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Serial Killer Richard Ramirez turned GREEN “like a green highlighter pen” before his death

Richard Ramirez, center, know as the Night Stalker shows a pentagram on the palm of his hand in court in 1985.

The Associated Press reports that for a full day prior to his death, Richard Ramirez, know as the Night Stalker, inexplicably turned BRIGHT GREEN.

Ramirez, 53, died in a California hospital yesterday… of “natural causes” yesterday morning in Marin General Hospital. Sentenced to death in 1989, Ramirez was convicted of killing 13 people during a monstrous L.A. rampage. During his 1980’s murder spree, Ramirez shot, butchered and strangled his many victims while also raping and sodomizing some of them. He also gouged out eyeballs, scrawled Pentagrams on walls in his victim’s blood and forced other victims to “Swear to Satan.”

A day before his death, the self-proclaimed Satanist was seen moving around in his hospital bed with a shocking green hue to his skin.

“He was the color green,” said the source quoted by the AP. “He looked like a green highlighter pen. He was sitting up in his bed doing stretches.”

The disturbing image of the once feared serial murderer comes two weeks after Ramirez suffered another health scare on Condemned Row at San Quentin State Prison near San Francisco.


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