Cop ‘Stops And Frisks’ African American Teen, Literally Destroying His Genitals


A 16-yr-old African American boy was sexually assaulted by a police officer during a “stop and frisk” pat-down. The assault was committed with such violence that the youth’s testicles were literally ruptured.

Now, Darrin Manning of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania may never be able to father children, according to the doctors who performed surgery on his virtually destroyed testicles.

Darrin was a star basketball player with no criminal history to speak of. He was a straight-A student who never got into any sort of trouble. He was with his teammates heading to a game right after school when he encountered an officer who decided he was “suspicious” and needed to be subjected to local “stop and frisk” procedures.

All of the boys with Darrin had scarves covering the lower parts of their faces. But this was simply due to the extreme cold weather that had swept the region, with record-low temperatures that day.

Veronica Joyner, the Principal of the high school the teens attended, said that she herself had given the boys scarves to wear to keep warm in the freezing temperatures. Twenty minutes later, she was informed of Darrin’s “arrest.”

Darrin was put in handcuffs. When the officer began “frisking” him, they grabbed hold of Darrin’s genitals so hard, pulled and twisted, that the teen’s genitals literally tore off.

“I felt her reach, and she grabbed my butt. And then she grabbed and squeezed again and pulled down. And that’s when I heard something pop, like I felt it POP,” Manning said.

Keon Gerow, Pastor of Catalyst for Change Church, said “We want to have some questions answered and some accountability. We want the entire public to be aware, not only of the Darrin Manning situation, but the entire issue of police brutality.”

This story is without question one of the most severe cases of documented police abuses of power, brutality and sexual assault. Watch the video below and SPREAD THE WORD! There is no excuse for staying silent about this!

(Article by M.B. David; image via local Fox)

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  1. patty says:

    Fire their asses and then arrest them for assault/hate crime…

    • For Real says:

      Hate Crime???? REALLY!!!! I heard nothing that suggested that race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other prejudice played any part in this incident. Are you ASSuming that it was white offices? If so, you sure are to quick to throw the race card down… imagine that…

      • Lisa says:

        And the Only ASSuming one is you hiding behind your name.

      • rachel says:

        Yes. Really. “Suspicious” is terminology that is used to target Black men, in which the only “suspicious” thing about them is that they’re Black.

        • Kelly says:

          I’m a white male. I have been stopped numerous times for being suspicious. I am a realtor and when not showing homes I go in normal everyday jeans a tea shirts when I go for inspections or when I try to get listing/canvas neighborhoods.. At least once a month I get stopped and questioned. I Get frisked a couple times a year, it’s normally for the officers safety. Not in anyway saying this was right, just saying your ignorant if you think this is a way to “target blacks”

          • Law student says:

            Well looks like you are one in a million friend. Still there are many more black people frisked than white people, and there is a probably a difference in the aggressiveness employed in frisking. Some people do use it to target minorities like in the case above. There was no reason to pull on this kid’s genitals so harshly.

      • lyle says:

        The nature alone of the stop and frisk policy is discriminatory if you fail to see that than you don’t understand much

      • Jennifer says:

        Look at the statistics, most of the people who are detained for stop and frisk are people of color. Most of the victims of police abuse are people of color. Yet this is not racial?

        White people are forever denying that there is racism, forever denying that it is ingrained in every aspect of our society. They will never understand how insulting and dismissive it is to accuse people of using the “race card”.

      • Beth says:

        Most of these stop and frisks are being performed on African Americans. There are articles everywhere and who pulls down on someone’s balls during a frisk that is absolute police brutality. The states have a history of sterilizing minorities, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what is happening again.

      • D says:

        Cop doesnt have to be white in order for it to be racially motivated. Cop could be any race, hispanic, asian, arab, and even black. There are cops (and just people in general) who stereotype and racially profile their own race. Ur right though, nothing in the article mentioned anything about race. But from my interpretation the kid didnt seem a bit at all suspicious. How many stories about non black or non hispanic people getting stopped and frisked do you hear about? An assumption was made but a fair one at that. I duno what race you are but if uve ever been profiled by a cop, u wud understand an assumtion like that.

      • ummmm says:

        this boy had no criminal record and was a straight-A student. He was frisked based on his ‘looking suspicious’. no reasons were provided by the officer, so it is safe to assume that his reasons were illegitimate and would not help his case. from there, you can clearly see the correlation between this story and several other hate crimes committed by police officers against coloured youth.

      • WOW says:

        For Real, it didn’t need to be a race thing to be a hate crime. It could have simply been an officer stereotyping the kid because of the scarf covering his face. I hate to admit that I do it myself and I’m black. If I see a kid dressed a certain way I’m automatically thinking that they could be a possible threat. It happens all the time. Don’t forget gate crimes happen against blacks, whites, gays, etc.

      • It’s a hate crime against that man’s testicles.

      • Kayshot says:

        It was an assault nonetheless. Who cares if one person calls it a hate crime, no need to cry and type a paragraph.

      • Bree says:

        well at the same time you don’t know if the officer was not-white either. let’s just all wait and find out later.

      • babyboi says:

        A Hate crime doesn’t have to be a black and white person; it simply means that you have profile a person without any cause..

      • Jordan says:

        I think that ripping someones testicles off requires some level of hate.

        Prejudice means to prejudge.

      • 4real says:

        Funny for real let’s avoid the elephant in the room. Let’s just ignore that blacks are not more likely to be frisked

      • sheila says:

        Does it really matter whether it was racial/hate or whatever it was assault and should be dealt with accordingly doesn’t matter the colour of his skin or the colour of the offending officer everybody is entitled to be treated with respect how would you feel if this was your brother or son let me guess that would be a whole different matter then.

      • Complexification says:

        The cop is a white female.

      • carissa says:

        Did you ever consider that it was hatred for the victims gender and NOT race? Seeing as how it was a female officer who sexually assaulted a male, one would have to wonder if she perhaps harbors some sort of hostility toward men in general.

        • ghostie says:

          Or is a deranged, though sadly she will be probably have an easy treatment considering she is a woman. If this was a man it would have been a lot harsher punishment.

      • Kay says:

        Shut up. None of us were born yesterday. The races of the cops are completely irrelevant and would in no way change that they racially profiled this boy, which is clearly what they did. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be afraid to wear a scarf or a hoodie. And you, sir, are proving how racist YOU are by how quick you are to write such a stupid comment.

      • Wake Up says:

        There can really be no objective doubt that “stop and frisk” is a racially motivated policy.

      • let be real for real says:

        yea they just fit the description thats all, isn’t that right for real?

      • U.S says:

        Hi For real,

        So I had a lot of knee jerk reactions when I read you comment. Namely, anger and resigned annoyance. So I thought for a moment why. And have decided to share why:

        So I’m studying the sociology of law and society. We learn about systems, especially systems of oppression. We know to study things relationally and place them in their historical time and place. We study of groups of people relationally. So fast forward and I’m taking the class “the criminal justice system.” We learn about the history of the criminal justice system, the configuration and function of the government, criminality’s origins, mass incarceration, and America’s institutional history of racism.

        Racism occurs on the internalized (a light skinned person of color thinking they are better than darker skinned POC), relational (calling someone the N word), and Institutional (the 3/5ths law, laws making POC slaves, Jim Crow laws). All of this works together to keep people of color oppressed.

        White people are the beneficiaries of racism.

        These days, depending on where you are in the USA, you’re less likely to hear some one be called the N word. Its not so explicit. Its more of an indifference, or passiveness.

        Racism is coded into laws and practices that unfairly target people of color. Theses are the legacies of colonialism.

        The stigma of dark skin. Lack of access of people of color to vital resources. Being discriminated against in the job market. Being unfairly targeted and suspected of a crime one didn’t commit. Mass incarceration.

        So we understand that slavery was a system of control, of people of color, especially blacks, by whites. Some one does not have to hate or think they are superior to people of color.

        Racial discrimination is coded on law and predicated on the dehumanization and control.

        It is about silenceing people of color.

        It is what you did by saying “pulling the race card.”

        You silenced histories of oppression.

        Your reference “pulling the race card” is ludicrous, ignorant, and racist. Just think about it you are completely missing the point here.

        It doesn’t matter what race the officer was.

        The whole point of the story was to illustrate the unfair targeting of black men by the police. Look up the Prison Industrial Complex.

        Something we are also learning about in class.

        Racial profiling, and assuming a group of black children in scarves as suspicious, police brutality, are symptoms of colonialism, and slavery.

        Mass incarceration is the new jim crow.

      • To for real says:

        Pretty much hate crime for me.

        If sexes were opposite, the male cop would already have been prosecuted for rape, harassment, etc.

      • jj says:

        it was a race motivated don’t have to say it to know that…they don’t stop and frisk lil white boys if they did maybe the school shootings will stop.
        pulll over every white boy with dark hair make-up and a trench coat

      • Ben says:

        I’m sure it’s quite obvious based on circumstance.

      • Sherma S says:

        Not a hate crime, really???……so you’re telling me that stopping black, young, African American boys for no apparent reasons and frisking them to that extent because of the way they looked and dressed is not considered a hate crime? Ok then, so what do you consider it to be? Do you think it was done out of love? Maybe you would like for the cops to show you or your kids that special kind of love. This young boys rights were violated why should it matter what color the cops were? These cops should pay!…..smh

      • Bre says:

        Wow and You’re so quick to NOT throw the race card down…..imagine THAT…

      • jess says:

        For Real, please be aware that people who accuse others of using the infamous “race card” come off as though they want victims of discrimination to just sit down and shut up. Do you know anything about “stop and frisk” or do you just go around commenting on posts pretending as though racism doesn’t exist? I don’t know what race you are, but most black people know of this issue that’s happening to young men of color up north. It may help for you to come out of you bubble and consider what’s happening to people who don’t look like you.
        And by the way, just for arguments sake, a hate crime covers gender, orientation, disability, etc.
        Race Card: A term that mostly Anglo Americans use to stop the issue of racism from being brought up. Next time just say, “Racism doesn’t exist so just shut up!”

      • Nadia F says:

        Black, White, Red, or purple these officers are trained to spot out “suspecious” young apparently ‘Black’ and ‘hispanic’ males, as what statistics entails, and frisk them. This is clear prejudice.

      • Alastair says:

        Yeah that’s right a cop stopped a bunch of black teenagers for “looking suspicious” we shouldn’t assume he’s white because it’s not like only white officers have a history of that… oh wait it’s only white cops that do that. Worst thing you can do about racism is act like it doesn’t exist dumbass!

      • quan says:

        It wasa female officer from the story so yes it does have indication of sexual orientation.

  2. TG says:

    What happened to the officer? Is he being charged? And with what?

  3. Philly resident says:

    According to the reporter, the police said the student never complained about his injury. So, imagine this: A sixteen-year-old African American boy, who was just roughed up by the police, in handcuffs, and in police custody. One moment he was preparing to play a team basketball game and the next moment he is being questioned and sexually harassed by the police. Do you think, he was too intimidated to say anything. Maybe?

  4. David Gatti says:

    Outrageous. She should be fired and jailed for assault . He needs to be financially compensated.

  5. devon says:

    THIS Is unacceptable,those cops should be fired and jailed. I feel so sorry for that boy.

  6. Louis says:

    This is disgusting! What would posses this female cop to be so abusive and aggressive with “frisking” a 16 year old boy. Sexually depraved nasty witch!

  7. This is so tragic and mirrors recent ‘sexual’ assault by our NM State Police who forced two men, on different minor traffic stops, to endure forced enemas and finally colonoscopies and forced to defecate in front of witnesses to supposedly search for drugs. None were found.

    Also, a woman being examined–also for drugs–had a female officer spray her vagina with mace. No drugs were found.

    Invading armies have historically raped as a part of genocide upon their victims, as well as killing all the males.

    Please extend the sympathies of our group, DOCTORS W.A.R.N., to this young man and his family. As a specialist in working with neurological damage, please offer my help if they should wish it.

  8. Ann Minch says:

    This is horrifying! When are we as a people going to stand up against the police state and militarization of local law enforcement? These people have to be stopped!

  9. pamela quinn says:

    I am appalled that this kind of Police brutality seems to be the norm in the USA. The American people need to be protected from its Police Force. Kelly Thomas a vulnerable man was beaten to death and the American Police got away with his murder yet the evidence is as pain as the nose on one`s face.
    What has happened to this once so great Country? Your Police are worse than the terrorists America claims to be fighting!
    America, Police your Police Force!

  10. I have NEVER heard of such a HORRIFIC CASE OF STOP AND FRISK in my life! This is one of MANY reasons I feel there should be a much better judicial system pertaining to police officers who INTENTIONALLY break the law!

    This police officer should be CRIMINALLY PROSECUTED as well as FIRED!

  11. that guy says:

    So what’s the cop’s name?

  12. Tawanda says:

    This is a terrible situation. The boy deserves to have justice on his side. There was no initial apology for this. Now they gone still try to press a resistance of arrest on him. They already said he did not complain during his arrest while he was injured. How convenient for them.The boy did not want to get upset because he was afraid of that being used against him!t. So what does that tell you? He did not resist

  13. ISAAC says:

    ‘Darrin was a star basketball player with no criminal history to speak of. He was a straight-A student who never got into any sort of trouble.’

    erm, he’s not dead.

  14. Hired Mind says:

    Why isn’t this nutcase cop being named?

  15. Viktor says:

    it is a pity such things happen in the #1 democratic country

    • Gregory says:

      You really think the US is #1 democracy? Wake up my friend! A real democracy would have more than 2 political parties that just block each other. A real democracy would allow the people to vote on each important topic. A real democracy would not use torture and illegal arrest of suspects in Guantanamo. A real democracy would not kill suspects with drones on foreign territory. A real democracy would not spy on it’s own people. The US is worse than China and no other country in the world cosiders it’s police and armed forces as heroes per se.

  16. Kali Kross says:

    The officer should be charged with murder. The “right to lifers” are always championing the rights of the preconceived; this male’s offspring were deliberately murdered. As one of the best and brightest of the African American community, he was a perfect candidate for reproduction. We needed him. This is murder.

    • Pablo says:

      I usually don’t join in these frays, but I’ve got to call you out on this. Pro-lifers believe that life begins at conception, not at some stage of pre-conception, so it is not murder. That being said, I certainly believe that this officer needs to be prosecuted for assault and battery.

  17. Michael Pattin says:

    That cop needs to be Fired and the kid and family needs to take this to court for compensation for the rest of his life!!!

  18. Lynn says:

    I say investigate this case thoroughly … not just he quickie once over but really dig into it. This young man may have had his ability to father children destroyed because of this. Why didn’t this female cop not wait until she was at the police station before touching this young man … unless of course she didn’t WANT her collegues knowing about this. She was definitely out of line and I say conduct an inquiry on her, and get rid of this pedophile cop!

  19. Marvin Newkirk says:

    First Grace unto the family of this young man I will be praying for a complete healing man. And what ever you do dont allow this to distract from furthering and moving forward with your education and your future. Many thing happen to us for reason we don’t know nor understand of course you where done completely wrong and from what i read and listen is horrible. As far as this young man not saying anything when you are confronted by police authority for the first time ever in life arrest search and all of that its enough just for them to stop you but to go through all of that it is very traumatizing especially you are not equipped for it.

  20. GoatShow says:

    Hope that cop gets the chair.

  21. This Racial Profiling has got to stop.Oh,my God what pain.The officer should be arrested.I am a Grandmother of 4 young Men.I ask God every prayer to Keep my young men in this cruel world.When my grandson goes out and he returns I thank my father for always returning him home safe.

    • For Real says:

      Where in the news article did you get that this incident had anything to do with racial profiling??? If it was there I sure missed it or maybe I listened to the article with an open mind. You are too quick to throw down the race card, who said the officers weren’t African American themselves????

      • For real? says:

        Are you suggesting that African American officers cannot racially profile? I read the article (I could not listen to it, as it is written text), and immediately recognized a biased tone. However, given the reported “facts” (assuming the report is factual), how do you explain the obvious physical harassment? My mind (perhaps I am myopic) immediately thought unjust racial profiling. I look forward to your thoughts.

      • Factor*7 says:

        For Real, are you for real? When if EVER have you heard of any other species that walks down the street and endures such denigrating and abuse? Name group that has the most reports of blatant mistreatment. White American? NO – Irish American? NO Cuban American? NO – Chinese American? NO – Lets broaden that a bit, Asian Americans? – NO —– DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! ————– AFRICAN AMERICAN? YES. PULL YOUR HEAD OUT! Quit playing the dumb routine! Acknowledge that this is happening so that we as a society can learn to live together without such bigotry.

      • jess says:

        Oh I get it. For Real is just an ignorant “troll”. Can you think of nothing intelligent to say. Race card this, race card that. How old is this person? Sad….

  22. Funcuz says:

    What in the world did that crazy cop do ?!
    How can she even be a police officer if she’s that incompetent in the first place !?

    It’s absolutely disgusting how this poor young man was cheated out of his future for absolutely NO GOOD REASON ! How can that cop even have the right to simply stop anybody and “frisk” them just for walking somewhere ?

    She has created infinitely more problems for everybody (most of all , of course , this poor young man) and his only crime was being black and young !!!

  23. Leika Inniss says:

    WTF!Why So Evil & Malevolent!! & Eye for an Eye should apply here!

  24. June E. Porter says:

    Ciminal charges should be brought to bear on this police officer for not only child abuse, but felony rape, indecent conduct,&assault

  25. MrsC says:

    They know damn well they are lying. That kid was in excruiting pain, his tecticle was ruptured and he probably begged for help for hours. Something need to be done about these dirty ass cops, these crooked ass Judges believe every word that comes out of the mouths of these assassins with badges. That dirty bitch cop hurt that young man on purpose. I bet the bitch was white. I hope his Mother sue the Department who employed this hateful cunt, the
    State and the Bitch who did it. She will get hers one of these days we will read about her.

    • jan phillips says:

      she should be done for sexual assault, and sexual assault and abuse on a minor, unconsential sexual touch on a minor, throw the book at her…….

    • jan phillips says:

      why white, there are bad black n white cops, all abusing the young black lads, even killing them, for no reason, this hate crime should stop, the american police system is not good, the bitch should have book thrown at her for sexually abusing and injuring of a minor, no matter her color, throw her out the force, with a prison sentence too

    • Hmm says:

      What makes you say I bet she was white? It’s comments like that that cause profiling. How would you react if someone said I bet she was black?

    • Factor*7 says:

      They wont post the bi***s name because she is probably Caucasian. If she was for real, she would step to the front and be proud of her deed. But as you know, she wont!

  26. Kai Allen says:

    This absolutely disgusts me that human beings that are supposed to serve and protect our communities are causing more harm than good. This doesn’t make any sense from beginning to end. They need to start taking these damn badges away from these idiotic, remedial, racist, half-breed ass police officers. I’m so sick of reading about shit like this everyday. Make these motherfuckers pay.

  27. says:

    So He never complained during the 8hrs he was is custody. But why was he in custody for 8hrs??? He was also charged with aggravated assaulted and resisting arrest. So I’m also curious about what is documented in the arrest report. What events transpired, or allegedly transpired, and what was the justification for arrest? This whole thing stinks, and except for the ruptured testicles, I’m sure this happens every day to people who are guilty of nothing except being poor, a minority, or both.

  28. Delonte Mckinley says:

    Why is the officer’s name not available?

  29. Whatever says:

    Omg I have seen dancers smash a guys testicles at his request over and over with the heel of their foot into a hard chair and nothing be ruptured and this kid says it was from a rough frisk. And I have seen a huge dog bite a mailman in the groin tearing his shaft, but the balls were not ruptured even from that. Whatever.

  30. Katie says:

    You can’t respond to blatant racism with blatant sexism. The problem is not that it’s a female cop. You people using gender-biased language should be ashamed of yourselves. Who cares that it was a woman? How is getting your balls ripped off by a female any different than a male? It’s disgusting and really says something about society either way. The problem is that it was, yet again, a nasty racial-profiling cop (not “female cop.” COP. Like all the other a-hole cops out there who became a cop to feel big and bad). This needs to be national news. This poor kid had his life destroyed for absolutely no logical reason. Poor kid.

  31. D L. says:

    Who is this cop?
    Look, law enforcement is supposed to PROTECT the people in the community. Have they forgotten their duty? Do you see veterans who practically do the same service as police go out stop and frisking people and ripping their balls off? You can argue that they serve different jobs, but you KNOW what I mean. Both professions serve the people.
    Stop and frisk is proven to be extremely ineffective in fighting crime. Look at NYC. Over one year period of time they stopped and frisked over 600,000 people and LESS THAN 1% was actually guilty of something and mostly minor things.
    I’m NOT SAYING ALL POLICEMEN AND WOMEN ARE BAD. But this isn’t a rare issue either.

  32. Ms M says:

    When you are in trouble and a police officer appears you get relieved as you assume you going to be helped but what possessed that supposed to be a cop ,hateful, pedophile ,shameless ,abusing her barbaric authority female species is unexplained.i hope she will be executed for this act and I hope she will never bear children . To the boy I can only say sorry The Lord will help you overcome this trauma and you’ll be able to trust females again .God Bless

  33. Andrew says:

    This is tragic; what is additionally tragic is how many people are shouting “race!” before they have any evidence of what went on. Why are you guys so intent on being divided further? Why not call this what it is? Public vs. Police is what it looks like to me, not race vs. race.

    That being said, they should throw the whole book at the officer. I hope the family sues for just millions; after all, that would be just compensation for the destruction of a potential legacy. If the cop is willing to toe the line of taking away a man’s chance to a family then the officer should also be willing to pay a price equivalent.

    • Sherma S says:

      So you see it as public vs. police and not race vs. race but answer me this, what percentage of the public out there getting stopped and frisked at random by police officers are of a race higher than the African American race? What race is in the majority? What race is in the minority? Maybe you should look into that. “Why are you guys so intent on being divided further” your exact words. Well it’s because of people like you who take yourselves out of the equation so instead of saying why are we as fellow humans so intent on being divided you hit us with “why are you guys” yet you say we are shouting race….smh things will never change because there are more people making accusations than making changes!

      That being said I agree with you on one thing, these officers need to pay be they black, white, yellow, pink or green. This family should be compensated for the in humane treatment of their teenage son. As an American citizen I have no knowledge of a law that states in freezing temperatures someone is not allowed to protect their face. My prayers goes out to this family.

  34. Joey says:

    This is so very disturbing! Stop using the Stop and Frisk method. All it does is violate individual rights and has brought harm to many innocent people. Is there any evidence this has had a POSITIVE impact on crime in cities that utilize this atrocious practice? I hope this kid finds justice.

  35. This is just disgusting. She’s getting away with it too. Just one more story where the police enforcers in question are not prosecuted in the least. Perhaps she should have her genitals mutilated. Time to bring back an eye for an eye. We’d see who really would pay the most between police and civilians. I think we as civilians use at least some level of respect even when assaulting each other. Police officers fight dirty and they pummel opponents who cannot fight back. Without those badges, guns and massive legality to hide behind they would be nothing. The average officer I see aren’t even capable of defending themselves without weapons or picking on the defenseless. Never in my life have I met a police officer who has ‘helped’ a situation. Adding police to any situation only ever serves to make it worse. I’m all for hanging them in the streets. White or black makes no difference. I don’t even see this as a racial attack it’s just us civilians against the tyranny of our so called law enforcement. They’re not serving the law… they’re hiding behind it to scavenge money from us. Ask yourself… Has a police officer ever actually helped you? Ever? I’ve even solved a robbery of my own and turned over all evidence to have the detective go on ‘vacation’ until the statute of limitations were surpassed so that I could no longer pursue a criminal case against the bastard that robbed my apartment. All of this because I had a pot poster on my wall. I smoke marijuana so I am immediately labeled a criminal and not worth protecting. Needless to say this young man is even better than I as he appears to live cleanly and there was no cause to even search him let alone handcuff and assault him. This isn’t a witch hunt… It’s justice against a system that has long since lost any use in this society. We should take example from the cities in Mexico and rise up against them. Storm local police stations everywhere and force them to give up their arms and positions and return to civilian life where we’re all on equal footing. Then we shall see no more occurrences like this. When there are no more departments to shelter these corrupt individuals they will have to face us openly… and I doubt they’d continue to act like that lest they be killed outright. Rightfully so in my opinion. Watching officers shoot defenseless family pets, mow down unarmed assailants and shoot teens at crosswalks for ‘mouthing off’. Enough is e-fucking-nough. Seriously.

  36. Trina says:

    I thought it had to be an officer of the same sex who does the frisking? There is definitely something WAY WRONG here!!

  37. sj says:

    Omg, im mortified, what a sick individual and an abuse of his position of power. We have moved on from the old testament ‘ an eye for an eye’ but in this case it would be very fitting to execute the same treatment to the offending officer. The poor boy god bless him and his family. This a truly heinous crime.

  38. Oh My God! I Feel So Sorry For Him..8hours Of Pain That’s Fucking Torture! She’s Racist. And Sick..Suppose to Serve And Protect. Yet Sexually Abusing/ Assaulting..She Need Her Fucking Hands Chopped Off, And Arrested Before Seeking Any Medical Attention! No pPity On Her Or The One’s Who New Of This Sickening Crime..I Wonder Where Was The Sargent? Trying to Help Cover It Up.8 hours Is A Full Shift..This Young Man Needs JUSTICE! My Heart Goes Out To You…Stay Strong And Keep The Faith

  39. CW says:

    One of the greatest deceivers of mankind is the constant example of inhumane treatment of others.I say to the young person Darrin and his family “keep the faith” and do what has to be done! I pray for Darrin and all other innocent youth in this so called free country. To ALL parents know your child and I don’t mean guess at it! Love your child and I don’t mean think about! Share with your child and I don’t mean pretend to! The bottom line PARENTS be your children’s REAL TEACHER in life and stop perpetrating!

  40. Jerry says:

    ‘Darrin was a star basketball player with no criminal history to speak of. He was a straight-A student who never got into any sort of trouble.’

    I’m sure. They all say that. Scarves over their faces, maybe they were on their way to do a crime, hence why the cop said “they looked suspicious”.

    You’re only hearing ONE side of the story, don’t be so quick to judgement.

    • Devin says:

      they were on their way to a basketball game.. did you read the article? i would assume you’re a cop or a friend of cops. there is nothing that this story states that makes you believe that they were doing anything wrong. Have you ever heard” innocent until proven guilty” so with that being sad if there was nothing reported of a reason to stop and frisk them and it ends with him being hurt then he is the victim. Stop trying to make a two way street out of something that is plain and simple

    • Really Jerry? says:

      Unless this kid was trying to rape someone or the cop herself when would this ever be appropriate. And even then.. Protect and serve, search and detain. Suppress the violent and defend the weak. These are the rules cops have to honor their oath and not get carried away with there assumptions.. Or abuse the power we have given them.

    • Mike says:

      Explain to me where injuring someone to that point, ESPECIALLY if they are fully cooperating. If you’re saying weather isnt a factor for why they were covered up, then clearly youe a idiot.

    • LaShunda says:

      Since when doing wearing a scarf make u look suspicious. First hoods and now it’s a scarf. Really!!

    • Anon says:

      Right. Wearing scarves during winter just screams “suspicious”

      Give me a break.

    • Lee says:

      It doesn’t matter if this young man had a rap sheet two miles long. Police have no right to stop anyone without probable cause. Even if they had the right, they had no right to do this to anyone. This officer should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  41. Pamelyn says:

    Why was a female officer searching a minor male? Im not sure about that states law, but where I am from, The opposite sex can not “frisk” the latter. This is ridiculous

  42. Chastity says:

    This stop and frisk has proven time and time again to have gotten out of control. When will enough be enough! I am sorry this young man had to experience this horrific crime and injustice.

  43. K says:

    Geez overreact much people? We haven’t heard the cop’s side on this just the kid’s. Of course he is going to say he did nothing and was just a good little boy. Some people are calling for her execution? Please…it was one testicle not like she shot him!

  44. Ms.F L H-H says:

    I just want to say I’m praying for this AFRICAN AMERICAN young man and his family… May they have the FAITH & Strength to see this through for Justice !!!
    I also could NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER Mrs.C, my thoughts 100% !!!

    P.S. What’s done in the dark will come out in the light…
    GOD is able !!!

  45. peppercorns says:

    If he was totally co-operative, I highly doubt any injury would have occured.

  46. veja1 says:

    while i’m all for justice being done to the still unnamed officer in question, and i’m not doubting the situation…

    …why was a FEMALE officer frisking a young man in the first place?

    …if she physicaly “tore his testicles off”, yet he remained in custody quietly for 8 hours, how did he not bleed out?

    as i said, i don’t doubt what happened. the police are capable of committing HORRIBLE, INHUMAN acts without fear of retribution. i’m just asking what i’m certain i must have overlooked when reading the article.

    • PBSpot Admin says:

      Our understanding is that the tearing off of the organ occurred simultaneous with the crushing of the of the same. The tearing was internal, the external skin did not apparently break: the testicle remained detached inside of the skin. More information will be updated as it is released.

  47. Rhonda Tripplett says:

    This is ridiculous that a officer would go this far, she is obviously very sick in the head. If this was my son, I would be kicking her ass not just suing the department. Then I make sure that she is removed for her job duty.

    • Marta maria says:

      Oh..she will keep her SAFE job so she can bullied another one…The police in America are just white trash ghetto …people…using their uniform like Communists…..There is nothing you can do…or…you get arrested too.My husband gut bullied looking Mexican…Even he is AMERICAN….AMERICAN…lol and i stepped out..I got arrested and beaten…Our lawyer told us there is NOTHING we can do??? WTF!!!

  48. Reginald Mathes says:

    Dr. Francis Cress Welsing discussed the jealousy of Whites in regards to the Black man’s genitalia in her book the ISIS papers. This should not be a surprise. White men have been jealous of Black man genitalia since humans could recognize that they were different.

  49. magdala says:

    I want to answer Jerry’s comment saying that he’s sure that the kids ‘have scarves over their faces that, maybe they were on their to do a crime, hence why the cop said ” they looked suspicious”

    explain to me jerry, why cops never feel the need to pad down a white kid with a scarf covering the face in this brutal weather…rupture his testicles just because he looks suspicious… why ? can you answer that question for me…..he looks suspicious just because he was black…we all know it…

  50. Justin says:

    You know what’s a “political blindspot”? Calling black people “African American”. Most black people hate that term. One black comedian (I forget his name) said, “I woke up one day and I wasn’t black anymore, I was African American.” You have to really terrified of offending everyone if you have to soften our day-to-day language in order to feel better about yourself. It sounds really stupid – in fact, it sounds more offensive, I think. But, there’s nothing inherently offensive about calling a black person black, or a white person white.

    • PBSpot Admin says:

      “African American” is the standard usage in journalism. Many Native Americans use the term “Indian”, but we continue to use “Native American” in articles, as this is a matter of editorial best practices, even if in conversation some may not find these terms necessary.

    • Mind Games says:

      Let me be who I am and I shall do the same for you. Jewish-American, Native-American, Italian-American, Mexican-American etc. Why must I allow you or any other race to define how to address me?
      Of all the groups mentioned do you question what they wish to be addressed as? I’m sure not many walk up to any Jewish citizen and question how they would like to be addressed.
      I don’t mind Black nor do I mind African-American just address me with respect and I shall do the same to you.

    • Dieter von Schoenvortz says:

      Sorry, “Black” was the racial slur when I was growing up. I have a hard time using it at all. And African-american isn’t accurate for most anyway. Can we just call people human?

      Stupid people and your stupid changing slang terms that you expect to be called by. You all bleed red.

  51. blnchsr says:

    Even prison inmates must be frisked by an officer of the same gender. Why was a female officer frisking a male, why was she frisking him at all, why with so much force, what happened with the others that were with him, why was there no adult with them if they were going to a school game as team members? There are a lot of unanswered questions, but nothing justifies what that officer did to that young man, and he probably was too terrified to say anything while he was in custody. There is another, why was he detained at all? This is just Wrong! What is this world coming to? It is really scary!

  52. Yolanda says:

    @Jerry – Try actually listening to the report or better yet watch the weather channel, then try and use common sense. What exactly do you wear when it is 14, 7 or -4 degrees outside? This boy was with a basketball team traveling in uniform by subway. I can’t remember the last time I heard a report of a whole basketball team robbing people in uniform. Wearing scarves on their faces could look suspicious IF IT’S NOT BELOW FREEZING.

  53. T. L. W. says:

    Why in the world was she touching his penis to begin with. I was not aware that penis grabbing/pulling was a part of the stop and frisk protocol. If this is true, she needs to be prosecuted criminally as well as having a civil suit filed against her.

  54. Anne says:

    I am outraged and disgusted by this behaviour. I literally can scarce believe it.

  55. Marta maria says:

    20% of police in USA are Heroes….the rest should NOT be wearing uniform..or Gun..they are American ghetto white trash…(don’t get how they get their job)…..It is extreme to extreme i believe…
    I got bullied by police…and My lawyer told me there is not much I can do!!!! WTF…America????Country of Freedom?
    Obama should look closer to that!
    Now I am more scared to see a police then a African american in hoodie on!!!!!
    They are FAT sloops..bored so they work DRIVE TROUGH ….If they have NO Guns and CARS they be hopeless.. a Snail will get away with bank robbery…lol…

    • 7LibertyForAll says:

      None of the police are trustworthy. They are trained to protect and serve the state and its illegitimate statutes which apply to THEIR corporation, not flesh-and-blood human beings.

  56. CJPR says:

    When will criminal charges be filed against that despicable police officer? She should be rotting in jail.

  57. chris says:

    She went to fisk his balls and though it was drugs and squeezed to see. little boy was cold so hit sack was in a knot. pop. Then he got arrested and was so hype and cold that he though the cold had just hurt him. at the same time knowing it was the cop.

  58. Mind Games says:

    Interesting site tragic topic. The phrase “Race card” was first used by Rush Limbaugh back in the 80’s to sheild guilt riddled racist that listen to his garbage and because everyone and I mean everyone didn’t jump down this guys throat this is where it has brought us.
    What will it take to stop the rasict locomotive that has been moving down the tracks for the last 400-500 years in this country and lately that train has turned from an ol steam engine to a bullet train.
    What she did was a blatant example of white supremacy and she along with the other officers should be thrown in jail and no restrictions to limit them from the general population, they should feel the pain of the oppressed every day for at least 20 years.
    Someone please try and justify this torture we want to know what’s going on in the warped mind of a racist so we can take steps to cleanse our society of sick minded people and move America on the path to righting the wrongs of white supremacy a sick disease that must be irradiated.
    This is America we can be better than this!

  59. Bibi says:

    FIRST of all, WHY is a FEMALE officer frisking him ??? That’s against the law!!!!!! HE WAS SEXUALLY ABUSED , probably by a desperate b***tch.

  60. SISTA X says:

    it is time for black people to come black and stopg our shopping from every body including our own, if they are uncle toms. no one can help us; they are against us. because we are first people on the planet and we are not procreating fast, because they just wont stop kill us.

  61. ffferocious says:

    Certainly very glad I am a Canadian and live in Canada.

  62. Beatrix Muircastle says:

    why are they showing the child’s face?

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