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The Best Cop In the U.S. Joins Protesters In Ferguson


He may just be the best cop in all of the United States. Standing in solidarity with the protesters and activist of Ferguson, Missouri, retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis says that he is is just doing what any truly “good cop” would do.

Specifically, that translates to lending his knowledge and experience from Occupy Wall Street in order to mentor the protesters at Ferguson, teaching them how to make their protests the most effective. He’s also spilling the beans about how activists should deal with police and potential abuses from law enforcement at their protests.

“These people have been exploited and oppressed their entire lives, and now they have their own police department perhaps murdering one of their own,” Lewis told AFP, as he was interviewed just around the corner from where Michael Brown was fatally shot.

“I came out to show solidarity with them,” he continued.

Lewis, who is Caucasian, has served 24 years on the Philadelphia police force, in some of the “rougher” parts of the city. He retired eight years ago, and has been marching on the streets as a social justice activist ever since.

Back in 2011, he joined the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York where he was a regular sight, as he held signs, dressed in full police uniform. Philly’s police commissioner was infuriated, but reluctantly admitted there was nothing he could do about it.

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