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Students BANNED From Researching Malcolm X For Black History Month


Students at a Queens, New York school have been banned from researching or writing about Malcolm X. The teacher’s decision to disallow student reports on Malcolm X for Black History Month was rationalized with the explanation that the civil rights leader was “violent.”

Parents of the Kew Gardens Hills students were outraged.

“My son came home and said, ‘Guess what dad, the teacher said we can’t write about Malcolm X because he was quote unquote bad,'” Frank Brown said.

While Malcolm X said that African Americans should use “any means necessary” to fight for liberation, he always specified that this only referred to the legitimacy of self-defense, never aggression.

The teacher at the school admits to polemically describing Malcolm X as “bad” and “violent”.

“My son came home with that negative stain on his brain that Malcolm X was a bad, violent man,” Angel Minor said of her child’s experience.

Andy King, a Bronx City Councilman, who co-chairs the Council’s black, Latino and Asian caucus, said that the teacher fails to understand Malcolm X’s entire life and career as a leader.

“He was a great leader, orator and spiritual leader not just for black Americans but people around the globe. So that is the conversation you have to lead 9-year-old brains to,” King explained.

Many parents and students are fighting the teacher’s demands, saying that they will write papers on Malcolm X, not only to educate themselves, but also their teacher.

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(Article by M.B. David; image via Getty)

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  1. Kwame Coston says:

    It is highly insulting for any teacher outside of African American culture to assume they can decide for us what and who is appropriate for us to report about [especially during Black History Month]! Our history is not subject to his approval.

  2. Michael says:

    Bad, good, it doesn’t matter. It’s history! The teacher must be racist, I am sure. Because I doubt he would refuse to let someone study Hitler. What an uneducated a-hole of a teacher!

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