Suspects Sought in the 2015 Frigid Winter Case

Who is responsible for the bone-chilling 2015 winter?

Who is responsible for the bone-chilling 2015 winter?


This year’s Winter in the U.S — December, 2014, January and February, 2015 — was one of the coldest Winters in recorded history. While the rest of the world was having a warmer than usual winter, the Eastern U.S was the undeniable exception. The most extreme weather occurred in February, but the other months had their share of severe winter chill.

Who or What was responsible for the cold winter? In connection with the super abundant snow and bone-chilling temperatures, police in various cities focused on three “persons of interest” (suspects): Jack Frost, a.k.a. Old Man Winter; Queen Elsa of Arendelle, a.k.a. the Snow Queen from Disney’s “Frozen”; and Punxsutawney Phil, a.k.a. the groundhog that comes out of hibernation February 2nd to look for his shadow.

Police in Eaton, Ohio, charged Jack Frost/Old Man Winter with “dumping snow and ice on roadways and sidewalks, leaving a wake of cold air, causing excessive shoveling and missed school days.” In Franklin Township, Pennsylvania, Frost’s charges included “criminal mischief for the breaking of water pipes in several homes and delaying traffic by dumping snow and ice on roadways.” There was also an assault charge for “nipping at the nose” of several individuals in the morning. He was suspected of hanging out with Frosty, the Snowman.

In Harlan, Kentucky, police released a BOLO (“be on look out”) for Queen Elsa whom they described as a “blonde female last seen wearing a long blue dress” and known to burst out singing “Let it Go!” They also warned citizens not to try to apprehend her alone because as the weather showed, Queen Elsa was “very dangerous”.

News Flash: According to The Adobo Chronicles “millions petition The White House to stop filming of ‘Frozen 2’.”

With reference to the groundhog, police in Merrimac, New Hampshire, cited him for his failure to disclose that six more weeks of winter meant “mountains of snow”.  There were several complaints that he was holed up in his burrow, warm and toasty. It was never clear if police in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, where Phil lives, would extradite him if he were arrested, but a ski resort about an hour from Merrimac offered Phil asylum.

As of this posting, the “persons of interest” had not been apprehended, but the harsh weather was becoming milder, leading many to conclude that the “persons of interest”  were on the run, fleeing Spring.




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