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South African Protesters Declare: “Obama is a war criminal!”


More than 1000 South Africans rallied Friday 28 in Pretoria to protest against the visit of the US President Barack Obama, who is set to arrive at Waterkloof Air Force Base in the evening.

The anti-Obama demonstration started at the Caledonian Stadium, around 600 metres from the Mediclinic Heart Hospital, where former South African President Nelson Mandela is recieving treatment for a critical lung infection.

Demonstrators expressed their disappointment in Obama’s politics, since he did not accomplished their expectations as the first US black president. Protesters’ critics pointed out Obama’s fail to close Guantanamo, the US military detention center based in Cuba, and his support to the US drone attacks overseas, which, have killed hundreds of civilians, as the demonstrators condemned. Many protesters shouted: ‘Down with Obama and down with US foreign policy’.

The demonstration was organized by COSATU, a coalition of trade union workers. However, political groups such as the South African Communist Party, and Friends of Cuba were also in attendance. Protesters were calling for the American leader’s visit to be boycotted, as part of the No You Can’t Obama Campaign (NCCT).

Obama attended a “Feed the Future Food Security” event Friday morning in Senegal as part of his African tour, in which he will also visit Tanzania. This is the third visit to African continent since he became president in 2008.

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