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Seven-Year-Old in Family Car Runs Over Two-Year-Old Sister

Criminal charges against mother in tragic accident

Criminal charges were filed against mother of girls involved in tragic accident.

A 2-year-old girl was accidently run over by a car with her 7-year-old sister in the driver’s seat. With her mother’s approval, the 7-year-old was starting the family car.

According to Salem, N.H. police, the mother had given the keys to the 7-year-old with permission to go outside and start the car, a 2003 Ford Focus. The mother remained inside the apartment, but the 2-year-old followed her older sister outside. After the 7-year-old started the vehicle, she was able to shift it into gear. The car went into reverse, backing over the 2-year-old. When the mother heard the 7-year-old screaming for help, she immediately ran outside and called 911.

A witness said she saw the 2-year-old trying to open the door. It didn’t open so the child was going behind the car which was backing up, and it hit her. The car did not stop until it hit a neighboring motor home.

Police said the car ran over the girl’s legs, causing some broken bones in both legs, as well as injuries to her chin, scalp, rib cage, upper right arm, and bruising to the side of her body. She was hospitalized, and medical authorities said the injuries were not life-threatening.

Salem Police Captain Joel Dolan said, “What makes this even more frightening is that this was 100 percent preventable.” Police said children should never be allowed to start a car. “They are inquisitive”, Dolan added. “It might be something that they ask their parents to do, but to let them go out there and do it unsupervised on a piece of equipment that is as heavy and dangerous as a motor vehicle, it’s just not good common sense.”

Salem police are working with the Division of Children, Youth and Families on the investigation. They say this is not the first time the 7-year-old was allowed to start the car.

The girls’ mother has been charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of allowing an improper person to operate a vehicle.

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