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Remember That Video of the Syrian ‘Rebels’ Loading Sarin Gas? Turns Out It Was Disinformation


We at Political Blind Spot have had an atypical approach to the Syrian conflict, yet one with which the vast majority of Syrians agree.

1. The Assad Dynasty is bad news. Hafez al-Assad was bad news when he massacred his opposition in Hama back in 1982, and his son has proven to be not only a chip off the proverbial ol’ block, but a ruthless tyrant who has murderous ambitions that surpass those of even his father.

2. The United States has no moral high ground from which to attack the Syrian Ba`athist regime.

3. Thus, an international intervention, in no-way led by the United States, seems the most logical approach to dealing with Assad.

This approach, which – again, it should be noted – reflects the feelings of the vast majority of Syrians who are neither loyalists to the regime, nor rebels, put us on the radar of the Anonymous “hacktivists” in Syria (and abroad, fighting for the people of Syria, on the electronic front).

The international “Hacktivist” group Anonymous released their video communiqué series #OpCompass#OpCompass2  and #OpCompass3 which have specifically discussed the chemical weapons attacks in Syria, and have linked the Assad Dynasty to this latest attack, in spite of significant international skepticism which blamed the attacks on the rebels.

As we wrote in the release of #OpCompass3, to the credit of our sources, we were told in advance that the United Nations report would come out and would implicate the Assad regime, while not going so far as to definitively assign guilt to him in the attacks. The specificity with which our Anonymous sources inside and in support Syria informed us on this has proven their authenticity and the legitimacy of their information to us at Political Blind Spot.

But now, the Anonymous “hacktivist” claims have been further validated regarding the video which many have purported depict anti-Assad rebels loading chemical weapons into missiles.

Claims about that video have now unravelled. We find now that one Yahya Ababneh has been unmasked as authoring a disinformation campaign about this video from Russia sources, loyal for decades to the Assad Dynasty, in spite of their well-documented mass-murder campaigns. reports the following, in an article declaring, “Syria ‘rebel chemicals’ story may have come from Russian source”:

New questions have arisen about Yahya Ababneh, the alleged author of an article claiming that the chemical deaths in Damascus last month were caused by rebel fighters mishandling weapons supplied by Saudi Arabia.

The story, originally published by an American website, Mint Press News, has since been cited by Russian officials (and others) to cast doubt on the findings of the UN weapons inspectors in Syria.

Mint Press named the journalists who wrote the story as Dale Gavlak – an established freelance based in Jordan who has worked regularly for the Associated Press – and Yahya Ababneh, a Jordanian.

As well, Dale Gavlak from has issued a Retraction and Apology to Our Readers for Mint Press Article on Syria Gas Attack by Rebels.

What does this mean? It means if you haven’t already been tuned in to what our “Anonymous” sources have been telling us, perhaps it’s time you start paying attention.

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