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Secret Document Leaked Saying Israel Planned To Reoccupy Gaza All Along


It’s now six weeks into the most recent Gaza conflict that has proven to be immune to cease-fires. Now, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is facing tremendous pressure in the Knesset and in the security services for a criminal investigation into a leak of a document that reveals that Israel has been planning to reoccupy Gaza all along.

The leak occurred back in early August. A top-secret military briefing was delivered in late July or early August to Israel’s eight-member security Cabinet.

There were more than a dozen people present, and it is believed by the Netanyahu administration that at least one of them had a motive to leak the military’s analysis. But strangest of all, the prime suspect, according to reporters who have spoken to participants, is now looking like Netanyahu himself.

“Every political reporter that you ask will confirm to you that this leak came from the prime minister’s office,” a senior correspondent, Ben Caspit of the right-wing daily Ma’ariv said on August 6, the day after the leak was first reported on local Israeli Channel 2 News.

Since then, the same leak has hit nearly every other Israeli news outlet.

The leak tells us a great deal about the Gaza campaign and what the intentions were behind it. It also highlights the sharp divisions within the Israeli leadership as to how to respond to Hamas.

The topic of the briefing specifically was the challenge of reoccupying Gaza and disarming Hamas through such an occupation. The briefing explained that after taking over, Israel would certainly face violent chaos for several more years until the Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet are able to get an intelligence network in place and thereafter “stabilize Israeli rule.”

The briefing acknowledge that IDF soldiers will face a high risk of kidnapping throughout the span of these years.

On August 5, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni stormed out of a Cabinet meeting after hearing the leaked report, “stormed back in” to confront Netanyahu. She demanded that every Cabinet member be given a polygraph test.

There are several theories about who is responsible for the leak. Those who think Netanyahu is behind it think that he wanted to create the appearance that the army forced him keep military options “limited.”

Others believe the leaker wasn’t Netanyahu at all. The most well-known Haaretz military analyst Amir Oren, said that “One branch of the defense establishment suspects that the mole’s last name rhymes with the name of a certain country with which Netanyahu is obsessed.” This would suggestion that either Erdan or Lieberman are behind the leak, as both rhyme with “Iran.”

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  1. BobTrent says:

    The modern-day State of Israel claims, at least when addressing Lchristian Zionists,” that that they are reoccupying the land that “G-d” gave their ancestor Abraham around 3,500 or so years ago.
    If that is so, then what they seek is not just the present-day boundaries of the State of Israel. The description in the Torah, the Old Testament in the Christian Bible, is of a land bounded in the north by the Phrat (Euphrates) River, in the east by the Arabian Desert, in the west by the Mediterranean Sea, and in the south-southwest by the “River of Egypt,” the el-Arish or perhaps a now-drt eastern branch of the Nile delta.
    This eliminates the Kingdom of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq southwest of the Euphrates. It eliminates Gaza. Only the lands of Edom and Moab (Ammon was to be eradicated) were to be tolerated within this broad area.
    Do “Christian Zionists” really support such a vast taking of land from the peoples whose forebears have lived there for 6,000 years? The Jews represent only a small portion of the Israelites descended from Jacob-Israel. What of the rest of the descendants of Jacob?
    The West is in the r

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