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The ‘Cowboy and Indian Alliance’ Takes Environmental Activism To The President’s Doorstep


The Cowboy and Indian Alliance will be riding into Washington D.C. later this month to set up an encampment near the White House. The intention is to tell President Barack Obama to REJECT the Keystone XL pipeline and PROTECT the land, water and climate for future generations.

Reject and Protect is led by the “Cowboy Indian Alliance,” a group of ranchers, farmers, and tribal communities from along the Keystone XL pipeline route.

Organizations like, the Sierra Club, and many others are helping to rally national support for our allies living along the pipeline route. Together, the goal is to send a clear and simple message to “Reject Keystone XL”.

The action will span from April 22-27, with the main ceremony taking place on April 26th. The organizers of the action explain “On April 26th we invite our friends and allies against the pipeline to join us as we conclude our camp and make our final, unmistakable message to President Obama.”

But that is not the end, “We must follow this up with action in the streets on April 27th as we march with tribal leaders and individuals currently living with the risk tar sands to show all the beauty and power we represent. Everyone is needed and everyone is welcome.”


Spread the word to interested parties to help get this on the mainstream media’s “radar”. If you can make it to the days of action, come out and show your support!

(Article by M.B. David)

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