha McBride, 19, news just broke that Theodore Paul Wafer, 54, has finally been charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and a felony firearm charge. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy just announced the decision to charge Wafer at a press conference this morning.

After his initial 911 call, in which he hung up, Wafer admitted to police that he shot and killed McBride. Why? He said that she was “bleeding and disoriented” after a car crash… which for some reason led him to conclude he had the reason and right to shoot her dead on his front porch.


“There is no duty to retreat when you’re in your own house,” Worthy said. But this does not give one the right to open fire on people outside of your house when there is no clear threat to your life from behind the walls.

“She was found with a very large gunshot wound to the face,” Worthy added, confirming that there was no sign of attempted entry into Wafer’s house.

“This was a man who did not value human life. If he valued human life, he would have called 911 and not gone out of his home where he was safe, with doors locked, and blow off her head. He doesn’t value life,” Gerald Thurswell, McBride family attorney, told local WWJ.

Worthy said that Wafer was never tested for drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident. This did not stop the news from highlighting a toxicology report released Wednesday which stated McBride’s blood-alcohol content was roughly 0.22% and showing that McBride had traces of marijuana in her body. Under no circumstances would these levels of use of these substances give any legal credence to Wafer for shooting the disoriented McBride standing on his porch asking for help.

A blood alcohol content level of 0.22% is high enough to demonstrate McBride was the cause of the car accident. But this level would not indicate any sort of impairment that should have given Wafer cause for thinking she was anything but an injured inebriated woman on his porch. Instead, this level is beyond the point that a drinker experiences aggression. This would be more of the level in which someone’s system has become depressed, leading to the need for them to have help standing up. McBride would have looked anything but aggressive standing on Wafer’s front porch asking for help.

(Article by Shante Wooten)

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