Study Finds White Americans Believe They Experience More Racism Than African Americans


There’s a saying that “the new racism is to deny that racism exists.” If that is the case, it may explain a study conducted by researchers from Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Business School. Their findings claim that self-described white Americans believe they have “replaced blacks” as the primary victims of racial discrimination in contemporary America.

The authors say that their study highlights how the expectations of a “post-racial” society, predicted or imagined in the wake of Barack Obama’s presidency, has far from been achieved.

The study finds that while both Caucasian and African Americans agree that anti-black racism has decreased over the last 60 years, whites believe that anti-white racism has increased. Moreover, the study finds that the majority of Caucasians believe that anti-white racism is a “bigger problem” than what African Americans face.

Tufts Associate Professor of Psychology Samuel Sommers, PhD is the co-author of the article “Whites See Racism as a Zero-sum Game that They Are Now Losing,” from the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science. He comments that ”It’s a pretty surprising finding when you think of the wide range of disparities that still exist in society, most of which show black Americans with worse outcomes than whites in areas such as income, home ownership, health and employment.”

The study was conducted by Sommers and co-author Michael I. Norton of Harvard asking a roughly equal national sample of 209 Caucasians and 208 African Americans to indicate, on a scale of 1 to 10, the extent to which they felt blacks and whites were the targets of discrimination in decades spanning from the 1950s to the 2000s. The scale’s ranking of 1 indicated “not at all” while 10 indicates “very much.”

Both groups reported roughly the same things for the 1950s, with neither believing Caucasians experienced much racism at all during that turbulent decade. Both similarly agreed that at the same time, there was substantial racism against African Americans. Both groups also agreed that racism against African Americans has steadily decreased over time. But here’s where the study gets interesting. Caucasians surveyed believe that the discrimination faced by their African American neighbors has decreased much more rapidly than the African American respondents. Furthermore, they believe that while African Americans now have it better, they – the Caucasians surveyed – have taken their place as the primary targets of discrimination.

“These data are the first to demonstrate that not only do whites think more progress has been made toward equality than do blacks, but whites also now believe that this progress is linked to a new inequality – at their expense,” Norton and Sommers explain.

An astounding 11% of Caucasian respondents assigned the maximum rating of 10 to the seriousness of anti-white discrimination. Compare that with only 2% who reported the same of anti-black racism. Caucasians, the study found, often believe that racial equality is “a zero sum game,” where one group gains at the expense of others.

What are your thoughts?

(Article by M.B. David)

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  • Taisen M Spring

    From experience, living in Texas and Oregon are completely different. Oregon is sort of racist against white people in small ways, but in Texas, that is completely ridiculous to claim. It depends where you live. In Oregon I don’t think people dislike white people as much as they just think white’s are pushovers that don’t know anything about struggle. Yes, it is all dumb. However, the level of racism of people that are against blacks can be very extreme and is not even comparable to white haters. The difference is that it is seen as politically correct to hate white people, but not so for blacks; So the black haters don’t speak out about it where the white haters have nothing holding them back from expressing themselves publically. Over all, I see most racism against white people coming from Mexicans who don’t speak English… God damn gringo’s lol… In the end I don’t see it as a racism problem, but simply that there are different cultures, who sometimes don’t understand each other, you can see this in high school between whatever group you hang out in. This is bigger than race, and I don’t think racism against white’s is a problem whatsoever. The bigger problem in my opinion is self identity within a group.

    • Lucille Hatfield

      You lost me there when you started saying it’s not a problem with racism, but you bring up a good point about it being okay to hate on white people but not blacks.

      Black people face an incomparable amount of oppression and racism. But the fact that many whites don’t see this, and sometimes have “politically correct racism” targeted towards them, may be why they feel so persecuted in spite of the reality of things.

    • J

      Taisen, I think you just confirmed the whole point of this study.

      • Posen

        I think both of you need to think about how you express yourself.

        There’s a misunderstanding amongst white people that many don’t seem to get. Racism isn’t about intention, it’s about the end result. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t intend to hurt someone by making an unintentionally racist comment because the end result is the same.

        Here, perhaps unwittingly you’ve done this. Perhaps it’s normal for you guys to minimise a wrong doing by bringing up a wrong done by a victim. Essentially you’ve done this here which basically undermines your claimed understanding of of racism towards people of color.

        Sure you are not comparing systemic racism to name calling? And think to mention it in the same breath?

        If you go to any comments page of admitted racists or obvious ones you will see a clear pattern or a meme; to forward the fallacy of ‘reverse racism’, conflating it and proclaiming it is equal to systemic racism.

        Here you have done there there same. In In addition to changing the narrative to be about your experiences experiences and whilst yes, this report might seem crazy, THERE IS SOME TRUTH TO It… This is an about face and and having your cake and eating it. Proclaiming the privilege of not being a racist, but not quite disagreeing with clear racist sentiments.

        Who do you think you are fooling? People of color are not idiots and recognise it for what it is. The nuances in how racism is presented, they are are experts in, unwilling experts but experts none the less.

        Perhaps you guys guys are being called out and guys like you, who lack and understanding of what racism is, the power it has and think you have the right to dictate definitions and make false equivalences all the while maintaining a so – called anti racist stance stance without doing the work to deserve it.

        Think about it. Defensiveness doesn’t change a damn thing.

  • rebs

    Well… there’s still a lot of pent up anger for black people against whites. This is the same country that enslaved them, and then oppressed them through their laws. There’s still a lot of discrimination, today, against black people. The stats are there.
    This country took their voice from then an they’ve gotten it back at a time where people cringe and are exasperated, and want them to “get power it”.
    They’re not over it, and won’t be until this country has a major sit down discussion on race and race relations.

    • Decoven

      You can’t get over something that still exist.

      • Brett smithton

        1. the majority of slave holders were white but there were BLACK slave owners as well the first one in this country was in fact black
        2. MYfamily came to this country from ireland and italy..both famiies wereoushed around due to their heritage when theygot to america …people calling them micks or dagos….do i hold a grudge? no
        3. continuning with point 2…the majority of americans today come from IMMIGRANTS from other countries…NOT desecendts of slave owners…so blaming them for the attrocious acts of OTHERS is fucking STUPID…move on.

        • Danny

          First of all black slave ownership was VERY rare. Secondly, you’re right that not everyone white is a descendant of a slave owner, but poor white immigrants, although treated badly, were never treated as bad as blacks. Poor whites have always been given a better position on the bottom than their black counterparts throughout our country’s history (i.e. whites only sections).

          Thirdly, why would you hold a grudge? Do you still have any lasting negative affects from your family’s experience? Does your son (if you have one) have a 1 in 3 chance of ending up in the criminal justice system? I seriously doubt it b/c after white immigrants assimilated and their families became fluent in English, the discrimination you mentioned diminished. Lastly, you are able to say where you’re family came from, but most blacks don’t have a clue, b/c they were completely disconnected from it (most blacks can only go a few generations back, but have no clue of their ancestry).

          In short, you’re family’s experience, while wrong, is like comparing an apple to an orange.

          • Herman

            the 1 in 3 stat might be because 90% of them bought into the liberal crap that destroyed families as a basic tenant of the socialist philosophy. Plus black leaders want to cry racism all the while raking in millions of hush money to not picket companies instead of really working on saving black families, promoting education and not glorifying the rap world and drugs like they do.

            You have a President that sees and espouses racism at every opportunity, you have an Attorney General that now says it is OK for blacks to commit crimes and not be punished because he wants to lower the 1 in 3 ratio.

            You have herds of black thugs “polar bear hunting” as they call it with knockout game and only the one white caught is charged with a hate crime. The blacks are charged with misdameaners and let go.

            You have 51 voting districts in PA that not one vote was recorded for Romney.

            You advocate “reverse discrimination” as the way ahead but do not have guts to call it that as you have to make it PC to deceive what it is.

            So just exactly what do you propose for the discussion?

          • J

            Danny, you are so spot on.

          • Ihavenoname

            To say no person who is Caucasian or European has never experienced horrific discrimination that had long lasting effects is completely incorrect. I am Jewish my people were stripped from there homes, businesses destroyed, they had their money, family air looms even there names stripped from them. Women had to change their name to Sarah and Men had to add the name Israel. They were also forced to wear the star of David so everyone would know they were Jewish. They forced them into concentration camps telling them they were being deported from Germany. They were forced into labor. They put them in gas chambers and euthanized them. They then threw them in piles and burned the bodies. The ashes from the burning bodies rained down upon the concentration camps. More than 6 million Jews were killed during the holocaust with only an 11% survival rate in children. This is not only and example of slavery but genocide. It was a plan to exterminate all Jews because they were racially inferior and evil. Those who were able to escape came to America because they had no where else they could go. They were not only being exterminated from Germany but all through Europe. some people to this day deny the Holocaust that it never happened. My Grandfather is a survivor of the Holocaust. And I never once heard him use his experience as a crutch. There are still many groups in America who practice anti-Semitism and believe that Jews are dirty and evil. People use the term Jew to describe someone as cheap(stereotyping).Most grocery stores do not carry Kosher food, I have to drive a good distance in order to purchase kosher foods. But the grocery store carries Asian and Hispanic food products. There are no Jewish Federal Holidays I have to take off to celebrate and practice my faith. There is no day honoring the those lost in the Holocaust or the great people from the Jewish community or honoring their contributions. But yet I don’t scream racism, I just deal because even tough some Americans are ancestors of those who helped to exterminate my people, it is not there fault and therefore it is not their cross to bear. And there are still people who will always hate Jews, and that’s fine I am not angry with them it is not there fault they are just ignorant and lack education.

        • DoctorNebula

          I didn’t know Italians and Irish people were on a over crowded ship full of disease and death for weeks and then forced to work or face death? No one should be blaming anybody at this present day, but trying to compare name calling and slavery seems a bit of a stretch.

        • Leo Adan

          Got called NAMES OH NO. OMG Slavery? NO Lynching? NO. Segregation NO. Families broken up by being sold down river? NO. Black slave holders? Probably less that .01% if that. Those comments were nothing more than SILLY. And I think I know who is FUCKING STUPID.

          • James

            Racism against Irish and Italians went way beyond getting called nasty names. Many Irish came here as indentured servants, basically slaves, and did so due to a famine that was so awful that they can’t really be said to have had a choice. Also, Irish and Italians were not considered to be the racial equals of Anglo-Saxons until later (and that largely to keep them from sympathizing with/uniting with blacks). Jews became “white” even later.
            This is of course a totally diffrent issue than the topic of the article. I just want to make sure that people don’t misunderstand the history of this country. It’s not just one of racist WHITE institutions, it’s one of racist ANGLO-SAXON institutions, which later invented the concept of “whiteness” as a means of holding on to power.

        • Lenore Wong

          1. It’s had to move on while the effects from slavery are still present in society (let it be known that it’s not all or the majority of black people that blame white people for their current situations).
          2. Let is think about what some white people consider racism to be.
          3. Now in America, if you look white or are from European countries you are white and aren’t (in most cases) faced with brutal racism that effects multiple aspects of a black individual’s life.
          In addition, many white people (from Europe and decedents of slave owners show racism towards black people). I’m not saying racism towards any group is justified, but I know there are some racist black people out there, however, to say that white Americans have taken the place of black Americans as the primary targets of discrimination is truly ludicrous.

        • Celeste

          Do you tell people to move on from 9-11? How about moving on from Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride, Kendrick Johnson… so many examples, so little time. My point here is that American slavery is a system that was set up and led to legislation that created disparities and inequalities based on race. People are being murdered and oppressed through stop and frisk (racial profiling) and Stand Your Ground laws that disproportionately impact African Americans today.

          In other words, you benefit from the system and it’s naive to claim that you don’t.

          • Herman

            Blacks are using stand your ground just as much as whites in courts, better get your facts straight instead of listening to Jesse, Sharton and the MSNBC “MADCOW”. Plus Travon Martin was never about stand your ground in court, so another flat out lie. It was only in the minds of PC media and race baiters. If you look at the wealth of information on Mr. Martin, some facts are indisputable. Martin posted on Facebook stating he is a drug dealer, he calls him self a “gangsta”, hardened street fighter and routinely high on “Lean or Drank” which is made from the can of drink he had, skittles and cough syrup. Plus the videos at the store show him making drug deals outside the store where he bought them. His friend he was on the phone with gave live TV interviews after the trial where she said she lied in court and Travon went back to jump Zimmerman.

            Plus saying “Stop and Frisk” is murdering people is flat our wrong and a symptom of typical PC lying of the race baiters.

        • Michael

          Brett, you are who the article is talking about. It’s easy for you to want to just ‘move on’ when you are NOT facing the same prejudice that black people STILL DO when applying for a job, insurance, mortgage, etc. Racism has real life impacts on people’s ability to move up in the world, and you are not the one being held back by it.

        • Scarlett O’Hara

          What you fail to consider is that your family’s experience and that of the average African American family’s experience are two distinctly different things. First, let’s address the fact that your family had the option of choosing to leave Ireland and Italy and come to America. Nearly every person of African descent in this country did not have that option. Consequently there is a difference between Immigration and forced Migration. The slave trade was forced. Secondly, for over 500 years there have been laws enacted in the Constitution, Colonial laws and later state laws that regulated specifically people of African descent. I am referencing the 3/5th human clause in the Constitution, which has yet to be overturned. Also various states who used slave codes and black codes as a separate law to control African descended people in ALL of the original colonial states and southern states. I have yet to see any law overturning or nullifying these laws. These laws helped to reinforce various structural and institutional disparities.
          Whereas many European ‘immigrants’ came to the U.S. while the Western hemisphere was practicing an amnesty immigration policy, anchor baby policy fueled by the 14th amendment after the abolition of chattel slavery through the early 1900′s. This was solely for the purpose of offsetting the African population. The Naturalization act of 1789 forbade any others except those of English descent to come to the U.S. and be citizens. There were a few exceptions. This law was relaxed in order to whiten the U.S. There were few local laws on the books that restricted anything that Irish or Italians, since you brought those two groups up, that have continued to this day. Read “The History of White People” to get a better understanding. And regarding this comment about ‘just get over it’. You wouldn’t dare say that to or about any other group. There were plenty of Irish who were slave overseers, police officers (Northeast), Patrollers, etc who helped willingly to maintain the system. These people are documented. Since you made it a personal response, if it hadn’t been for some Scots-Irish men raping my grandmothers, I wouldn’t even be here. Do you expect me to be grateful for this? Think about it.

        • Guy Weston

          I don’t think people calling your ancestors “micks or dagos” is even comparable to them being enslaved,separated from their families and lynched.

    • Dan

      All racism is stupid and horrible. That being said, I just have make a historical point…Americans didn’t actually enslave Africans ( though obviously were a huge factor in the slave trade, which is just as wrong ); some African tribes enslaved other African tribes and then sold them to Europeans, who brought them over to the U.S.

      • Mark Fox

        Not really a point, more of a footnote. Even though Africans enslaved Africans to participate in the slave trade that doesn’t means Americans weren’t enslavers. Involuntary servitude is enslavement at any all points in that equation.

      • FactCheck1212

        Slavery did not work in Africa as it did in the US. The slaves of Africa were war criminals, thieves, etc. Whether or not it makes it right is another debate however.

      • Victor Douglas

        The fact that Europeans invading the Americas who needed labor because indentured servants did not suffice saw sub-Saharan blacks as a commodity to be exploited and from which to profit. Seeing blacks as a commodity instead of as a people incentivized the slave trade and created a market where none was before. Yes, African sold other Africans into slavery, just like there are blacks in the police forces and military in the employ of the elite; but the Europeans created the market; justified with biblical reference (sons of Ham); deemed themselves naturally superior and, therefore, natural rulers; and grossly profited from it (at least an elite percentage of Europeans / Americans). A slave market that resulted in over 50,000,000 (yes million) Africans being uprooted and transported from their homes in a process the resulted in up to 2/3 of them dying. It certainly wasn’t European generosity and hospitality now was it?

  • Sean D. McGuire

    I’m a white person and personally I think the white folks in this study need to pull their heads out of their derriere’s.

    • Margaret Robinson

      I agree with you.

    • Bob

      To your point, perhaps. I’m a white person, too, and I wish you would learn how to properly use apostrophes.

    • Wendy Burnett

      Agreed! As long as whites aren’t being murdered only because they’re white, any discrimination we face is minor compared to what our black friend deal with every day.

    • Leo Adan

      Right you are.

    • Scarlett O’Hara

      I think that some of the commenters on this topic need to pull their heads out of their behinds and put it in some meaningful literature.

  • someblack guy

    If you can get a house, table, money, not get stop or frisked, money, a 5 million dollar loan to start a buissness, chances are you are a white man….we have faced these challenges and dicrimination still today but we as black people need to stop blaming but at the same damn time your system also need to stop being byist toward people of color. Racism still exist today cuz we focus more on prefrence then the advancement of our human race. Now if many of those folk new more of their history the would have know about the south african labs trying to create a bacteria to kill off blacl africans as well as sterlization and these scientist are just ridiclioud on not knowing the human genome of the archtype. So yea we delt with slavery and mostreatment for omany centuries but i guess people forgot that two. Now if our own goverment aristocrates stated its a perk to be a white male…i dont know how more racist it gets more then that!!!! Open your damn eyes people.

    • Lauren

      Read a book, and learn how to spell. Then, and only then will people listen to you. PEOPLE, because we are all cut from the same cloth, are products of their surroundings. While some people have more privileged backgrounds than others, we are all accountable for ourselves. When people start focusing on their own accountability, is when we will see prosperity. There are countless resources available for the less privileged. Anyone can start a business, create an app, go to school to learn a trade, or make a difference. The question is, are they willing to work for it? Chances are, no.

      • Lauren

        And in addition, ‘someblack guy’, it is illegal to discriminate against a black person in this country, however, it is not illegal to discriminate against women: My insurance is more expensive because I am a woman. Women make less money than men, despite education and experience.

        These are facts.

        If you feel as if you have been discriminated against, please file a lawsuit. I’m sure you could find a lawyer who would be willing to take on your case, as the earnings would be VERY large, not to mention your case would have national coverage.

        Get a grip, apply for a grant, and take your ass to college. God knows you need it if you can’t see the difference between ‘two’ & ‘too’


        somewhite woman

        • Andrea in Vermont

          Lauren, spelling has nothing to do with passion and meaning. “someblackguy” is speaking truth – take a step down from your pedestal and listen.

          I too am a woman. I am the white mother of two Black sons. And what I can tell you is that I live, every day, every hour, with fear in my heart. Fear that they will be stopped for “driving while black.” Fear that they will be face-planted on the sidewalk by a police officer who doesn’t think they should be walking on the neighborhood where our family lives. Fear that when they go off to college or work, there will come some moment when a summary execution occurs – at the hands of some civilian or officer of the law who sees nothing more than a young Black man, and who reads that tiny bit of information as suspicious and dangerous.

          I also hold love in my heart. I work exceptionally hard to try to hold more love than fear. Some days, that is very, very difficult to do.

          Your white privilege is showing, Lauren. How about showing some compassion, curiosity, and *respect* instead. We would all do well to do the same.

          • Unto

            I’m not living in USA so I have to ask is this fear based on reality or is it more like cultural belief.

            … and if it’s real what can be done? From my point of view the only way to “correct” things is that black people live continue living noble life and fight every single injustice one by one.

            In Finland we have similar discussion about gender equality. Everything at the reach of politicans have been corrected and now we are in endless discussion why women’s income is lower … the problem is that you can’t do anything on level of laws or state … we have moved to phase where decisions are made on the level of individuals and day to day decisions.

            On this level changes are slower and “oppressed” have to fight one fight at time … if there is need.

          • Benjamin Cooley Hall

            The fear of racial violence in the U. S. is very much based on reality. The enduring patriarchal oppression (sexism) that you describe in Finland sounds like it has something in common with the entrenched dimensions of White privilege in the U. S. For that reason, I disagree with your suggestion that each member of the oppressed group must simply address each incident of oppression as it occurs and hope that things will change. Both there and here, I believe that change will require all people, especially including those who benefit from the enduring oppression (Whites, males), to change both beliefs and actions. For example, if a corporation hires a lot of Black people or a lot of women, has that remedied the power imbalance? For the answer, take a look at the CEO and Board of Directors of the corporation (or at the Congress or Parliament or legislative body of the government): are all people represented fairly at that level? If not, the change is too superficial to really promote justice and equity.

  • Steven Saus

    The study – while intriguing – has some serious flaws. Selection bias from the respondents (online recruitment) and they neglect (though acknowledge in a note) “the potential moderating role of other demo-
    graphic factors such as respondents’ state of residence and income,
    as well as psychological factors such as respondents’ political
    ideologies and race-related attitudes”.

    Or in other words: It’s a start. More research is necessary.

    • northwesterner

      Very good point! One study just isn’t going to cut it!

  • Jan Simmons

    What part f Oregon are YOU talking about? Exudes Portland..?

  • Taisen M Spring

    I was talking about all of Oregon in general. Either way, I don’t see it as a real issue whatsoever. Racism is dying out, however there are stupid people who will find any reason to divide people so that they can make themselves look better because of social insecurity. I forgot to mention that the worst racism and pointless hate can actually be seen today in Israel specifically coming from the Zionists. I support Jews against Zionism 100%. Youtube ‘Jews against Zionism’ to see what I mean.

  • Paul Quirk

    It’s remarkable that the people discussing this issue today were neither slaves nor slave owners. Those are the people that need to have the discussion, and I’m pretty sure they all died a long time ago. The racism they taught still lives on, so the hate lives on. It’s something irrational that’s taught to children when they’re young and impressionable, like religion, so they grow up believing in it like they believe in Jesus. My feelings are that, if we teach children critical thinking skills at this young and impressionable age, they may simply reason themselves out of racist ways of thinking and behaving. Instead of the 3 R’s, we could have the four R’s: Reading, wRiting, aRithmatic, and Reason.

    • Urza Wolf

      Racism did not stop with slavery. There were public lynchings of Black folk less than 50 years ago. Earlier this year, a young unarmed Black woman (Renisha McBride)lost her cellphone and needed help so she knocked on a door and was promptly shot in the head. Racism kills black folk even in this “post-racial” society and is not just an issue of the past.

      • Leo Adan

        Excellent comments

      • Tashie

        not long after the travon martin case, a white boy was beaten up and shot for walking around in a predominately black neighborhood. There’s racism for everyone

      • steve

        I could be wrong, but I thought the homeowner who shot the lady was also black.

        • Chaveevah Ferguson

          You are wrong. The homeowner who shot the woman was white. He claimed to be afraid [and therefore wouldn't open the door in response to her knocking], but as she started to LEAVE, he opened the door to SHOOT her at point blank range.

    • Ann Persand

      its actually not remarkable at all considering that what was created was actually an economic, social & political system which was created that still exists today. race as a category was only created to justify a slave economy; there is no way to reason yourself out of the entire environmental context in which you live.

      • Ron Drake

        West Africans were captured and impressed into American chattel slavery because of their resistance to malaria–a disease which debilitated other ethnicities that tried to work in mosquito-infested fields. It’s that simple. America wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

    • Tricia

      I was not taught racism, growing up as a black person showed me what racism is….so I call moot on your point….oh and hear this I’m not an american, I’m from the Caribbean so its not only a foreign thing

  • Nova Sankofa

    Only White peoplein America can be considered racist. Whites may experience prejudice or bigotry, but not racism. Until those prejudices keep them from getting jobs, going to certain schools,humiliated and murdered by police with no consequences,Whites haven’t experienced racism.

    • Steve Browne

      Are you serious that only White people can be considered racist? Do you even know what “racism” is? If you had bothered to look up the definition it says “poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race. : the belief that some races of people are better than others”. Any race can be and have been guilty of racism. And it goes further than Black and White. There have been racism against Latinos, Italians, Poles, and every possible ethnic group. I shake my head when I see a statement as blatantly false as this one~

      • PsycheMe

        Actually, in any higher education that clarifies the terms racism, prejudice, discrimination, etc… there is a clear distinction that racism operates on the basis of PRIVELEDGE. It is the reward factor of that priveledge, that intrinsically motivates negligence to objectivity regarding the nature of colorism for White Americans. Such academic research on White Habitus (read “When Whites Flock Together”)and the nature of Whites as an independent culture are only now becoming a focused intent of scientific inquiry. There is an overwhelming body of evidence of stats that span back essentially to the beginning of America’s formation on the function and consequential nature of colorism. However, due to the nature of priveledge as a reward and the deeply ingrained prejudices against dark skin that exists in Whites, the prevalant attitude that “white is right” without regard to the destructive nature of homogenity (applying to all nature) is to painful psychically to be brought to consciousness. So too are the aggressions of the forefathers without which their immorality against humankind would not concede the the disparities that exist based on stratified colorism. In manners of the reality of tolls of deaths of humans at the hand of oppression Whites are to Blacks what Nazis were to Jews, (and worse numerically) but they cannot admit it as long as the system favors and encourages it. Which it clearly does. Abusive people never think they are abusive until they experience reprimand, which White Americans have yet to experience.

        • Jordan K

          That article was very interesting. However, I dont think explaining to white people that they are perpetrators of genocide, too scared to accept that fact, and inherently racist to dark skin is the best way to create any change, considering many of them probably do not self-identify as such. The article also speaks of the possibility that whites attribute bonuses to other whites rather than actually hating minorities. It’s not fair, but its not hatred. it’s increased trust and acceptance amongst the “in-group”.

          And i agree thate whites are a racialized group. And as a group, whites have their own issues, varying issues, and unique issues. Not all of their issues are about how much they secretly despise blacks. We talk an awful lot about the effects of history on identity, but as much as history DOES effect identity, it is not solely responsible for it. In other words, there is a lot more going on here than simply either “white is right” or whites trying to subjugate everybody. Would it be so difficult to accept that perhaps some of the issues that effect whites negatively do exist, irregardless of the racial status of other groups? I mean, not everybody likes being perceived as either wealthy or “temporarily poor” (maybe this is why failed white people experience such high rates of suicide? you know when they settle for being white trailer trash after an economic collapse after being bred for hegemonic power for the first twenty years of their lives), inclined to racism (because anytime a white person says ANYTHING remotely uneducated about anybody else its racism, and well, sometimes it is, but sometimes it isnt), descendent of slave owner (some are), culturally insensitive (fixable), and ignorant (also fixable). Those are labels too. Yes, other groups have racial problems that are unique to their situations and at this point in time clearly disadvantage them more economically and socially, but we will do each other a huge favour if we ALL acknowledge and work with each other’s cultural and individual narratives. Most white people don’t “get it”, but how can they? It’s not like they are going to understand by just gettting up and walking in some opressed guy’s shoes, unless well, they’ve experienced opression themselves in some way or another.

      • lorraine sweet

        Structural/institutional racism involves a POWER dynamic that creates discrimination based on the biological determinant of skin color. Blacks lack the power dynamic to discriminate and thus CAN hold prejudices and be bigoted, but not “racist”

        • Leo Adan

          Lorraine–last two posts. Right as rain. Thank you both for speaking my thoughts so well.

    • open mind open heart

      So you are saying whites have experienced racism. Goes both ways and to say you have walked in someone else shoes is ignorant. To not care about how someone is treated due to being black, white, red, yellow, all the way to tie die is heartless. (And this is to a post above about history, slavery didn’t start out about color; it was about who they could capture to make money.Black on Black/ African on African).

    • Anon

      Well good to know they have then. Just take the time to look up Polish people, Irish people, Welsh people, Scottish people, Jewish People. I am sure there is more.

      If you have no plight for Polish peoples I don’t know what to say. There are even Polish people jokes.

      And where I live in the states, if you are white, you don’t speak much English because there are a lot of people who immigrated from places where slavic languages are spoken and people belittle them all the time because they talk funny. They are targets because some people think the cold war is still going on.

      In the USA racism is defined by judging someone based on skin color or nationality. People think that all people who speak slavic languages are Russian and that is not true. People will shout out “beat up the Ruski”! because they think it is somehow funny.

      Have you seen Rocky and Bullwinkle? Try it sometime. If you don’t think it is racist… well it is. And those characters happen to be white in skin color but technically Russians can be either Europian or Asian.

      People in the USA have also been very racist against German foriegn exchange students by constantly equating all Germans with Nazis… which isn’t true either. And that is a racist statement. Unlike people who sound Russian to the American ear, I doubt someone who sounds German will have the same effect because most German people I have met so far don’t have a stereotypical accent.

      By calling people with white skin white people, you are ignoring the vast differences and cultural history that “white people” come from. Many white people don’t know where they came from. And some white people’s family heiratage did start off in this country as indentured servents.

      • Alex

        My friend, Russian People, Polish People etc. are European. Just because they are not American does not mean they are not white. We just call caucasian white here in America.

    • http://n/a mymyselfandI

      I’m a Caucasian male. I say that because I don’t consider myself to be “white” or for that matter do I consider “white” to be a race at all. So if white isn’t a race, how can others be racist against it? I agree that people who consider themselves as part of some mythical white race have never experienced true racism. They have experienced prejudice and/or bigotry. But they haven’t experienced racism. Therefore I consider such a line of questioning as a bit idiotic. Yet for some reason people feel a need to explore such a ludicrous line of questioning. Why?

      Undoubtedly, racism does exist. Racism by its very nature is ignornace. It is so ignorant, it has a whole lot of people believing that there is a “white race” in the world. By not knowing or ignoring this simple truth, it is that much easier to deceive people into further racist beliefs and behaviors.

      Finally, I abhor racism in any form or fashion. So if any find me to be racist in any way at all, please point out my flaw so I can elimininate it from myself. I want to live free of such an ignorant kind of hate that I would love anyone no matter the color of their skin…or the lack of it.

      • Alex

        However I assume you do not call “black’s” Africans…..

    • Daniel

      “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

      prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.”

      Racism is not the institutionalized disadvantages that blacks face in America, racism is the cause. Racism is a -categorical hate- for someone of another race. Period. Racism exists WORLDWIDE, between members of almost EVERY culture. It has existed for THOUSANDS of years, and will continue to exist.

      You can’t just change the definition of a word because you think your people suffered more under it’s name than another. Black slavery in America is barely a drop in the bucket compared to slavery as it’s existed throughout the ages….or exists today. As long as humans exist they will try to jockey power over one another.

      I’ll tell you exactly the type of thing that causes some whites to say they feel racism;

      When you grow up being the only white student (an immigrant, nonetheless) in your K-12 career being spat on, tied down, beaten on, and bullied because of what ‘your people’ did to slaves back then. When black teachers vilify all whites and make classes more difficult and grades work much more harshly.

      When colleges, grad schools, medical schools, etc. are forced to have some sort of racial stratification in their acceptance rates.

      No more is it about your ability to succeed in school via application, for some (not all), they just happen to get in because they just happen to be of the right ethnic (OR ECONOMIC, IT’S NOT ALL ETHNIC) background.

      This isn’t equality. Being forced to suffer consequences of a skewed game I had no part of skewing in the first place isn’t a solution.

      I’m all for education equality

      I’m all for equality in general, but it’s just that.

      We have to draw the line somewhere and say okay, you’ve got enough of a boost, it’s time to ride on your own abilities.

      In my mind ideally that starts in colleges.

      Unfortunately, as others have said. There is still a lot of categorical white-on-black racism.

      Colleges and employers can’t be trusted to look past race because they are really 12 year olds. So we have to litigate the fairness to make sure it at least TRIES to happen.

      But to all the normal, reasonable human beings it just seems like an unfair leg up.

      I’m in the music world, and in that world we have blind auditions. The person listening to you play has no idea what gender you are or what ethnicity, they have a number and that’s it. They pick the best number and whoever it is gets the gig.

      Maybe more things should be like that, instead of FOCUSING on the race of the person, we make it not a factor.

      That is when Racism will truly begone, when we stop considering it altogether.

      • Rhea

        You suggest getting rid of racism by avoiding the issue of race altogether. That’s actually less helpful. It doesn’t make us better people to ignore (or pretend to ignore) something like race. It’s too late for that. What needs to be done is for us to stop associating stuff with race. That is easier said than done, especially since race is tied up in so many other factors. But avoiding the issue of race because it’s been a problem for decades, or because it makes people uncomfortable to confront, or the majority feels its power slowly slipping away, or whatever…that’s no solution.

      • Tinysistah

        The money for colleges is within the white community. Actually, the money for everything is within the white community. There is still some disdain in white hearts toward black people. I have seen white communities become complete black communities because a black family moved in down the block. When a Hispanic/Black president was voted in by its constituents in our church, there was a mass exodus of white pastors and admins from our conference.

        If someone who is bullied by another bigger older more powerful person turns around one day and slaps the bully in the face, is that someone now a bully? Or is there another word for that? If a father verbally abuses his son for 17 years and then on his 18th birthday the son looks at his aged father and says “f u, Dad”, do we call the son abusive, or is there another word for that? Are the son and the someone being bullied really in the same category as the bully and the father?

        Undoubtedly, there will come a point when the someone being bullied and the son become the bully and the abuser. Maybe.

        I think there is a level of ignorance when we try to equate the “racism” of black people to that of the racism of white people. There must be another word for it.

        Arguably, hate is hate. But judgement is usually less black and white than that.

  • Andy Finney

    I think there are some serious issues regarding discrimination against both whites and blacks. But I do not think that blacks face the same amount of racism today that they may have gone through 50 years ago, and I think that, yes, white people may experience a little more racism than they did 50 years ago. Sadly, what I hear in the business community is something similar to the following statement:
    ” The only way NOT to be racist is to hire applicant ‘A’ who is black, even though applicant ‘B’, who is white is more qualified based on educational background and work experience. But if I hire the best fit for the company, I’m a racist. ”

    In other words, some morons are fixing racism with racism!!! Instead of shunning black people, we’ll shun the white people!! That isn’t a fix, it’s a turn-about!!

    If we want racism fixed and gone from things like business hiring for example, then we must get rid of the affirmative action laws!!! It is racially and gender biased to ORDER a company to hire a woman or a person of another race if a white man is qualified!!! Part of hiring for a company is knowing during interviews who is a good fit for the company through (A) educational background – do they have the degree that is needed, (B) work experience – do they have the experience in this job that we wish to bring onboard and that we think will be most helpful in our future endeavors, and ( C ) does their personality and attitude seem like a good fit with the rest of the team members with whom they will be working. You do NOT hire based on the color of skin or what dangles or doesn’t dangle from between their thighs!!

    But its laws like the Affirmative Action laws that KEEPS racism around. News pushing white on black or black on white or asian on white crimes as something major or bigger than they are. But the only black on black crime I hear about it shooting, and the only time I hear about white on white crime is robbery or man kills wife. We ALLOW or government and news agencies to control what stories we hear and see. Start hearing and seeing fro yourselves and we will see and end to racism.

    But back to the matter at hand… WHITE FOLKS!! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR DAMNED MINDS?!?!? We are being oppressed now?!?!? Phhhttttttt!!!

    • Rhea

      Unfortunately, though, we know that in the absence of AA, the white man always had a boost simply by virtue of his being white and male. It’s been proven that in the case of similar credentials and qualifications, a white man gets a boost over a black man, a white woman, and a black woman. Let’s get rid of the AA laws, and we continue to have the same problem, it’s just that the white men aren’t complaining anymore…

      • Tinysistah

        Perhaps we should have blind interviews for jobs with voice masking. That way, we can be sure we hire the person best suited for the job without the influence of sight and sound to bias our choices.

    • me

      I understand your point. But the black person may not be as qualified as the white person BECAUSE he is black and didnt have the opportunity to receive the same education or experience as the white person.

  • Jannet Messer

    As a southerner I see racism everyday from both races. I was a white child is a predominantly black high school, I was jumped by a group of black students who called me cracker and “white bitch” during the attack. As an adult I have not experienced this intensity of hatred but I have been harassed at work by coworkers and managers, again where I was a minority. One manager cursed at me and even shoved me, at another job I was referred to as “cracker” by coworkers until I quit. On the other hand I saw my ex boyfriend who was black get rude treatment from white people, he was so inured to it he didn’t realize it was racism. People who discriminate against the opposite race are the minority, even where I live, and it is the responsibility of the rest of us to treat everyone we come in contact with with kindness and respect to put a stop to the cycle of hatred and counteract the rough treatment that we all, at some point, experience.

  • College Student

    Using a 10 point likert scale has to lack reliability and validity. There are way to many options for this questionnaire. Try again.

  • Christina

    It is not essential if one race is suffering worse than the other. It is only essential that both sides come to an agreement that the only forward progression is forgiveness and acceptance. Unfortunately, the black American (as a whole) has more wounds to heal than the white American (as a whole), more steps to take, more mountains to climb. It makes the truth of the past a problem of the present, but not without warranting a solution. Yes, I can imagine effects are still felt as the world did not simply materialize mansions into Harlem or make a serious atonement for their crime.

    I say that the healthy people of the world who can be aware without judging and can be truthful without being biased, are the ones who should be in positions of power to change us from thinking like a victim to thinking like a human capable of love and the acceptance of all.

    It is hard to do that when we are arguing semantics about who is hurt worse.

  • Reneegede

    Not according to the Justice Department and the FBI

    Racial bias

    In 2012, law enforcement agencies reported that 3,297 single-bias hate crime offenses were racially motivated. Of these offenses:

    66.1 percent were motivated by anti-black bias.
    22.4 percent stemmed from anti-white bias.
    4.1 percent resulted from anti-Asian/Pacific Islander bias.
    4.1 percent were a result of bias against groups of individuals consisting of more than one race (anti-multiple races, group).
    3.3 percent were motivated by anti-American Indian/Alaskan Native bias. (Based on Table 1.)
    F B I

  • Christine

    Anybody who believes that needs to get their head checked. It goes to show that many in this country are ignorant, sheltered to a flaw, very sad!

  • Edward

    Let me dumb down the conversation a bit… The fact that you’re even having this discussion proves a certain point. Many of the comments are trying very hard to prove whites in general as racist. Isn’t that racist in itself to see white skin and label them? Reality is, there will always be a group of idiots from every race or ethnic background that doesn’t like another. The majority of white people simply don’t care what your race or ethnic background is. I think there’s a certain sense of racism when a black or Hispanic person claims they have a harder time qualifying for loans, education, wealth, jobs, etc. When I was in school, as a white person with a 4.0, did not qualify for any scholarships or grants. However, a Hispanic gentleman received a full scholarship for “most improved”. He went from failing to a 1.5-something. We see black and Hispanic people in very high positions, special loan programs for those of ethnic backgrounds and so on. I fail to see how that’s lack of opportunity. It’s a double standard to segregate white people from things such as Ms Black America, but racist if there was ever Ms White America. Look at Obama or Holder…. They are where they are, whether you like them or not, because of hard work. I promise nether of them hung out on street corners whith their pants sagging, tatoo on their neck, etc. which I see more and more in every race. The thug calling racism because he dressed up like a criminal to go to an interview at the bank. I personally believe the racism card gets used because its become a free pass. The reality is white, black, Hispanic or whatever you are… Life isn’t easy, nothing comes easy and nobody cares about your color or background until YOU point it out and start using it because something didnt go your way.

    • Lauren


  • Cillasi

    I think whites are losing their privilege faster than their sense of entitlement and that insecurity has led to the belief that racism is the cause. It hasn’t been too long ago that competition for jobs, housing, education and other economic benefits basically excluded everyone but whites. Even if candidates of other races or ethnic backgrounds applied, they posed no real economic threat. Economics is the fuel that drives racism. Economic stability or instability serves to define “us” and “them.” Things are still skewed in favor of whites in most parts of the country, but it isn’t as done a deal as it used to be.

  • Celeste

    Stephanie M. Wildman, in her book “Privilege Revealed: How Invisible Preference Undermines America,” writes that many Americans who advocate a merit-based, race-free worldview do not acknowledge the systems of privilege which benefit them. For example, many Americans rely on a social and sometimes even financial inheritance from previous generations. She argues that this inheritance is unlikely to be forthcoming if one’s ancestors were slaves. This new racism is a way to avoid the topic of racism and accusations of racial discrimination by historically marginalized and oppressed groups such as African Americans.

    This “new racism” operates under the assumption that we are living in a world that is “post-race.” This includes lines of reasoning such as “My ancestors didn’t own slaves” without looking at the larger social mechanisms in which racism operates. In an article in the journal New Directions for Student Services, Nancy Evans and Robert Reason argued that color-blindness fails to see the “structural, institutional, and societal” levels at which inequalities occur.

  • Juan

    oohhh the alleged “reverse racism”or “anti-white racism”is just mere BS. Are ther racism againts whites? sure, but nothing compared with an institutionalized and sterotypical form of racism than non-whites, especially blacks, are living

  • Changa Masomakali

    Wow. great discussion. But usually white people and black people are talking about 2 different things when it comes to racism.



    Until white people understand that black folks have a deeper understanding of racism, the way this country works and how it all affect white and black people, then this conversation and the country will not move forward.

  • Kelly

    Being white and from the south I can say there were times when I was made to feel different and unwanted on purpose.
    Slavery has happened in every country and to every ethnic group.
    If the black people think they had it hard, they probably ought to talk to some older Jewish people who were driven out of countries for their religion.
    African Blacks sold other African blacks to slave traders, for profit.
    There are still ethnic groups around the world that are enslaved, currently and right now. If the idea of someone having their rights taken and having their futures decided by those who only see profit, get off your high horse and activity do something about slavery around the world.
    Yes there is racism on both sides, there is racism between Puerto Ricans and Mexicans. Head over to Ireland and look at the protestant and catholic. America has hardly been the worst and we are activitly changing how view people and cultures (most of us are trying to anyway).
    Downsizing how other people feel they are treated as a group does not justify or validate how you have, or your ancestors have, been treated.

    • KDelphi

      Seems to be mostly southerners who feel that way—must mean something! (about them)

      Of course there is white on black racism in US, it was part of the founding (slavery). Soon, whites will be a minority and then what? I think the US is doomed, because there is just a general lack of giving a damn about each other…cannot last. In fact, is south split again, i think they should be allowed to go. No questions asked

    • Aaron

      I will agree with you to some extent, that slavery is not factored exclusively among African Americans here in the United States, however there is a phycological difference as well as a material difference to the types of oppression and length of it compared to other racial groups. Albeit, Jews in my opinion historically would be most comparable to the suffering experienced by Blacks considering what they went through as a Race. That does not mean that you should belittle another Race or oppression with terms like “get off your high horse.” I would like to point out that our horse is not high (if we even have one) precisely because racism and antiblackness still exist in the modern world. You should not compare Jews, to the experience of Blacks to deligitimize one or the other. That is inherently problematic.

      The second point I would like to point out is that, you mentioned that there was still slavery in the modern world and that should be an excuse to stop complaining about the social morality of things. No. Just plain and simple. I would make the argument that; that system functions to maintain the dominance of the European/Eurocentric Race (Whites) in effort to gtain labor. That is an independent factor in that cause existing. African Americans can’t change that precisely because we are still going through our own struggle.

    • Aaron

      Also, I would like to correct you on the comparisson between the violence going on between protestents and catholics in other countries that you speak of. Uhhhh…. That’s not racism. It is not in either definition because it has nothing to do with Race. That is religion and theology. Must have the facts straight.

      In fact, the protestent reformation and the Catholic desripiancy started in Europe independent of Race and racism. It was a scrupple between upper/middle class citezens of mideival Europe in attempt to reform the Catholic Church during the protestent reformation.

  • Zaidi

    If that’s what they (white people) feel, then it confirms just how far down they are into the bottomless pit of Denial! Either that, or THEY’RE INSANE!

  • felipe

    according to the 2010 census, there were 223,553,265 white people in the USA and these researchers talked to 209 of them or 0.00000093%, or less than 1/1,000,000 of 1%. The sample size for blacks was a little better clocking in at 0.0000053% of the population of 38,929,319.

    Does anybody reading this think that survey group so infinitesimally small (for both blacks and whites) actually yields accurate results for either group as a whole?

    Not to mention that geographic scope of the study is so vague as to be pointless. You could ask 1 person from each state their opinions and the remaining 158/159 responses could be from the deep south, yet the researchers could still honestly state it was a ‘nationwide’ poll.

  • Deb

    Please understand that the definition of racism is that one’s own race is superior to others. Whites suffer from prejudice and bigotry, but not racism. In the U.S. whites are the majority holders of racial superiority as the concepts of race and racism were built to support the African slave trade. Go to:

    CREATING RACE tells the story of how the idea of race in the United States was forged in response to economic, social, and political forces. An increasing dependence on forced labor in the 17th and 18th centuries resulted in the transition from indentured servitude to a legalized system of permanent slavery of Africans, imported in increasing numbers to the United States. This system of oppression did not go unchallenged; many pointed out the hypocrisy of slavery in light of an American Revolution espousing equality and democratic ideals. To rationalize this contradiction, white political elites raised questions about whether blacks were somehow biologically different and inferior. Scientists, embedded in the culture of their time, presumed existing human variation supported this notion.

  • Kiffanik

    This is what happens when the dictionary is controlled by white people, they get to manipulate words. “Racism” used to be about actions and behaviors that had tangible effect on life, until white people needed to be victims of it to. Now it’s feelings and a whole bunch of bs. When people of color talk institutional racism we are talking about the fact that a white person with a criminal record is more likely to be called back about a job than a black person with no record. We’re talking about educational policies re – written to penalize the poor right after the Civil Rights Movement while we were still economically locked out. We’re talking about whole towns of black homes and businesses destroyed out of fear of competition. A drug policy that sent coke dealers to college and crack dealers to prison. A systematic attack on our personhood to the point that a white person taking a black life is 300% more likely to get off than if they take a white life. I could go on and on and on and on. Let’s be clear, racism isn’t about liking people. White people have always liked- been entertained by, attracted to, willing to allow their children to be raised by, black people. They’ve respected and stolen our ideas since we got hear (smallpox vaccination came from a slave) that has never done us a singular bit of collective food. Privilege is the right to not know, hence the prevalence of people who have no clue what they are talking about. Most white people couldn’t survive being black in this country for a month.

  • David G

    Equality is about taking power from a historically favored group and redistributing that power to historically oppressed, typically, minority groups. In the context of the US I have no doubt that some whites, in particular, older white males, view the current atmosphere of the US as anti-white and racist against them. In actuality, it is simply an equalization of power. A simply analogy. If you’ve always been used to riding in the front seat, and never had anyone ask you, or demand of you to ride in the back with everyone else ,you might find those sudden demands or requests as discriminatory or hostile–that everyone else is picking on you. The reality is they are not. It’s simple math. In order for everyone to win equally, those who hold a monopoly on power and privilege must be willing to cede some of those very things.

    • Edward

      Also, while a great analogy about sitting in the front seat, I think something missed in “equality” is why that person is sitting in the front seat. That front seat is generally earned, therefore there is a natural push-back when someone else feels the right to that seat for the sake of equality rather than the actual achievement that earns the seat. I personally worked long, hard hours to earn my seat. I spent my time sitting in the back seat and even walking, with envy of anybody that had a seat. Now it seems “equality” becomes the argument to skip the walking stage, sitting in the back seat and jump straight to the front. It’s not racist to have that push-back… I’ll happily move over when you “equally” earn my seat.

      • Jen W

        “Why that person is sitting in the front seat”….”That front seat is generally earned.” Now there’s a theme for a huge discussion. I used to get angry when anyone mentioned “white privilege” because I knew my parents both worked their way up from poor family situation, and had no “privileged” background. I just did not understand that “white privilege” refers to the unequal “playing field” set up in society through centuries of domination of the legal, economic and financial systems, set up purposely to consolidate power. The resulting privilege I experience today is that by being a white “well-spoken” female I find it not so hard to get a job or a place to live, and a police officer would never dream of stopping and frisking me. How is that my personal achievement?

  • Sean Young

    What some of you are failing to realize is that racism in our day and age stems from the lack of understand between different races and cultures. Not often do people of different races and different social classes socialize with each other. For example, it isn’t likely that you would see a rich Caucasian family having a picnic with a poor African American or Black at a park together often. People tend to stick with those who live a similar lifestyle as thiers. Which usually means the rich Whites stick together. The poor whites stick together. The rich blacks stick together. And the poor blacks stick together. Because of this, both races aren’t very connected. This is the barrier. Then we watch tv and see people of different colors and are made to believe that the depictions are true. Also, in some families, parent teach their children elitism, where the child is made to believe that their race is superior to others.Then, we are taught of these people through school, where we learn about all the ‘great whites’ and the oppressed blacks. This in my opinion is where the hate and racism builds. We all get different stories depending on who we learn from. I believe that whites definitely have it better because more often than not, they learn their history from their own race, in opposed to blacks and other races who usually learn from whites as well (because regardless of race, teachers are taught from the same books too). My point is, if we all understood each others cultures, and maybe got out of our segregated boxes, maybe we all wouldn’t be forced to accept the racist prejudices that we all inherit simply because we are afraid to ‘cross the train tracks’.

  • Edward

    Well, I also think (based on commentary above) that the definition of “racism” is manipulated to support individual arguments and positions. For example where a white person is saying “I have nothing against others with different ethnic backgrounds” you see the definition change to a superiority idea from a hate issue. Then the white person replies “I don’t think I’m better than anyone” and the definition of racism changes again to support the new argument. Just as you see other comments turn racism into a question of equality and so forth. Unfortunately, the simple reality goes right back to a simple point… There is a sence of racism implied against white people if/when the definition of the word is changed and altered to suit the most convenient situation in trying to prove whites are “more racist”. If there wasn’t a strong opinion against whites, there wouldn’t be such a strong need to adjust the meaning of the word to compensate for any argument. That is racist if you’re trying that hard to place a label on a certain race.

    In the argument of different cultures, I don’t think it’s a valid argument for racism. Sure, I don’t eat dinner with most Hispanics… Has nothing to do with race, I just can’t handle some of their food choices. Just as Indian (from India) people don’t want anything to do with my love for beef. It’s not racial at all, just different cultures and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s cute to say “let’s all get along” and learn to understand, but again as mostly adults that have tried different things, we know what we like and what we don’t. It’s not a race issue, “just not my thing” and the person that can’t accept that answer probably does have a racial or superiority issue.

  • Stewart

    “An *astounding* 11% of Caucasian respondents assigned the maximum rating of 10 to the seriousness of anti-white discrimination.”

    - 11% is not an astounding number, and no objective journalist would use that manipulative adjective in any event (and it is written by the author — not quoted).

    “Whites See Racism as a Zero-sum Game that They Are Now Losing,” According to the source-study article title.

    - By the stats cited here, at 89%, the vast majority who self-identify as Caucasian do not believe this is true to that extent. This, despite the fact that on every EOE application, applicants are indeed asked to self-dentify both racially and as male or female for “reporting” purposes — a distinction many applicants would not be sophisticated enough to decipher.

    Which brings me to this: The mere fact that the group self-identifies as Caucasian or “white” to begin with is bound to skew the results; while I might be among the 89% who don’t believe this, I never self-identify as Caucasian (or “white”) — despite being categorized that way by others — so my opinion wouldn’t be counted.

  • Joe Edwards

    I’m not surprised by the study findings but am surprised that no one in the Comments section has discussed the power of the right-wing media (specifically Fox News) in shaping the opinions of “white Americans”.

  • Benjamin Cooley Hall

    A challenge to those who believe that racism (prejudice+power+privilege) is gone in the U. S.: On April 16, 2008, Mr. Thomas McGowan was released after 37 years of wrongful imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. The photograph accompanying the story says a lot about the condition in our country today. It pictures Mr. McGowan, a Black man, between two White men, presumably his lawyers, all holding their hands together, raised up in the air in celebration. While this certainly is a joyous event, the photograph also makes a sad and sobering point. On the day when we see a photograph of two Black lawyers (both women) holding up the hands of a White man in celebration of the overturning of his wrongful conviction after decades of unjust incarceration, we can start to wonder if racism is waning. Of course, I hope this never happens to any man or woman, but the color lines in the 2008 version are not accidental.

  • Michael

    This is only in response to Brett Smithton. Why move on, but we are told to remember 9/11 etc. YOU move on! I will remember history like I’m told to and I will NOT move on and forget. Forgive yes, never forget what my 68 year old father experienced in KY. I will not forget racism against me at only 32. I am a Person Of Color. You benefit from white privelage. I am successful, but there is no telling where I’d be if I wasn’t hindered by white people. I’m done. Most white people will never understand. Only few will. Also this is my opinion. I don’t care who agrees or disagrees. I’m educated and established and I work hard and fight for advancement, but racism is real, it’s taught, and I get tired of people telling other to move on, but will remember other atrocities in history.

  • Samson

    What’s lacking is any real sense of closure; the ability to move on. Whites feel that this issue is one that is consantly dangled around their neck and as such feel resentment. That resentment is misplaced however; there has been no recompense nor national acknowledgement of the depth to which white America sunk in establishing and maintaining slavery, nor any willingness to accept ongoing discrimination. Instead there is endless backpedaling, revisionist history lessons and outright denial.

    Any real honesty would involve the asking of the victims what it would be that they need in order to move on, and then providing it, no matter the cost and regardless if whether it causes humiliation or frustration in the doing.

    The anger is misplaced, if any genuine anger is held by white America, it should be towards the generations that failed to make right what has been wrong for so long.

    This problem is not going to go away by talking about it only, nor will it be understood if white people refuse to listen or make the conversation about themselves. At the moment there is two Americas, not north and south, but black and white.

    At some point in the near future, it will be a brown America and the rest of the world will follow whether people like it or not.

    There’s a simple choice for white people who value white supremacy now; be remembered with hate or with distain.

    The time to have been remembered with kindness has well since passed.

  • Robson62

    White people were no mass enslaved by colored people in any period of history, they were never likewise forbidden to be educated, to enjoy liberties, to achieve a house, to get a job by colored people because of the fact they were white. No, there’s no way to compare at all!!!

  • Dark Age Fire

    Race is real. Genetic research has confirmed the very real differences beyond mere physical features. Race is NOT a social construct. Society is a racial construct.

    Asia for the Asians. Africa for the Africans. White countries for everybody.

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE
    problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white
    country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan,
    but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing
    in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY
    white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e.,
    intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem
    would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought
    into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE
    problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of
    genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable
    conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}™

    We can’t stop white people from believing silly things.
    All we can do is prepare and protect ourselves just in case such thoughts turn into actions. {{-_-}}

  • GoodbyeUSA

    Privilege is code used to treat people who are not racist as if they were so you can validate using the government to steal their wealth.

  • GoodbyeUSA

    Way to prejudge all “older white males”. You are what you despise. Racism will always exists because stupid humans will always think in classifications and generalities like you do.

  • GoodbyeUSA

    White people are putting the brakes on all the racial preferences favored identity groups have been receiving for decades. If you think you are frustrated now, wait til you are truly treated like everyone else.

  • GoodbyeUSA

    Yeah, like how black people cannot get into good colleges or get scholarships despite having way better grades than whites. Oh wait, that’s backwards.

  • Flibberdy Gibbet

    I love hippies. =D

  • Gina James

    You, sir, are right on target! I couldn’t care less what color or race someone is. I determine whether I want to be friends with someone based on their personality and behavior. Everyone else I know feels the same way. People who keep bringing up their color, and complaining about how another group is “oppressing” them or “holding them back” in this day and age are just looking for an excuse to not get out and make something of themselves. There are too many opportunities available to ANY previous minority group just for the asking. People, if you’re willing to work hard and make something of yourself, go to your local college or university. Get a freely available government grant. Become educated in your chosen field, and work your tail off to become successful like all other successful people do. But for Pete’s sake, if you’re not willing to apply for the grants, and work hard, then don’t complain that you’re being “held back” or “pressed down” by another race. No one is holding you back. What are you waiting for? Please take responsibility for yourself and stop blaming others for your lack of success.