The Belo Monte Dam in Brazil is the “Real Avatar”


James Cameron has stated many times that the Belo Monte Dam in Brazil is the “real Avatar.” What he meant by that is the Indigenous peoples of South America are facing the same threats as what we saw in Cameron’s movie Avatar, all because of this mega-dam being built at all costs by the Brazilian government.

What can you do?

Tell everyone you come into contact with what is happening in the Amazon Rainforest. Contact your mainstream media outlets: newspapers; television and radio stations. Organize protests with your local Occupy Movement, environmental, and human rights groups. Tell them of Belo Monte, (third largest dam in the world) and the other 59 dams which Brazil’s President, Dilma Rousseff, has planned for the rainforest and the destruction that is already starting as Belo Monte is being constructed, ILLEGALLY!

There are still many lawsuits against it, yet Dilma Rousseff is steaming ahead with this insane idea.  Many of those who backed her Presidential Campaign were then given contracts to build this dam. She has chosen to ignore deep concern from the United Nations and Amnesty International about her shocking treatment of the Indigenous Tribes affected, along with ignoring millions of signatures from around the world!

Tell everyone about the impending ethnic cleansing to be shortly visited upon the indigenous people of the rainforest who will be affected by these dams. Native activists like Chief Raoni of The Kayapo, and Shayla Juruna, have both given decades of their life to trying to stop Belo Monte, traveling the world, speaking with World ‘Leaders’ and celebrities, to anyone who will listen.

Indigenous People all over the world are under huge threat now, as their Land, Rivers, Mountains and Forests are being stolen and plundered for profit. Chief Raoni and Shayla Juruna, along with ALL the Indigenous People affected NEED the help of us all to stop Belo Monte!

SPREAD THE WORD and visit the Support Page for Chief Raoni on Facebook!

(Article by Lizzie Cornish, additional content and editing by Micah Naziri)

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