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‘Snowden In Venezuela’ Hoax Email Finds a Home on Social Media


An email that was virally circulating earlier today claimed that Edward Snowden has safely landed in Venezuela. The report, sadly, is an outright lie.

Now, the email has found its way throughout the world of social networking, and at least one website has fallen for the hoax as real: “The Al Jazeera news agency is reporting that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has safely landed in Venezuela. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had offered asylum to Snowden on Friday who was believed to be waiting in transit at a Moscow airport.”

Naturally, this came as great interest to us at We have confirmed with Al-Jazeera contacts that wherever this hoax originated, it was not with their news agency.

Venezuela is offering “humanitarian asylum” to U.S. National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, President Nicolás Maduro said Friday, suggesting his country could offer the leaker a way out of his apparent limbo in a Moscow airport but provided no details as to how it could happen. Snowden’s supporters still, unfortunately, wait for his response to Venezuela’s offer.



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