Teen Dies after Accident While Attempting Basketball Slam Dunk

Teen suffers fatal head injuries in freak slam dunk accident.

Teen suffers fatal head injuries in freak slam dunk accident.

In Ohio in February, a 16-year-old junior in high school died from injuries sustained following an accident in a basketball game. Noah Lear, who was popular with students and teachers, was playing a game of pickup basketball with some friends. When Lear attempted a slam dunk, the support post snapped, causing the post, backboard, and rim to come crashing down on his head and neck.

According to the local newspaper, Lear called his mother after the accident, telling her that he had an accident, his mouth was bleeding really bad, and he had knocked out a few teeth, too. He also told her the police were with him and he was being taken to the hospital. Lear was still talking at the hospital, apologizing and saying how sorry he was for what happened.

Lear went into cardiac arrest twice while he was at the hospital. The part of his brain that controls his heart beat and blood pressure had been severely damaged. An emergency tracheostomy (incision into his windpipe) was performed to help get oxygen to his brain. He had thrown up and inhaled some of the vomitus into his lungs.

Lear was later moved to a hospice facility where he died 18 days after the accident. He was a registered organ donor and his family planned to donate his organs.



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