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Starbucks Releases Official Statement That It Does Not Provide Support To Israel, and Never Has

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The popular American coffee chain Starbucks just announced that it does not inanyway fund Israel or the Israeli Defense Forces. This comes as an official response to calls for a boycott of the business, premised on their alleged financial contributions to Israel.

In the official statement posted on the Starbucks website, the company explained that neither the Starbucks chain, nor its Jewish CEO Howard Schultz, do now, nor have they ever transferred any funds to the State of Israel or the Israeli Defense Forces.

The statement continued, going even further, saying that they closed all branches of Starbucks in Israel back in 2003, due to “on-going operational challenges.”

Still, the myth of Starbucks funding the IDF has persisted. To combat this fiction, Starbucks posted a Q&A page entitled “Facts about Starbucks in the Middle East,” in which to the question “Is it true that Starbucks or Howard Schultz provides financial support to Israel?” is responded to with the unequivocal answer “No. This is absolutely untrue.”

The website FAQ continued, adding that “Rumors that Starbucks or Howard provides financial support to the Israeli government and/or the Israeli Army are unequivocally false.”

The corporation went on to specify that “Starbucks has been and remains a non-political organization.” Starbucks spokesman Jim Olson said that “the same is true as regards to Schultz,” who has never provided any support to the State of Israel whatsoever.

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  1. Matthew says:

    They used very well crafted words… It doesn’t take much to confirm Schulz’s other support which gets to the same place via a different mechanism. Propaganda. Boycott if you still care that Schulz supports Zionism through those other channels/vehicles.

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